Friday, March 16, 2018

Maddie ice skating lesson 

A group from Maddie’s class decided it would be a good idea for them all to take ice skating lesson together.  This has turned into one of Maddie’s favorite days of the week.  On Fridays, she goes to school until 11:30, the. I pick her up and we meet her friends for lunch (usuall Duffy’s), and then we head of to the skating lesson.  The girls then usually talk us into a quick hour play date until it’s time to pick up the big kids.  I don’t know if they are learning much about ice skating, but they sure do love their Friday’s!  

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

STP pride!

The grand finale to the end of Catholic Schools week.  Sprit Day they LOVE!!

Catholic Schools Week

Always a kid favorite - Catholic Schools Week.
Jack qualified for the school-wide spelling bee, and he did pretty well.  He made it to the 5th round and he nor I can remember the word he got out on.  I'm pretty sure tho, that I didn't even know what the word was....some of those words they give the kids are CRAZY!!!

WWE in the Friedman House

Maddie and Jack CANNOT get enough of wrestling.  I'm almost embarrassed by how much Maddie knows about such a stupid thing.  Maddie, Jack, and Mike sit and watch it and are IN it....Peyton and I sit back in disgust.  Peyton just said the other night, "this is SO fake."  Yep, my thoughts exactly....fake and stupid!
But Maddie can tell you every wrestler and their walk out song.  Her favorite wrestler is Sasha Banks and her favorite guy wrestler is Glorious.  She knows exactly what days and times wrestling comes on and she's got an appointment at the TV for that time, without a doubt!
Walked in the other night and here she and Mike are, laying on the floor, bot missing a move.

Influenza as an adult is....

TERRIBLE!!!  I was down and out for 4 days.  In my bed, to the bathtub, in my bed, to the bathtub....that's all I did for four days!!  It was terrible.  This was a little ray of sunshine on one of the days though.....a little love note from Maddie on my nightstand.  Her prayers eventually worked, and I eventually was able to go other places than my bed and bathtub!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Father Daughter Dance

It was a gametime decision for the Father Daughter Dance.  We had other plans for the evening and then Maddie started laying it on thick!  She had heard about the dance from her friends that were going, so she was IN and she was laying it on for her dad.  Father Daughter Dance WON!!  This made for a hectic couple hours for me....a quick dress pick up from Old Navy (the closest store to us), quick showers for the girls, and out the door they went!  They were probably a little underdressed and not quite as fancy as the others, and they were lacking corsages, as it was too late to have them made....but I'm 100 percent sure none of that bothered Maddie in the least!  She was tearing up that dance floor with her Old Navy dress and her flowerless wrist.  They might have been "roughing" it, but she came home happy and tired, so I think it was a win!
Peyton, of course, is kind of too cool for the Father Daughter I think one she got her she disappeared and ran around with her friends.....times are changing....turning into a teenager in almost every aspect of her life.....
Jack enjoyed dinner with mom, his choice, Panera, and then had a Colin over....he had a good night too!

Monday, January 15, 2018