Wednesday, May 10, 2017

KC Soccer Tournament

Peyton's soccer team went to KC a few weekends ago for a tournament.  We didn't come home the tournament champs, but she had a ton of fun!  Out of town tournaments are always fun.....when you get to ransack the hotel with your teammates and eat out all weekend, what's not to love?!?!

We did squeeze in a quick visit with the Kiewiets one of the days, in-between games.  Their house was 2 miles away form where we were staying....what are the odds??

Jack had a tennis tournament the same weekend, so Mike and the other two stayed behind in St. Louis.  Good thing they did!  Jack was his tournament and beat a kid by the name of TJ, which is a SUPER strong competitor....Jack was PUMPED!!!  That tournament victory also graduated Jack out of orange ball....onto green ball he goes......

Yoga, with Coach Tom....

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Mike and I were able to get away for 5 days to head to Jamaica to see Dantzler get married.  The kids were not ever disappointed to see us go, if it meant Grandma Jeanne was in charge for 5 days.

The weather was good, the wedding was nice, the resort was good.....the trip was GOOD!  The only thing that was less than superb was having to connect flights to get to and from Montego Bay.  St. Louis didn't have any direct flights to and from, which makes the day of travel seem very LONG!

 We had to take a picture of the big chess board from Jack!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

3rd Grade Father's Mass

The 3rd grade always does a special Father's Mass at school and it took place a few weeks ago.  It's a special mass for the Dads and the Dads sit with their kids in church and then they head over to the cafeteria for donuts and coffee afterwards.  Jack had the welcome at mass and did a great job!  He was very excited to have such a big part at Father's Mass.

Gus and Peyton

Gus has claimed Peyton's bed as his sleeping spot.  He still will not jump into a bed on his own.  When Peyton heads up to bed he will go with her and she has to lift him into bed.  On nights that she goes up to bed without him, he will hang out with Mike, Annie, and I until we go to bed.  Once we go to bed, Gus will go into Peyton's room and just sit at her bed and stare at her sleeping until I go in and lift him in bed......such a big ol BABY!!!

An afternoon and evening with he Riggios

The boys had lots of baseball practice so Staci asked if the girls and I wanted to come over for a bit.  The girls had a little tea party outside in the nice weather.  Once the boys got finished with all their practices we ended up staying a while and ordering pizza and enjoying a nice concert by the girls.....the wrote some wonderful songs and performed them for us.  :)

Great Wolf Lodge, to finish off Spring Break

The last two days of Spring Break we headed to Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City.  Chris had a conference to attend in KC, so Mom and I decided to take the kids for some indoor swimming.  The kids had a great, great time.  They swam their little hearts out both days!!  Not a lot of fighting, either....always an added bonus!

They didn't get to bed super easy, as I had to get a little stern with them.  Mom and I slept in a loft up stairs but it was open so we could hear everything.  The farted and laughed and farted and laughed.....and on and on and on.  It did actually make me chuckle inside, but I finally had to shut them down.  Peyton, being the only girl, held up just fine with all them boys!

It might not have been palm trees, sun, and sand......but I don't think they cared.  They had a great time!!

Mom had a bout of vertigo the day before we she looked like this most of the car ride.....

Like I said, our balcony didn't overlook palm trees, but a car parking lot worked out just fine....

  Our chairs were conveniently by the lazy river (where Maddie spent most of her time) and the bar...perfect!

 A bed and a box of Cheeze-It's.....heaven!

A few dance videos were taken as well.....

This big tub of dessert only took them 3 minutes to devour!

 On your marks.....