Friday, December 29, 2017

Santa Claus

We saw Santa at WCC again this year....complete with Santa, balloon twisting, magic show, and brunch.  Maddie told Santa she wanted squishies and Jack told Santa he wanted a hoover board.  Santa told Jack he would bring him a hoover board if he would promise to wear a helmet.  Jack said, deal.  And this was the first year that Peyton said, no thanks to sitting on Santa's lap!!.....

CYC Chess Tournament

The first of three CYC tournaments of the year St. Peter got to host this year.  Jack played his little heart out, chose to miss a basketball game for it, and came out on top!!  He won 1st place in his age division.  His STP team came in first place for the team part of it too.  It was a fun and successful day of chess for Jack and his STP teammates.  He truly LOVES chess!!  He's much more well-rounded than me!!!

Pre-gaming on the iPad before their first match

Practicing between matches

They had two floors of the school that looked like this....a lot of chess players!!!  This was right before they kicked us out for the final round to start.

1st place for his age

 Mrs. Dunn.....she does a fabulous job with our chess players!!!

CYC basketball girls go to SLU game

Mike and couple other dads loaded up the girls and headed to the big city to watch the lady Bilikins with a nail biter in the last couple seconds.....

A couple minutes late to chess pick-up

A couple minutes late on Wednesday afternoon chess pick-up????  No problem....these kids will get a football pick up game going in the front school yard in no time!!!

From nerdy, little chess players to football players in a flip of a second.....

The best papers in the book bag

I'd much rather find these in the book bags than the graded papers.  These are way more fun to read and look at!!!

Chicago or Bust

Mike's big radiology conference is in Chicago every year and we keep saying, "oh we will all go up there and take the kids."  And then we just never do......but this year we did.  We crammed a lot into our 3 days there.  We managed to get to Willis Tower, show the kids public transportation, Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum (briefly), Science and Industry Museum, and we made it to the Mostardi's house to hang out with them, their kids, and the Knisleys.  It was a packed three days, but we got to see and do a lot!!!

The Haircut of Shame

The dogs are hilarious when they get their haircut.  It's like they are embarrassed.  The run around the house like wild indians at first and then they hang their heads and crash!!!!  Gus went to the groomers this time, instead of Mike's table in the garage.  He had lots of knots and just needed a good ole haircut.
They look so funny when they first get cut......

Black Friday

Lines are much shorter when you choose to do Black Friday like this......

My little elf

I had a little elf helper with the Christmas cards this year.  If yours wasn't sealed too tight, envelope messy, or stamped somewhat sloppy, just know.....a five year old was helping us get into the Christmas spirit this year!!!  And....I'm no dummy....I wouldn't dare pass up help with getting the Christmas cards sent off....

Family Pictures

Dennis wanted to get the family together for family photos.  Always my least favorite thing to do, but always happy once we commit and do having family photos, it just takes a lot to get this group in anything but a ponytail, hat, and stretchy clothes ;-)

End of the year KU party

Jack's soccer team enjoyed a wild night out to dinner to celebrate the fall soccer season!

The boys head to bed.....

Two sleepy boys, passed out!!!

A heart-breaking second place City-County finish

Peyton's CYC team made it to the City-County Championship game.  It was one of those games that STP dominated the ENTIRE game, but just couldn't find the back of the net to save their lives.  The other team had a corner kick that became a jammed up mess in the box and they some how punched it in to win the game.  It was a heart breaker!!
STP has never had a girls soccer team win City-County.....and they got so close but just couldn't seal the deal.  Hopefully next year they can get another shot at it......

Mom and Jack Day

The kids had a half day of school and the girls went to friends' houses.  I told Jack he could pick what we did.....he chose 9 holes of golf and a few minutes of tennis!!  We had fun!!

5th Grade All Saints Mass

In fifth grade at St. Peter, the kids do a research project on a saint.  Following their projects, they dress up as their saint on All Saints Day and they are recognized at Mass.  It's a big deal at St.'s a neat day for the students.  Peyton picked Saint Julia of Corsica.  I was pretty impressed with her writing abilities too.  She did her research on her own and wrote her paper.....she's a pretty good little writer!
Grandma Jeanne tweaked her costume 100 times to make sure it was exactly the way Peyton wanted it!!!

Maddie's Halloween at School

Maddie had fun at her class Halloween party and she also enjoyed her little walking field trip to the farmers market with school!!  This girl loves life!