Monday, July 31, 2017

Parents and Maddie golf day

When the big kids are still in school and Dad has a random day off work.....Maddie gets an "only child" day on the golf can tell by the pictures, I think she'd be content with the "only child" status.  We had a fun day!

First Naturals Tourney

Jack's first tournament with the Naturals.....ended quite well for them.  They got cool rings too instead of a trophy, I think the boys got a kick out of that!

Maddie's First T-Ball Game

Oh man!  The girl is in her glory!!  She loves to be with her friends and having fun!  She had quite the fan club too.....Mom, Peyton, Grandma Jeanne, Grandma Farm, and Mark.  Dad had to miss the first game for Jack's baseball game.  I don't think she even noticed tho....she knew she had lots of spectators there for her and she was just having fun!

They all fought over the balls when they were hit on the was too funny!  They didn't know what to do with it after they got it, but they'd dive and throw elbows to their teammates to get the ball!!  :)

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Happy 9th birthday to Jack!

Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.....always a birthday favorite, and Burger King brought to school for lunch.

I often look at this kid when our house is rocking and rollin from the sass of the girls and say, oh thank God he gave me this laid back guy!!!!  I love my sassy girls, but I also appreciate the calmness Jack brings to the table!  Always easy come, easy muss, no fuss....still asks his mom to snuggle him at night, self confident, chess master of our house and sport loving kid!!  He's already got it figured out....if he wants to stay up late, he sits in front of the tv and watches whatever sport game is on with his dad, and then dad forgets it's an hour beyond bedtime and the keep watching......

Driveway basketball

The Friedman family cannot play a game of driveway basketball without someone (sometimes more than one) person was Jack on this particular evening.  Or at least he's the only one I got on camera.


Easter morning, we were up at the crack of dawn headed to the airport!  We were off to Cancun for Spring Break with the kids and Mark and Jeanne.  I have an entire book dedicated to the trip, so I won't go into details, but we had a lovely time!!  Lots of fun, food (that actually wasn't that great), drinks, sun, and memories were made!

Here's a FEW of the many pictures that were taken......