Monday, August 17, 2015

Out of the mouth of Maddie…..

Maddie comes in my room yesterday morning and said her belly hurt.  I said, "maybe you should sit on the potty and try to go poop."  She sits there for a while and comes out and says, "I can't get the poop out."  I told her, "okay just go down stairs and play for a little bit, once you get moving maybe it will help."  Her response, "yeah, I think my poop just needs to wake up."

Fantasy Football Underway

Mike had his fantasy football draft last Sunday.  The kids and I decided we were getting dinner.  The four of us could not agree on a place to go… we went to two different places and came home…..everyone was happy.  We don't know if Mike picked himself a good team or not, but what we do know is that we got to eat McDonalds and Deweys!

I'm creating a monster…..

GUILTY!  Jack was at a boy camp last week so the girls and I did girl things!  Well only one day we did girl things.  Maddie had her first shot at that big chair……think she liked it?!?!

Kitchen Table Nail Shop

Peyton and Vita get to work on Maddie, and Maddie is in HEAVEN!!!

What's not to love?!?!

Just a quick pictures on the deck……just because….

Jack…still as sweet as ever

Even as Jack gets older and older, he is still the sweetest thing ever.  Maddie will ask everyone in the room to play cards (her favorite thing to do right now).  Jack is always the one with the softest heart and always obliges.  I'm not saying he doesn't get frustrated with her when she messes up or when she doesn't pay attention, but he's always willing to give her a chance….always!!!

Daddy Day Care / Peyton and Mommy Get-a-way

A week after we got back from Destin (post still to come), Peyton and I headed back to Destin for a wedding.  My friend was getting married the week after we got back (the house we stayed in was exactly two blocks away from the house we stayed in the week before!).  Peyton and I rode down with Mike and Sarah, stopping in Nashville for the night.  We stayed with Tori, Mary, and Acea while we were in Nashville.  We then got up the next morning and finished the drive.  Everything was great, other than PEYTON HAVING A FEVER AND FEELING LIKE CRAP!  By our second day in Destin she had rebounded and was feeling better.
She played the the kids down there and had a great time.  I got a few pictures and updates from Dad and other kids and they seemed to be having a fun time too!!  Peyton went with us to get our hair done for the wedding and got hers done too, she loved it!  We watched Mike and Sarah tie the knot, celebrated with them that night and caught a flight Tuesday morning to come home.

The best part of the trip: a guy behind us in line at the airport asked us if we were sisters…..I said, "thank you"  ha!

This is what the star to the trip looked like….Peyton spending a lot of time on the couch :(

Once she got up and moving the next day she caught a baby lizard…..

All dolled up and ready for the wedding…….

Meanwhile, looks like they are having a fine time back at home too!!!

Peyton's Birthday!

Peyton turned NINE while we were in Destin on vacation.  We did a quick celebration at home before we left with her gifts and then we did another cake celebration in Destin with everyone else on her actual birthday.  The beach, ocean, pool, and cousins sounds like a fine way to spend your birthday!

Here are the pictures we took before we left for Florida the next day……

 And one picture of Maddie, screaming and unhappy that she doesn't have any presents to open!!