Monday, March 30, 2015

Hung Over

Here is what a Kansas City hangover on a child (children) looks like!

Think they were whooped??

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kansas City

A few weekends ago we headed west on hwy 70 to see the Kiewiets.  We pulled the kids out at noon and hit the road.  We got to Kansas City just as Maggie was getting home from picking her kids up from school.  Nate got home about 3 minutes later….perfect timing by everyone is I do say so myself.  We just hung out all night.  The adults had fun catching up and the kids were off and playing.  We never really heard from them unless they needed food or water.  Annie came along too and had so much fun exploring the Kiewiets big ole house and playing with grandma dog, Hailey.  Hailey enjoyed about 2 minutes of Annie's energy and then she was pooped.

The next day we took the kids bowling and then the snow started.  It snowed all day long until about 11:00 pm.  Luckily by the time we left the next morning the roads were clear, just wet.  We then headed back to their house and didn't leave the rest of the day. Nate made some killer ribs for dinner, and we enjoyed our time together… we always do!!

The morning we left, I took the big kids to school and then headed to the car dealership to get an oil change.  This is the picture Mike sends me and says, "just getting cleaned up for the trip."  WOWIE!!!

  Poor Jack had this SORE, SORE lip the entire weekend.  He had a cavity filled earlier in the week and bit his lip so hard when he was numb that he had THIS HUGE (and it even got bigger and nastier!!) sore for a week!  Poor guy, I felt so bad for him.  It hurt him to eat, drink, talk….you name it!!!  It was TERRIBLE!!!  And it left for a kind of crabby Jack, very out of character for him.


The look on Jack's face all weekend.  He really did have fun, just hurts to even smile!


Maggie is always saying how they wish their kids were "more competitive."  She got a quick glimpse of what happens when a "competitive kid" isn't doing so well.  She might change her mind after seeing the Friedman kids that want to WIN everything!!

 Mike won't like his faces in these pictures, but the girls were having too much fun not to share!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Turning 33

Turning 33 came and went a couple weeks ago.  I got lots of texts, messages, phone calls, flowers, and Starbucks gift cards.  One lucky girl I am!!!  Jeanne also came down and watched the kids for a little bit and Mike and I went to dinner and came home with an ice cream cake.  Super good!

But this here picture might have been my best birthday present of the day……a LOOOONG nap with the babe!!!!  I never, never lay down with her, but I did this day and it wasn't too shabby at all!!!!

And then I caught a glimpse of this little message at the top of Peyton's spelling test, I thought it was funny.

Dr. Seuss Day in First Grade

Jack was super proud of his Dr. Seuss hat for Dr. Seuss Day at school.  Now, it seems to be Annie's favorite toy at home.  I'm constantly pulling that thing out of her mouth.

Flash card time….

Here's a look at Maddie's many faces while being "quizzed" by her Daddy on her flashcards…..These captions could be funny, but I'll leave it up to your imagination.

Schnucks "free cookie"

All the kids LOVE going to the grocery, for the simple fact that the bakery lets the kids get a free cookie.  This here picture was taken at 8:10 am, on a Tuesday morning after we dropped the big kids off at school.  It is totally appropriate to allow her to have a cookie at 8:00 am, right?!!?!?!

Maddie and her boys

Just another date with Maddie's boyfriends Andrew and Luke.  They have!!!

Maddie climbing…..

A couple weekends ago we went to McDonalds after Peyton's soccer game.  Maddie had a blast in their germ infested play land.
Her face says it all!!  Processed chicken nuggets and a germy slide……YES!!!  She's got everything she needs!!

Last snow…..hopefully…..

A couple weeks ago we got a pretty good dump of snow.  The kids played in it ALL day long and had so much fun!  Never even really complained of being cold, and it WAS cold!!  The next day, when the snow was still on the ground, Mike got off early so we went over to Mark and Jeanne's (a much better hill than ours), and they had one more run at it.  They all had FUN!!  Hopefully we can be finished with this stuff until next year…..

All ready to go…..I was wondering how long they would last.  They lasted MUCH longer than I anticipated.

The girls disappeared after we got back inside for a while.  I went out to check on them and this is what I found.  Peyton is ahead of Maddie shoveling a bath for the scooters.  HA!