Tuesday, February 17, 2015

If they could all be as sweet as.....

JACK!!  This boy is the sweetest!  He will have a happy wife someday!!  

The first picture is a picture of all the scribbles on the easel, mostly done by Peyton.  The second picture I zoomed in on Jack's art work.

Love you too, buddy! 

It was a good find today when I was home alone, everyone at school.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Selfies..... In bed

Maddie and Peyton visited my bed this morning when they woke up.  Later, I found these selfie gems on my phone...it was probably the only five minutes that got along for the entire day!

No wastefulness around here....

Maddie heard that there are children starving in third world countries.....she decided she would not be wasteful and finished EVERY LAST DRIP of her Valentine icecream cake!!

This is what happens when you get old…...

A Saturday night out now consists of winning BOWLING tournaments.  It was a fun night out with St. Peter parents.  We thought the kids would be impressed with our new hardware but they actually weren't very impressed.  HA!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Father Daughter Dance

One of Peyton's favorite nights!  The father daughter dance.  She loves to get dressed up, go to dinner with her friends and dads, and dance and play!  We went to mass first, then Peyton and Mike headed over to the bar/pub.  I think what happens is the girls play and eat and the dads stand around a have a few beers.  Then they head over to the main event.
Mike said the dance this year was very organized and good.  Peyton had a great night!

                                     This look happens between the two of them frequently!

Watching like a hawk

The kids and Mike were out playing basketball the other day and Petyon ran inside insisting that I "come out and see this!"  There it was….a hawk (or some other big bird, I don't really know my birds) on top of the house.  It was HUGE and just sat up there for a while.  See, we aren't thhhaaaat city??  We still get plenty of wild life in the big city!

Annie gets fixed

A few weeks ago Annie went to the doctor and had her little surgery to get fixed.  She was a sad, pathetic sight when I went to pick her up.

She recovered quickly tho.  Within two days she was back to her spunky self!!!  It was everything I had to try and keep her under control so that she wouldn't rip her stitches out.  She was suppose to wear the "cone of shame" for TEN days!!!  Day number 2 and I threw that out the widow.  That thing was such a PAIN!!  She could't eat, drink, or pee with it.  Her and I decided she would try to be a REALLY good girl and leave her incision alone so that we could throw the blog ole thing away.  So we did, and she did fine.

The Fox and Cinderella

Two weekends ago Jeanne, Mom, Peyton, and I went to see Cinderella at the Fox.  It was a great show, as always.  Our seats were awesome!  We did have to sit two and two.  Two seats were right behind the other two.  So we were all by each other but Peyton and Jeanne sat right behind my mom and I.  Jeanne said she wished they were all four lined up so that we could see Peyton.  She said Peyton was on the edge of her seat for the entire show.
We went to dinner at Westborough, Peyton's favorite.  They use "china" and goblets for your drinks.  Peyton loves to eat there and be "fancy."  Jack likes to eat there two, but for other reasons….."they have the best chicken and the best ranch."  Sounds like a girl vs. a boy opinion.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A ten, maybe 20 min recap….

Here is a 10-20 min recap of what just occurred on this fine Saturday morning.  Mike is at work, go to pick Jack up from a friends, he is crying.  He had just fallen outside while they were playing frisbee.  He has a chipped tooth (luckily a baby tooth), a bloodied and VERY fat lip, and black on his two front teeth from the black top driveway.  OOPS!!  Get home and then Peyton overflows the toilet from using too much toilet paper.  I asked, "who left the water running in the bathroom?"  Thinking it was the sink running.  NOPE, just the toilet with poo and pee water flowing over onto the floor.  Yep, got that all cleaned up.  Then the dog came inside and was a FILTHY, MUDDY mess, and had to take her straight to the tub.  Shew!!!  I need a drink….and it's not even 11:00!!!  Maybe I'll go for a nap instead…..

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Maddie's SHOW DAY!!

A couple weeks ago it was "show day" at gymnastics.  This is the day the parents are suppose to bring their cameras and take pictures of all the cute things the little people have been working on.  The mother of the third child in the class (aka ME) forgot the camera AND even left the phone in the car.  A lady whom we have been in class with for years (her older kids are the same ages as Peyton and Jack and they all did class together), was nice enough to take pictures of the neglected child and send them to her mother.  HA!!  So, thank goodness for her, I was able to score these cute pics!!

                                                                         TA DA!!!

We've got spirit yes we do…..

We've got spirit how about YOU!?!?!  It was Catholic Schools Week last week, so it was spirit week all week for the kids.  On Friday they wore St. Peter BLUE!!!  It was a fun week for the kids!!

Maddie goes to the dentist…..kind of...

The big kids and Mike had a dentist appointment the other night.  Once Maddie saw everyone get x-rays and sit up in big, special chairs, she wanted in on that gig.  So they went ahead and put her in the x-ray chair and took a super basic picture, and then put her in the big chair and had her teeth "counted".  She unofficially had her first dental visit.  He did, however, say she might be the one that may need braces one day.  He said as of now she has a cross bite (whatever that means).  Jack had a bother cavity (second one), so I have to take him back in a couple weeks to fix that.  Boy better start laying off the candy, I guess.

A fun Friday night

Last Friday we actually had nothing going on (doesn't happen often) so we were able to hit up the Magic House for a couple hours.  The kids loved it!  Eventhough it's less than a mile down the road, we don't get there too much anymore…..so they were happy to go!!

A life-size Light Brite…….

 I think EVERYONE at the Magic House heard the Friedman kids when they took a turn at the mic in the "court room".

Always a Friedman fovorite, the SHADOW ROOM.  Although, Maddie claimed to be scared of it this night???

Pinewood Derby

Jack (and Mike), competed in their first ever Boy Scout Pinewood Derby.  Jack's car got 8th out of 40 cars.  As Mike stated, "he did too good, but not good enough."  Meaning, he made it to the finals and got super pumped, and then got 8th and only the top five got trophies.  As we all know, Friedman's validate achievement on trophies….ha!  So, most of his friends left before the finals started, which Jack would have been fine with, but since he made it to the finals he saw that TROPHY just dangling out there.  He left empty handed, but then Mike too him to get ice cream and the world was a happy place again.  It was a cute night!

The kids' first look at the track.

And they are off!!!…….

 The spectators……

I think his car must've won that one…..

 The final scoreboard….

Jack and his friend, CharlieK

Maddie's side kick for the evening, Victoria