Thursday, April 24, 2014

Maddie + Peyton + Nice Weather

Equals…..FUN!  I don't remember where the boys were this night….maybe baseball practice.  But the girls and I enjoyed the nice weather in the back yard and then headed to a park.  They had a good evening…..we truly are longing for these days!!!

starting off at home with Gabby

Then to the park to…slide…...


and climb!

Maddie's favorite chore

Maddie has claimed her chore of the house…..feeding the fish!  She LOVES to feed the fish.  She will go to the garage fill up her little cup and head on down.  She needs no assistance.  I wonder how long until she falls in???

Does this car make my bootie look big!?!?

Just my size!


Now, how do I get back in here!?!!?

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Maddie's favorite book at this time……Chicka, Chicka, Boom Boom.

She can recite the most of it.  The other day I walked in her room and she was sitting on the doll's bench, reading her book.

Yes?  Can I help you?

Reading away…...

Father Daughter Dance

One of Peyton's favorite days of the year.  She loves to get dressed up, get a corsaige, go out to eat with her friends and their dads, and run around a dance.
The next morning I asked her how it was.  She said it was great.  She then told me she learned the macarina.  When I busted out my macarina dance moves, she was floored that her mother knew that dance!

putting on and checking out her corsage

all ready, waiting on her date


Monday, April 7, 2014

And so it begins…...

Here is a note between Peyton and her friend that I found today……

I can't decide if her friend's response of "GOOD!" is "GOOD!" because her friends likes him, or "GOOD!" because they don't "like" boys yet!!!  Either way….FUNNY!

Adults have fun too…..

Last weekend we went to a trivia night at the kids' school/church.  We had a great time and we, we, we, WON!!!  I can't say that I contributed to the big "W" but Mike pulled his weight.

A taste of my "immature" or "fun" side….call it what you want…..

Terrible pic of Liz and I…but we weren't going for us…..we
were going for the "photo bomb" behind us….enjoy!

Our rainbow friends……
the boys

the girls

The entire gang!  

Spring Break

Mike took off the week that the kids had off.  We didn't schedule a trip, but boy was I disappointed that we didn't.  This brutal weather has beat up on us long enough this winter…..I wished we were getting to of dodge….but we weren't, so we made the best of it.

We managed to get lots of stuff done around the house, went ice skating, saw "Frozen", went to the batting cage, went bowling, had play dates with friends, and ate lots of junk food.  I think everyone enjoyed the week.

I didn't have the camera out much, but here's what was on my phone:

not much room left in the cart for the baby.  Stocking up
at costco for the week at home.

picnic at the park after batting

a migraine interruption….poor girl!  

ice cream sandwich… of the many treats during the week

spinach dip…told ya we ate lots of junk food

always time for a tea party

Waiting and waiting for Spring-like weather…..

Our patience is about to run dry waiting for Spring-like weather.  This weather has brutal enough already…lets get on with it!  We had a taste of spring the other day and spent the day outside.  Unfortunately, it didn't last long, but we enjoyed it while we could!  We are looking forward to consistent days that we can spend outside!!

teaching Maddie to blow bubbles

she actually blew some….got it figured out

loving the scooter!

St. Patrick's Day

Th kids' school always has a big St. Patricks day parade.  Every kid is in the parade and they all think it's a pretty big deal - and, of course it is!  Peyton has not go to join the festivities YET!  She was sick last year on this day and THIS year!!!  I'm starting to feel sorry for her.  She did get to go watch tho.  We wanted to see Jack and her friends in the parade.  Luckily all she had was a slight fever, so she was good to go watch.  Here are some of the pictures.  Hopefully next year is Peyton's year!

all dressed up and ready for school

the girls waiting to see Jack in the parade
There the are!!  The kindergarten class as the "rainbow"

team red, for Jack

And here comes the first grade class (minus Peyton)

Mr. Frietag and his buddy