Sunday, June 25, 2017

Easter at the farm

This year we were going to celebrate Easter day on an airplane, headed to Mexico for spring break.  So we celebrated a day early at the farm.  We ate, played, had an egg hunt, and came home to pack for vacation.  Our flight was the next day at 6:00 am, and very UNLIKE me, but I had not packed a thing yet.....

Gus and Annie had fun running around, as always, and Gus found the pool too.  He either jumped or fell in, we aren't quite sure.....but somehow, he ended up in the pool.

Gus heads to school....

We decided to send Gus to school, the same school Annie went to, so that hopefully he can pick up some basic manners.  Overall he is pretty good, just has a few little things to work on.  It will also be nice for them to know the same "commands".  For now, we give a command and Gus just looks at Annie, like, "What are we suppose to do?"  And then he follows her and does what she's actually kind of funny!

Gussy did good when we dropped him off, he seemed excited!  Annie just slept the day away since her buddy was gone......

Blake and Maddie

We spent a morning with Blake at Blake's house, as he can't get out of his house much during cold and flu season.  They still protect his new kidney as much as Maddie and I headed to his house.  Maddie had fun checking out all his toys and Blake kept following her around saying, "Maddie pretty."  It was pretty funny!  At then end of our visit we tried to snap a picture and Maddie was being a little stinker and playing hard to get.....this was as good as we could get.

This little guy has been through so much in his short little life, and he is nothing short of amazing!  He keeps up and loves life!

Back at it!!!!

Two month hiatus, and I'm back!!!!  My computer was getting old and SLOW and it was a struggle to get anything done on it.....finally got to the store to get a new one and Mark got it up and running and here I am!  I have LOTS to catch up on.....we've been busy!!!