Monday, September 30, 2013

3 out of 3

We are batting 100!  As of this morning our last soldier is down.  Jack started throwing up middle of the night Thurs, Maddie chimed in on Sat night, and Peyton didn't want to disappoint so she started in this morning!  Hopefully we get this out of our system and have a healthy winter!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

St. Peter Parish Picnic

Today was St. Peter's picnic.  The kids had a blast....throwing beanbags, face painting, dancing, water balloons, and running wild with friends.  Sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon.

matching face paint

a little interference on Maddie's part during Mike and
Jack's game

getting ready for the toss, now that the baby is off the board

BINGO!  Maddie got hers in!

a little duck-watching

Maddie's First Pony

The first of MANY ponytails, I'm sure!!!

I think it agrees with her!

Peyton's big night out

This weekend we had a wedding reception to attend and they kids were invited.  So Peyton and Jack were going to go and Maddie was going to stay with Grandma Jeanne (it didn't start until 7:30 - Maddie's bedtime).  Well plans got destroyed when Jack started puking Thursday night and into Friday.  Grandma then agreed to just watch the kids at our house, so Jack and Maddie stayed home.  Peyton got all dolled up for the party.  She wore a sparkly dress and some "high heels" that she picked out form Target.  That girl thought it was HER party!!!!  She had fun.....a little date night with just her and mom and dad!

Terrible quality....we took this of our selves in the parking lot before going in.
I'm sure we looked a bit silly!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Jack's first soccer game

Jack is having the TIME OF HIS LIFE playing soccer.  He's not real intense, he just runs around and has fun!  He LOVES when his team scores, but at this point could care less if it's him scoring or his friends.  He runs and runs and runs, and never runs out of energy.  If we could give some of his stamina to Peyton and some of Peyton's drive to Jack we would have some MEAN soccer players!!!  I'm just happy he is loving little social butterfly!

He did score at least one goal in his first game, and we think he scored two but aren't "for sure."  I was chasing Maddie around and Jeanne and Mark were taking pictures...Mike was on call.  So we were all occupied, but we think he squeaked two in there.

Way to go Jack!!!

This was his FOR SURE goal!

So happy!

gearing up......


Prayer circle before the the CYC

water break

Maddie is not much of a spectator yet

Two little monkeys...

named Jack and Maddie!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Safety First

Yesterday, while Mike was on-call and working downstairs he heard a bunch of noise coming from the AC vents.  He came upstairs and asked Peyton what all the noise in the vents was.  After some slight hesitation, she told him she dropped the empty popcorn bag and all the kernels fell on the floor.  She thought, rather than picking all the kernels up, it would probably be easier to sweep them all down the AC vent.
Mike told her it was her job to pull of the vent and get busy pulling them all back out.  She was a bit creeped out, putting her hand down there.  Don't blame her, I would be too.  She told Mike she had to go to the garage and get something.
A couple minutes later I looked over and this is what I saw:

She had found some rockstar "safety" glasses and some gardening gloves.  Once she realized we were laughing at her, she said, "What??  I didn't want the stuff to blow in my eyes."  I told her I thought it was good thinking on her part!!!

She got the job done, but not without putting her safety first!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

In full swing of "school mode"

We are now back into full school mode.  We are use to being up and out of the house by 7:45.  We are use to packing lunches, doing homework, going to bed by 8 at the very latest, and scrambling to get to soccer practices and games!  Bring on fall!!!

Jack, Maddie and I also get to hang with our friend Roslin on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  So far Jack is loving having a playmate on his "short days" of school.

pounding out some homework

Maddie caught being a slacker in the background

and intense game of go fish, between Jack and Roz

Creation Station!

Some good train fun!

One last summer weekend.....

We didn't just do "work" over Labor Day weekend.  We managed to squeeze in one last trip to Six Flags (just the water park) and one last trip to Tropical Moose (snow cones).  Going out with bang.......what an eventful summer we had!  Not "typical" but eventful!

taking a little break from the wave pool

Jack, always caught holding his little sister's sweet!

"Show me your colored tongues"  Even Maddie understood!!

Child Labor (on Labor Day)

Mike worked Labor Day Weekend, so we did not get to go to the lake this year.  Boo hooooo!  So instead, we had the children complete a little Child Labor, trying to get this house put together......I piece and day at a time.

Washing to deck and putting together a new dining room table.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Maddie Mischief Friedman (take two)

As stated before....she is in to EVERYTHING!  Most everything is harmless, however, she found something yesterday that wasn't so harmless in her eyes.  She tipped the BIG thing of dishsoap up and gave it a swig!!!!  And I mean, like Costco size big!
She coughed and spit and sputtered!  I tried to give her a cracker to get the taste out of her mouth and she wouldn't go for it.  Tried water and wouldn't go for it either.  She wasn't going to trust ANYTHING going in her mouth after that.
The coughing continued for a while until she finally got that crap CLEARED OUT.......end result, Mommy on her hands and knees cleaning!!!!

Thank you, Miss Maddie.  Hopefully we learned something from this one!

We changed the tone of the day and went to Suson Park with Andrew, Luke, and Leigh-Anne and she had a BLAST checking out all the farm animals.  She hooted and hollered at all of them!!!  But especially at the chickens!