Friday, November 20, 2015

Peyton and Annie

Found this picture on my phone…..looks like Peyton wanted Annie to be human that day.  HA!

A birthday party for Jack and Maddie

Last weekend the kids got invited to Victoria's birthday party at the Butterfly house.  Peyton couldn't go because she had a soccer game and Mike and I couldn't Make it was we were at Nicholas' baptism.  Staci volunteered and kind of demanded that she take Maddie and Jack.  I said, ok, if she thought she was up to it.  ;-)

It looks like they got to hold and learn about critters and decorate and eat cookies.  It was so much fun that Maddie couldn't even keep her eyes open on the way home….I think they had a great time!!!

School Field Trips...

I wasn't able to make Jack or Peyton's field trip this year….I wasn't quick enough.  Once they post the available spots online, they go like hotcakes!  If you aren't online within the first hour, all the spots are already gobbled up.
The parents are all super sweet tho, I text pictures of the kids in their group, so that we at least get a little sneak peak of all the fun they are having!
Peyton's field trip they went to John Burroughs for World Food Day.  Here is the explanation of what they did to help the hungry on that day.

On Friday, October 16th, more than 1,800 St. Louisans from all over the region joined together at John Burroughs School to assemble meals to feed the hungry. The St. Louis Area Foodbank will distribute more than 160,000 fortified macaroni and cheese meals locally and the Outreach Program of Union, IA will deliver 200,000 meals to a school-based feeding program in Tanzania. We are grateful to the many schools, businesses, clubs, and organizations who registered as Packaging Partners, the countless Leadership Volunteers who worked tirelessly to execute the event, and all of our generous sponsors for supporting this local and international hunger- relief initiative.
This hunger-relief initiative is a great team-builder for businesses and groups; a memorable and fun inter-generational experience for families; and a meaningful and impactful community service activity that unites the St. Louis community. A lot of hungry people living locally and around the world are going to receive nutritious meals thanks to the philanthropic spirit that is alive and well in St. Louis.
Peyton had a great time, and claims it was the best field trip ever!  I'm really hoping to be able to go to this one next year with Jack.  

Jack's field trip was to botanical gardens.  It looks as if they had a good time too! I don't have a big explanation of what they did or learned, but I'm sure they had a good time, and probably learned at least one thing…..

Maddie, always having the last word

….always having the last word, even if it may not make sense.

This just happened:

Maddie squished a ladybug.  Jack screams, "Maddie, if you kill too many ladybugs, they will become extinct."  Peyton chimes in, "That is disrespecting mother nature."  Maddie responds, "Well, Jesus and Goliath listened and respected God."  LOL, well, ok then, that was right on target.

Monday, November 9, 2015


The other night I went to check on everyone before I went to bed and this is what I found in Peyton's room.

Maddie decided to go in Peyton's room so she could read to her…..she couldn't quite hang.  Lights out for Maddie as Peyton plugs along in her book.

A solid tournament for Peyton's soccer team

Peyton's soccer team played in a tournament about a month ago (yes, I know, I'm WAY behind!).  They had a solid tournament, only allowed one goal in three games, but unfortunetly the team that scored that one goal didn't lose a game in pool play, which kept us from advancing to the finals….bummer!  But they had a great tournament, still picture worthy.

Shah Nah Nah Nah, Shah Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey Hey…..Good-bye!

Can you here the tune?!?!?  1230 Willow View has left the Friedman Family.  After a good run with it being a "home" to our family and a good run with it being a rental, it was time to say good-bye!  We closed and passed it on to it's new owners (a family of five: a mom, dad, and three young boys).

Maddie was more than happy to go with us to sign it away.  We closed on October 30, and they had candy EVERYWHERE in there!!!  She was set and happy!  We were too :-)

This picture is THE BEST!!!!  Our old neighbor sent us this picture, quoted, "their moving truck."  OMG!!!  This is hilarious!!!!  We moved into this house using my Dad's stock trailer…..I think they might have us beat with the pimped out school bus!  HILARIOUS!!

Cardinals game for everybody by: Peyton

This is Peyton's post…..she wrote it a long time ago, I was just tardy on getting it posted, as she was waiting for me to download the pics….

Last night me and my family went to the cards game!  It was terrific even Maddie liked it.  We played the Cincinnati Reds.  That means we played Jason Phillips:( You know he got in a fight with Yadie. So that was fun.  We saw my friend from Westborough Will. He sang the  national anthem. So we saw him on tv. We also saw that on the kiss cam a guy proposed to his girl friend.  Yadie wasn't their.  We left 10 minutes before the game was over.  That was bad because they scored 2 runs and we weren't their to see it. It was a fun night!!!!!!

Here are some pics of the game ENJOY!!!!!!!! :)

What do you think?  ESPN worthy???

 The big kids were IN IT!!!  Super interested this year.  Maddie too….she can tell you every player on the Cards' starting line-up….true story!

 And it's time to go home!

The humor of a 7 year old boy

Jack ratted himself out on this one…… something about the "This is not Jack's art work.  It is Maddie and Peyton's,"……something about that quote leads me to believe, Jack is the guilty one of the inappropriate art work on the easel.