Friday, April 22, 2016

Cards vs Cubs

We went to the Cardinal game this week when they played the Cubs, it was actually my first ever Cards vs Cubs game.  We did not bring them much luck.  They lost and the game was pretty boring (especially for kids) as it was mostly a pitching match.

The funniest part of the night:  We had just gotten to the stadium and Maddie had to go to the bathroom.  They had a family bathroom right there and it was vacant, so we hopped in there.  Jack looks at the "machine" on the know, the one that holds maxi pads and tampons....and starts asking, "What's this?"
"Nothing Jack....come on go to the bathroom, lets go!"

As we are finishing up and everyone is washing their hands he heads back to the machine and is looking more closely at it.  He then exclaims, "I think I know what this one is (and points to the tampon), I think it's for a sharpie so you can get autographs."

"Yep, probably so, buddy.  Lets go!"

San Diego

I will get around to a San Diego post soon....until then we will carry on with things that are going on in-between.....

Annie and Her Brother

While we were in San Diego, Annie got to spend a few days with her brother, Sully, and a few days with her buddy Buster.  I truly do not think Annie minds when we go out of town.  She is, however, always SUPER happy to see us too!

Here is Annie and Sully, kind of crazy how much they look alike!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Easter 2016

We celebrated at Easter at the farm the weekend before Easter, as we were leaving for San Diego on Easter morning.  OOPS!  When I booked those plane tickets I didn't even realize it was Easter.  We woke up the Sunday before Easter at the farm and their was SNOW on the ground.  The kids had to hunt their eggs in the snow.  YUCK!!  They didn't seem to care tho, they were still excited to do it!

I got a couple videos, but not much for pictures.  Here's all the kids after the hunt....or maybe it was because it was cold and I didn't want to stand out there too long.  Indoor pictures sounded better....

Easter Weekend Tournaments...

Peyton had a soccer tournament and Jack had a baseball tournament Easter weekend.  Both tournaments were a pretty good outcome.  Peyton won her soccer tournament and Jack took second in his baseball tournament.
Jack's little baseball team is gonna be good this year.  They are super fun to watch.  They are IN it, and mentally know the game very well too.  Jack plays second base and is doing a good job.  That boy LOVES baseball and takes it very serious.  When they lost the championship game he got very emotional.  Cried like a baby....was quite embarrassing.  Mike said he didn't know how to feel about Jack crying.  He said, "on one hand I want to strangle him and on the other hand I love it cause the boy cares!"
Just to make things a little worse on the emotional boy, when he got his trophy, it broke in his hands...literally, just broke in his hands.  He got another one and it broke too!!!  LOL  Grandma Jeanne took it up there for him again (good thing she was there for him, cause I would've just taken the second broken one home and super glued it....which Jack would NOT have been impressed by) and the tournament director gave him a new one again, but he wasn't extremely happy about doing it. Well, sorry, buddy....Don't buy such cheap trophies next time to where they just crumble in the kids' hands.

The soccer champions.....

I had to zoom in to see his "cry" face.....all the other boys were pumped to get a trophy, not Jack, cause it was a SECOND place trophy....

Notice his broken trophy on the ground under his glove, this was before Grandma came to the rescue for the second time

This is what Maddie looks like after 4 soccer games the day before and three baseball games the next day....she finally gave it up in the middle of a baseball game on a concrete pad....

Spring Break 2016

The kids and I didn't have much planned for Spring Break, as I knew we were headed to San Diego the week after that.  So once the week got here, we stayed home a couple days, had a couple play dates, went to Purina Farms, and met Maggie and her kids in Columbia for one day and night.  The kids LOVED that!  I think eventhough we stayed home while all their other friends were enjoying the beach and ocean, the kids had  a fun time!

Finished loving on all the animals at Purina Farms and now we are off to Columbia.  Our plan in Columbia was to meet the Kiewiets there as it was a half way point, and just hang out at the pool and let the kids swim and play.  Well, the pool was SO SO disgusting, and green that we couldn't stomach letting the kids swim in it.  And if you know me very well, you would know that it takes A LOT to gross me out and the fact that I was so grossed out that I wouldn't let my kids swim, that's pretty bad. So instead we spent that night at Bonkers and going out to dinner and the next day we spent at Chuck'E Cheese before hitting the road to come home.  The kids had a BLAST!  I don't think they minded that the pool was gross, they had fun at the other places!

Spring break had finally caught up to Maddie.  She wanted to ride with me to grab dinner after we got back to town, the other kids opted to stay home with Mike while I ran out.  I turned around to this.....dead asleep with some shades on even though it was pitch dark outside.  HA!

A night at the Fox

Grandma Farm, Grandma Jeanne, Peyton and I went to the Fox a few weekends ago to watch Beauty and the Beast.  It was so good and Peyton really liked it.  Before the show we went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  During the show this was a text exchange between Mike and I.  I think I got the better end of the stick, Jack and Maddie would beg to differ.....CiCi's pizza, a kids favorite and a Mom least favorite!!!

A quick girls getaway

Momma got to get on a airplane and go to the warm, sunny, Fort Lauderdale for 3 nights.  It was wonderful....the warmth can do wonders for a soul that's ready to get rid of winter.  It was a lot of fun and totally worth it in the end.  Leading up to getting on the plane, I wasn't so sure.  It was a lot of work trying to figure out the logistics of getting the kids to all their places without their normal chaufferer.  But we got it all worked out and I don't even think a kids had to miss anything.


Father's Day Mass for 3rd Grade

The third graders always have a Father's Day mass to honor their Dads.  Peyton wanted to cantor this mass so badly and she came home from school the week before SO excited and said she was chosen to cantor.  I mean so, so excited.  The mass happened to be the day I left town for a girls getaway, but she wanted me to come too to see her sing.  So, Maddie and I made it to mass before we took Maddie to school.  I love all school masses, especially when the younger grades do them, it's so cute!  She did a good job and she was definitely in her glory!

Jack's Field Trip

A few weeks ago Jack had a project due.  He got it all completed and was super proud of it.  That morning we were running a little late and he was rushed getting out of the car.  I later turned around and realized he forgot his poster board for his project in the car.  Our principal usually frowns upon us for bringing forgotten materials up to school, but I did anyway.  Kind of felt bad since we were rushed that morning and he had worked so hard the night before to get it finished.
So, I went against the principal's advice this time and took it up.  When we got there Jack and his friends were loading the school bus getting ready for a field trip.  I snapped this picture of him and his made me smile, so I don't regret taking up the boy's forgotten homework.....sorry Dr. Freitag.

Mother's Day at Maddie's School

Maddie was so so so so excited for her mom to come to school and see her perform her special songs.  She constantly wanted to know "how many more days."  It was so cute how excited she was for it.

I got there and got my seat and in they came.  Most kids just kind of walked shyly and found their spot on the riser to get ready and sing.  Not Maddie, she was LOOKING for me.  Once she spotted me she smiled and waved.  Most of the three year olds were very much uninterested in singing....most just sat there, some looked like they were gonna fall asleep (it was during nap time).  Maddie sang her little heart out and was so proud.  It was definitely the best day of school for her.

Here she is walking in, very proud.....

 Waving to her momma......

 Singing away....

Being silly afterwards....they made these dinosaur shirts at school, as it was a dinosaur theme.