Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Maddie 1st Swim Lessons

Maddie had her first swim lesson this morning with Miss Lisa (the same teacher that taught the other two to be water bugs).  The best part of it is she gets to do it with Andrew!  They were pumped and did a great job!!


And this is what one day without a dishwasher looks like in the Friedman house…..

And another…..

She's not only social at the pumpkin patch…..

Here she is with some of the younger siblings of St. Peter kids…..

Strike a pose….hilarious!

Another trip to the pumpkin patch…..

See, I told you she was getting social.  Here we went to a different pumpkin patch with Andrew and Martin.  Martin is a friend of Maddie's from Westborough and a friend of Andrew's from school.  So funny….their little social lives intertwine.

Four little monkeys climbing a fence…..

 Maddie and Luke

She made it!!!!  To the top of the hay stack….

Maddie's First School Fieldtrip

Maddie went on her first school field trip….to the pumpkin patch.  She thought it was great going somewhere and seeing all her school friends there.  We went on a wagon right, played in the play area, went thru a "haunted house", and picked out a pumpkin.  She had a great time!  She's becoming quite social with all her new friends.

I just LOVE this picture of her.  Happy girl!

 On the wagon ride…...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Christmas Card

I was trying to score a Christmas card the other day, while Annie was laying nice and content on the fireplace.  Unfortunately, I don't love the pictures…..but it still might suffice unless I get a better opportunity.  I guess we will all find out come December……

Monkey Joes….

The kids had a day off school a couple Fridays ago.  Peyton had a birthday party to go to, so when I dropped her off, I grabbed the brother of the birthday girl (Jack's friend) and took the boys and Maddie to Monkey Joe's.  We hadn't been to Monkey Joe's since Jack and Will's birthday party in May.  I was shocked at all the "big" things Maddie could do now.  She was having and grand ol time…..and so were the boys!

She looks so little climbing up that big thing!

She claims she wasn't scared coming down the BIG slide…..I beg to differ.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dress Down Day

Shew….thank goodness for school uniforms.  This is what an eight year old chooses for her dress down day.  I didn't fight it for the day, as she doesn't get to do it often, but I don't know if I could look at it every day.  Ah….she can wear them 8 colors, plus two different animal prints WAY better than I could!!!  HA!

Thumbs up, is right Jack!!!  Now that's my kind of outfit…..sweat pants and a t-shirt….that's my boy!!

Friedman/Alexander Dance Party

It was a Friedman/Alexander after school dance party…..

The last child (our four legged child) to go to school….

Annie had her first day of school a few weeks back.  She is doing a four week puppy training program.  We are in our last week of it, and I've got to say…..we have came a LONG way!!!  Maddie and Jack no longer have scratches all over their bodies and they have no NEW holes in their clothes from Annie latching on.  She knows, "sit, down, climb, and come."  She's doing really well.

Our morning routine right now is to drop the big kids off at school, then Annie, and then Maddie and I either go to the gym or two days a week Maddie goes to school.  When we drop the big kids off at school, Annie cries every time.  She doesn't want them to get out of the car without her.  Then when I drop Annie off at her school, she cries when I leave.  I laughed and told the trainer, that she's my only child that cries when I drop her off at school.  HA!

On the way to her first day of school……..

Maddie walking her in on her first day….

Jack might con Maddie into lightsabers, BUT…..

Peyton pulls him into her shenanigans as well!

First, we do acrobats…...

 Then we dance…...

Then we airplane…..

Then we booty bump….

Then we pose, and call it a day!!!

Mother like Daughter….

Maddie and I got caught with our matching "bed head" on an early morning trip outside with the dog.  Aren't our neighbors lucky?!?!

An apple a day…..

keeps the doctor away!!!  Check out that CRAZY hair!!!

Annie reunites with her brother…..

Our friends the Doherty's came over a week or so after we had Annie to check her out.  They were in our same shoes…..wanted to pull the trigger on the pup, but just wasn't so SURE yet!  So they came over to meet Annie.  When they left our house on that Friday night, they called Annie's breeder to see if Annie had any litter mates left, and they had one little boy left.  Kevin left the next morning to head to Joplin to pick up Annie's brother, to call their own.  They named him Sully.
Sully came over for a play date the next week.  Sully defiantly wasn't too sure.  Annie, hands down, controlled the play date…..classic female fashion, right?  She didn't really want to play at first so Annie just kept chasing him and tackling him until he finally gave in.  They played HARD….so hard that we finally had to separate them and give Annie's poor broken leg a rest.
These pictures of this first play date were from the end of Aug, I know, I'm a little behind on that one.  They since then have had another play date and have not skipped a beat.  They LOVE to be together and play together!!!!

Checking each other out……..

 Sully not sure, so Annie starts to chase…….
 And nip….

 Time for some stages photography…..

The best I could do of the entire group….

 SHEW……wore her OUT!  Time for some major rest……