Sunday, March 31, 2013


Here are just a few pictures of the kids playing.....

The girls play catch

So happy, playing ball with Peyton

wresting with Daddy


Maddie and her magnets

One of Maddie's absolute favorite things in the house is the farm magnets on the fridge.  She LOVES them.  They are KEY for when I'm in the kitchen cooking dinner!!

The other day when she was playing while I was cooking dinner she wanted the bread bag.  So I let her have it to play with it.  Later.....I observed she was having a little snack.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Just a few pics to show that we HAVE had some fun and some smiles in between all the negativity lately.

who knew the core to a pineapple could be such a great teether!?!?

a few electronics on a very SNOWY/SICK day

Just another day in paradise.....

OK, I totally feel like this blog has become debbie downer, but I tell ya, we are having a rough month!  Just a look at what unfolded yesterday, quickly:

Found a leak in our basement.  That's all I know as of now.  Don't know why or how much at this point, just know it's there.

Got SLAMMED in the back end of my car at Schnucks yesterday.  I mean SLAMMED!!  My cars damage is all in the left end, however, the lady that hit us totaled her car.  Best happened when we were at a dead stop in the pharmacy drive thru line.  And true to nature, I had all three kids in the car, and no purse (no drivers license.....oops!).  Peyton and Maddie were SCREAMING once it happened, and Jack on the other hand, didn't miss a second of the movie he was watching.  HA!!!

So today was spent all day on the phone with the lady's insurance company and at the car dealership getting a quote to fix the car.  Tonight and tomorrow I will focus on the basement..........

As always....I know my life problems are NOTHING compared to cheers to that!!!!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring has sprung.....

Ha!!  Now that's funny!  Spring has indeed sprung, however, it sprung with a big dump of snow!  We got a foot of snow this week (the first week of spring).  I'm over it........but here are a few pictures anyway.......

Just for a visual

lots of snow.....and still coming down strong!


Proud of the snowman her and Daddy built


I don't mean to bore the readers of this blog with yet another sick post.....BUT it has hit again.  This post is mostly for Mike and I to read in about 15 years when we are taking a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about the "good ole days."

Peyton and Jack both had another round of the stomach bug this weekend.  On Saturday I dropped Jack off at a birthday party, came home and picked Mike and Peyton up and we ran to Peyton's soccer game.  She wasn't too spunky on the soccer field, just wasn't quite playing up to Peyton caliber.  So once they took her out I told Mike to go over and check on her.  She told Mike her stomach was hurting.  She didn't go back in the game after half time.  I left at half time to go pick Jack up from his party.  Once I got there, I found Jack and another mom in the bathroom while Jack was throwing up.  NICE!!

That night we put the kids to bed and then Mike and I went to bed at 8:00.  Yes, 8:00!!!!!  Then it started at 9:00.  Peyton puked off the side of her bed......LIKE THE MOST PUKE I'VE EVERY SEEN AT ONE TIME!!!!  It was absolutely disgusting.  After about an hour, we had all the puke cleaned up, the room sanitized and everyone back to sleep.  The puking continued from her and Jack throughout the night, but the first waterfall from Peyton was the worst of it!

One of these days we will be healthy and I'll get more than 4 hours of sleep!!!!

I did actually take a picture of the puke mess.....but after looking at it, it's just too gross to post!!!......You're welcome!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


We aren't exactly close to walking, but doing a pretty darn good job at keeping our balance.  One step at a time....

Jack's first baseball practice

It's FINALLY Jack's turn!  He has sat in his lawn chair eating snacks, playing his DS, whining, etc long enough!  It's finally his turn to suite up and play ball.

His first practice was at St. Peter, in the parking lot.  The fields were too wet so they hit the asphalt.  Nothing wrong with that, I remember doing that back in my day, in the Holy Rosary parking lot.  Jack had a GREAT, GREAT time!  Was smiling the entire time.

His team is mostly his buddies from school, with the exception of two boys.  So Jack is right in his comfort zone.  I think this is going to be great for Jack!!!  He's very excited for it.  Mike got to his practice half way thru so I brought Maddie home (it was pretty chilly outside).  When Jack got home I asked him how he like it....his reply, "It was AWESOME!"

I think Peyton enjoyed it too.  She ran around the playgroup with one of Jack's friends older sister, that is also in Kindergarten with Peyton.  Looks like it should be a great season for everyone!!!

Just getting started

Learning how to field

Learning how to hold our glove to catch

Learning how to hold our glove for a grounder

Good job, boys!

and now we line up and learn how to throw

everyone, down and ready!
 He never quit smiling.......

think he is having fun???

Too cute to not post.....

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sickly proof...

Here is the proof that even though we are poop and puke free, the stomach still isn't quite 100% after a week!!! This child "normally" would never leave nuggets and fries on the table!!

Maddie's eating habits

Maddie is starting to be a big girl at the table.  She is working hard on that pincher so that she can grasp small objects to EAT!!  She has mastered the puffs (small cereal), and this morning I gave her some cut up grapes...those are still a little too slippery for our new skill.  She's getting there.

She is also working on the cup.  She gets a hold of it and gets it in her mouth, but doesn't quite understand the tip part yet.  So we have to tip it for her.

Getting so big.......

working on getting it picked up......

shoving it in before it gets dropped....

ahhhhh....."I did it!"

and finishing it off with a SNEEZE!!!

 And now for my cup's still a work in progress.

Daddy and Maddie....

Some of the things Daddy and Maddie like to do daily......

Play SUPER BABY!!!  Think she likes it?!?!?

 Walk to the bedroom and play in the mirror with the "other" cute baby

 Last the kitchen to play with the magnets on the fridge........


These are the things Maddie saves for her and her Daddy to do!