Sunday, January 29, 2012

A get together with the Eversmeyer's

Saturday night we had a little get together with my uncle Gary's family.  My cousins Josh and Brandy and their families.  It's rare that all the kids are together.  Josh has two GIRLS and Brandy has one Peyton enjoys playing with the GIRLS.....don't get me wrong, she still loves her "boys" too.  That's still what she calls ALL of her cousins (Dawn and Chris' kids), "the boys."  

It was a very LOUD room for the four hours we were there, BUT everyone had fun, there were no injuries that were serious, nothing got I'd say it was a success!

I don't know how I managed to not get any pictures all of the WRESTLING!!  That's what the kids did the majority of the time, however, I only managed to get pictures of the calm activities that did not last long!  :)

Lots and Lots of Coloring

Lots and Lots of Fighting 

Lots and Lots of FUN

And More Fun

Wyatt helps Jack do the game I couldn't finger out



and MORE chatting

A game of cards anyone??  

More of the game that I couldn't figure out, but the kids had no problem


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jack's favorite!

Jack's favorite Christmas presents is still his favorite toy a month after Christmas.  He LOVES his Mario guys!!!

The kids love pinterest too.........

.........they just don't KNOW it!!!  Those of you that are involved in all the hype of pinterest understand, those that are not....well, i suggest you check it out!  But be forewarned, it is addicting and will take up all your free "facebooking" time.  There is just not enough time in the day for facebooking and pinteresting!

I got an idea off of pinterest to use glow sticks in the bathtub.  The kids LOVE this!  We have done it a few times, and it never gets old.  I bought a bunch of them on clearance after Halloweeen and it's a great bathtub entertainer.  The pictures aren't the greatest as it was hard to get a good picture with the lights off and still focused on the light of the glow stick...but I think you will get the point.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Water Bugs

Our children LOVE the water.....this makes me happy!  They are both pretty good little swimmers for their ages.  Peyton has always been a great swimmer, and Jack really turned the corner this summer.  He wanted to jump of the big diving board at the Kirkwood pool so we told him he had to learn to swim without his life jacket.....that's all it took.  He started swimming that day!  He thought he was a big shot too......all the middle school kids that were in line behind him were cheering him on and asking him how old he was.  It was pretty funny!
Both kids are in swim lessons once a week and then we usually try to take them at least once more a week to the pool to swim for fun.  Our gym has a wave pool on the weekends which is nice, they really enjoy that.  This week they got a double dose.  I took them Friday night cause Mike was on call and we were bored and then we took them again on Saturday night.  The movies and pictures below were from Saturday night, and by the smiles, you can tell they still have fun, even if they were there the night before!


Peyton also had a big day at school today.  It was her HALF birthday!  Since she is a summer birthday she celebrated her half birthday today at school......complete with a crown and treats!  We stopped by McArthur's Bakery and picked up some special cookies before school for her and her friends.

Big five and a HALF year old, ready to celebrate at school!
Excuse the red eyes!


Friday, January 20, 2012

A typical week with the Friedmans

What does a typical week with us look like?  Well we are a family on the move.  The kids and I all do better, the busier we stay.  It's the last thing we talk about before bed (what are we doing tomorrow), and the first thing we talk about in the morning (what is on the agenda for today).
Mondays: kids have school and mommy goes to the gym and runs errands
Tuesdays: kids have playgroup and we end that with lunch out.....come home for a while and then Jack has swim lessons that night
Wednesdays: repeat of Monday, with addition of Peyton swim lessons at night
Thursdays: the kids and I head to the gym for mommy and then to gymnastics for the kiddies
Fridays: Peyton has school for a couple hours, Jack and mommy hit the gym, and then we usually try to find something fun to do in the it was the magic house.  Friday nights usually end with eating out.  And I'd say about 90% of the time it consists of CiCi's pizza.  NOT because we think the food is superb, but because we like to TASTE our food.  Going out to eat with kids in tow can sometimes be unenjoyable.  We have found the more kid-friendly means more relaxing which means the more you can enjoy your food, hence, the better the food tastes!  Sooooo.....CICI's it is!!!!

Here are a few pictures forms gymnastics this week.  Not the best quality, I took them from behind the glass.  Both kids go to the Little Gym and both kids LOVE the little gym!


Here are a couple videos of their teachers letter them be silly at the end of the class.  I think the entire class enjoyed it by all the cheers and giggles going on!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year, New Beginnings

I have been in quite a dilemma with myself for quite sometime.  The dilemma you ask??  How to organize my pictures, videos, etc.  I, up to this point, was printing all my photos and putting them in books for each kid.  When you are a picture whore, like myself, it gets to be an expensive habit.  SOOOO.....I have decided to make a slide show dvd for each year along with making a shutterfly book each year (and printing two, one for each kid.....soon to be three!).
Along with those changes, I have decided to move my blog site to blogspot instead of shutterfly.  I've heard that there is a company out there that will convert a blogspot site into a book.  If this is the case.....I'm all for that.  How cool will it be 20 years down the road to basically have a life journal of our family with pictures included?!?!
Most people are kicking of the New Year in hopes of losing weight and getting healthy.  I on the other hand, plan on gaining at least 25 pounds before July's to 2012 and getting more organized with my pictures and enjoy exploring all the fun things my new MacBook will do for me!