Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sick baby girl...

Maddie ran a high fever all week last week.  Monday thru Friday.  It was a long week.  We did a lot of sitting on the couch.  All she wanted to do was "sit on couch…"  Sit and watch T.V. is all she had on the agenda.  Not much laundry got done last week.

we did a lot of this!

She got so use to the thermometer.  She walked around with
it in her ear.  

Happy Birthday to me….

I turned 32 last week…..and I honestly thought I was turning 31 until my friend convinced me otherwise.  Once she was persistent on it, I did the math, and I'll be…..she was right.  I, indeed, did turn 32.  Liz showered me with a pretty and fancy cake and Starbucks card, I got sweet cards from a lot of other friends and family, and another Starbucks card from Dennis and Ilene.  I'm all set and feeling loved and OLD!

Jack enjoying the first piece of cake.  That boy LOVES
cake.  He was very excited that Mrs. Liz brought over the cake!

Basketball Ice Cream Party

To celebrate the end of the basketball season, Jack's team met up for some ice cream.  Peyton tagged along for some ice-cream too since she missed her party while we were in Iowa.

games and ice cream…..FUN!

Just because….

We have been TERRIBLE about getting the camera out lately.  Mike grabbed it the other night and took a few pictures.  Nothing out of the ordinary going on……but just a glimpse into this crazy little thing we call "our life".

Who needs toys when you can play with Mommy's feet?!?

Jack and Maddie trying to bust in to the electronic cabinet

Peyton came down to join us after "looming" the night away