Friday, December 18, 2015

On the homework of littles

Does anyone else see the humor in Jack's school work here?!?!

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS

The weekend after Thanksgiving we got all the Christmas stuff out and got busy.  The kids had fun, Daisy (the elf) returned, we put up lights outside, and we ended the day making homemade pizza.  Lots of messes being made that day, but hopefully lots of memories too.

Jack gets started by assembling the Nativity

While Jack was busy there, Maddie was busy decorating the hearth on the fire place.  It didn't take but about an hour, before that snowman lost an arm….Maddie just couldn't leave the breakable decorations alone.

And on to the tree……

Pooped out….

It's not a good, family filled, fun day without a couple meltdowns….

Moving on…..a little pizza making will fix it

Sleeping Beauty at school

On school days, Maddie takes her nap at school.  85% of the time she takes a nap and occasionally she does not.  I never have to ask the teacher if she napped that day or not.  If Maddie naps, she is usually the only kid STILL napping through all the chaos of parents picking up their kids.  She is still SOUND to sleep!!!  If Maddie is awake and playing, that means it was a no-nap day for Miss Maddie.  Here she is, sleeping away on her cute little cot.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Laundry, oh laundry…..

How I hate thee!

I can ALWAYS manage to stay ahead of the wash…'s just that folding and putting away that I've had trouble with the last year or so.  Our lives have gotten so much more busy in the last year and I just can't seem to find the time to get it done…..or maybe it's just the thing that always gets pushed to the back burner.
SOOOO, my new strategy a couple months ago was to dump it all on my bed so that we couldn't go to bed without folding it.  Well, that lasted a couple weeks before we realized, it only takes 30 seconds to dump that crap right back in the baskets and put it on the floor.
Then the other night I came upstairs and Mike and Annie had taken it even a step further…..they didn't even bother to put it back in the baskets…they managed to find plenty of room for the clothes and themselves.  Thank God for the king size!

1 Diva…...

2 DIVAS!!!!

Once again…..I find a great picture on my phone of these two!

Peyton, the budding scientist

Peyton is really into science experiments right now.  She looks them up on the internet and then wants to try them.  It leaves for quite the messes, most of the time.
She had a friend come over a couple weekends ago after a soccer game.  What'd they do?!?!  Science experiments….ha!  I texted these pictures to her friends mom and said, "we are raising nerds…..our kids do science experiments on play dates."  HA!!!
Science kits are on Peyton's' Christmas list…..surprise, surprise!!

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving.  Mike was on call the night before.  So we headed out to the farm Thanksgiving morning and helped mom finish up the cooking before everyone came.  Peyton helped peel the potatoes, and did a pretty decent job.  She also helped me make the pudding, angel food cake, whip cream dessert.  Everyone got there, we ate and chatted and then we headed off to Ruth's for Mike's side.  The kids had a great time there too!  They went down and went fishing and had some great luck.  The fish must've caught the memo that is was Thanksgiving, as they were ready to chow as well.
They were all catching good size fish, and then Jack had the mac-daddy fish.  They got it to the shore, Mike got his hands on it, and then it broke the line.  The fish was gone.  Everyone started coming up and putting all the fishing stuff away, but not Mike and Jack.  Mike felt bad that Jack's fish got away so he was determined to stay down there as long as it took for Jack to catch another one.  Good things he did.  Jack caught himself a nice looking fish and then they called it a day.
Great day, indeed!  Very thankful for all we have…, happiness, friends, and family!  What more could one ask for?!?!?

Play Off Baseball

Like most posts lately….about a month late.  Playoff baseball was fun, as usual.  Even after the Cards were out, it was still fun.  Our house was rooting for the Royals, except Maddie.  She was rooting for the Mets, simply to go against the grain, I'm sure.  But she was IN IT!!!  She'd watch and get sad when they'd lose.  She was actually pretty fun towards the end of the baseball season.  She could rattle off the Cardinals starting line-up.  She couldn't tell you positions or anything, but she could for sure to you all their names!

This is a view of the different views our family had for game one.  Mike got to go to the game, the kids and I got pizza and watched it at home…….

They tried SO hard to make it through the end of the Mets and Royals game, but they just couldn't make it……

Once Maddie woke up the next morning and learned that her beloved Mets lost, she was a sad girl…..her Grandma Farm sent her a bouquet of balloons to cheer her up!  HA!!!


Hello!  We just had Halloween activities 2 weeks ago.  First we helped Maddie dig out those pumpkin guts for her Carving Day at her school. I loved it this year Jack doesn't like the slimyness.  Maddie sort of liked it!  Then we went to the Trunk-or-Treat.  The new playground was finished the day before!  Pheww!!!!!  I was a police.  Jack was Kolten Wong.  Maddie was a butterfly! Maddie stayed for about 30 minutes.  Then she went to Grandmas house. We went around the cars about 3-4 times!  Then we went to the Schultes Halloween party.  We were their for about an hour.  Then the night ended:(  But the real night hasn't happened yet! On the real night my grandmas and grandpas came over to Trick-or-Treat with us!  Oh my gollie we got ssssoooo much candy!!!! My favorite candy/ chocolate is Sixlets!!!!! Jacks is (Blue) Starburst. Maddies is Sixlets to. (Copycat!!!)