Wednesday, May 30, 2012

VERY special visitors from Michigan

We had some very special visitors a couple weeks ago.  The Kiewiets came to STL from Michigan with their four sweet babies.  Nate had two job interviews.....and I'm secretively hoping he finds nothing better....we want them to move HERE!!!!  Mike and Nate got to visit about an hour each night (as Mike was still in board review) BUT Maggie and I (and the kids, or course) had a GRAND time!

We didn't even really do THAT much, it was just nice to be together and chat without the phone to our ear (which is how our friendship has been for the past 5 years!).  The kids all got a long well and everyone slept well too, despite our little house with LOTS of people.  We had kids stuffed everywhere, but it WORKED!

Why am I just now posting this?????????  Well funny story......the weekend went off without a hitch, UNTIL............the very last two hours
      The kids were downstairs playing, Maggie was in the shower, and I was upstairs on the couch with baby Will.  I heard a "THUMP" and I hollered downstairs and ask what it was.  NO ANSWER, everyone was quiet!  I holler again, and Peyton then responds, "Well, Grace accidentally hit the TV with the Wii remote."  UH OH!  So I went down and there was indeed a crack.....not too bad, just a crack in the upper right corner.  I thought, OK, its not too bad, and it was good timing since Maggie was in the shower.  THen she wouldn't have to know about it, as I knew she would feel bad.  Well, not to disappoint, what was the FIRST thing the kids told her when she got out of the shower?!?!?!?  Yep, you got it.....about the TV!
I decided it would be best to tell Mike about the TV after his that is what I did.  I would go down each day and look at it, and each day it seemed less and less severe.  Mike found out about the TV a couple days ago, so now I can final post about our great time with our great visitors.  A broken TV was worth the time we got to spend with them!

Here are a few pics of the kiddos....I don't know how, but I missed getting a picture of sweet, baby Will.  So sorry Will, we love you too!

Memorial Day at the Lake

What to do on a three day weekend???  Head to the lake.  We got there late Thurs night and came home late Sun night.  The kids had a great time.....Peyton got to ski and all the kids got lots of swimming time.  The weather was nice (just really windy!), but for Memorial Day we will take it!!!

We will have one more trip before the baby comes.  We are going down again in two weeks and Peyton is already counting down the days!

Captain Jack - Take 1

Take 2

Snack Time - If there is a chip bag out, Jack is there!

Something was funny!

Jack throwing rocks - one of his favorite things

YAY Jack

Waiting for Uncle Scott to take them for a spin

Water Mat Fun

Grandma and Grandpa "Farm"

Take a snooze, OR a booze snooze.......You decide :)

Getting ready for her first run of the season

Daddy's Turn

After Peyton's first couple times of skiing, she was able to do it without Daddy's assistance!  She was very proud of herself....we were too!  Her and Colin were in a constant competition of who was the "best" skier.  And they were constantly "coaching" each other when the other was in the water skiing.  Papa named Peyton "Ski Cat 1" last summer since she was the first kid to ski.  Now Peyton has informed Colin that he can be "Ski Cat 2"......... Now we wait to see who will be "Ski Cat 3".

Now the real deal.....the Videos....

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hodge Podge

There is no rhyme or reason to this post.....just a few pics from the last few weeks.......
UNO - The favorite game at the current moment

Peyton enjoying a little time out because she can't
seem to keep her hands off her brother!

Favorite toy in the back yard!


I know I've been talking complaining about Mike's boards for quite some time.  He has been studying for his oral boards for 6 months.....but eat, sleep, breathing boards for 4 months!!!!  The kids haven't really got to see him but for a few hours a week since January.  Jack was finally so sick of it by the end, he asked me since Daddy wasn't going to be home to wrestle, could I wrestle him???  HMMMM....something about a 7 months pregnancy belly and wrestling just doesn't seem right, so he had to wait!

The last week of his studying I told the kids that starting next week Daddy will take his test and be all finished studying!  Peyton said, "for a year?"  I said, "no, forever!"  She then responded, "Mom, did YOU ever have to study."  HA!!!  I explained the difference in the amount of education it takes a teacher vs. a doctor.  After that discussion we might have a future teacher on our hands, not a doc.  :)

I'm sure our neighbors will be relieved to see Mike back in action around here too.  I'm sure they just think he is a lazy pile as they have watched they pregnant wife mow the yard this spring.....either that or they think he has left the knocked up wife with two other kids.

All said and done, Mike PASSED and he is finished!!!!!!  HOOOOOORAAAYYY!!!  We can lead a normal life again....or at least for another month until this new baby comes and rocks our world again.  :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gymnastics SHOW DAY!!!

The kids currently go to gymnastics at the Little Gym.  Today was a very special day to the kids, it was SHOW DAY!  A day to show off to their friends and families all their "tricks."  This will be Peyton's last day at the little gym, she has outgrown it.  We need to decided to either put her in "real" gymnastics or call it quits.  Jack on the other hand, will keep going.  He LOVES the little gym....he will tell you it is his favorite day of the week!

The teachers have been wonderful and one of them is moving to Texas, so we will MISS her!!!  Here are some pics and videos.....enjoy our little gymnasts.

Donkey Kick


yay, Jack!

yay, Peyton!

Proud of her medal

The WHOLE gang


Little Monkey


The model

My little gymnasts



And as always, a few videos.......the best part!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2nd Annual DoLittle Fishing Tournament

The Eversmeyer's hosted the second fishing derby last weekend.  I wasn't sure I was going to go, as I'm not quite the fisherman and Mike wasn't going to be able to go since it was the week before the big test.  We decided to go and glad we did!  Everyone had a great time.  Grandma and Grandpa Farm just had to help "assist" our little fishermen.
I wasn't too worried about anything except taking the fish off the hook.  Grandma Farm and I managed that too, with a little teamwork.  Peyton caught 7 fish and had a great time, she truly enjoys it (definitely gets that from her father).  Jack caught two fish with "significant" help from mom and grandma but was more interested in eating snacks (definitely his mother's child!).

The trophy winners this year were:

  • Biggest fish - Josie Eversmeyer
  • Most fish -  Desi Eversmeyer
  • Smallest Fish - Wyatt Schuette (the returning champ from last year)
Peyton was disappointed that she went home trophy-less again!  I'm thinking next year is her year!  She was an ole pro by the end of Sat.  She was casting her own line, watching her own line, and hooking and reeling when necessary.  She was even baiting her own hook......not too shabby for a city girl.

The kids also enjoyed water balloons, sprinkler, food, and smores at the bonfire.  Peyton was pissed that she didn't get to camp with Josh's girls.  I told her that we don't camp without a Daddy, that she could camp next time.....she wasn't impressed.  But we did go back to the farm and sleep and rejoined everyone for breakfast the next morning.

Thank you Uncle Gary and Aunt Toni, great time!!!

Peyton's first catch of the day....a LEAF!

Grandpa and Peyton fishing, Jack throwing grass to Sadie

You know that Mom had him fishing and not Dad, he had to pose
with the fish on the ground instead of in his hand!  

Jack's first catch, with help from Grandma

They are a little more serious on their side of the pond

Grandpa, Peyton and Owen

Logan, the officiant, measuring Wyatt's "smallest fish"

Just getting started

Getting set up for the balloon toss

Love the facial expressions on both of them!  I'm pretty sure Jack missed this one.

Cheesin' with his medal from the balloon toss

Modeling with her medal

Lastly, a video of the balloon toss, LOVE the way Jack is laughing at the end when the balloon pops on Owen.  Don't know if Owen found it funny, but Jack sure did!