Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day......

The kids woke up early enough to hit Dunkin Donuts on the way to school.  Everyone got a Valentine festive donut and headed to school.  I went back up to school a little bit later for Maddie's party and Teddy Bear Parade.  They got to parade their little teddy bears all through school.  It was so funny to watch the big kids.....some of them think the little kids are the cutest thing ever and some of them couldn't care less......ha!!!

That night the kids got to enjoy heart shaped pizza from Grandma Jeanne and they thought that was super fun too!

And then the night concluded with Peyton making everyone some dessert.....she's really into that lately.

A Fun Ending to Tennis Practice

A couple weeks ago they did a lot of "competitions" in tennis practice.  Karim told them that the winner could pick, they could either not pick up balls or they could have a free shot at the others kids booties.  Peyton won, she opted to pick up balls, but to try and nail their booties.  She round up and hit it hard, and........missed!!!!!  Was pretty funny tho!!

Jack, Alex, and Nick lined up.....and Maddie and Natalia watching from the sidelines......

Maddie's First Soccer Game

It is FINALLY Maddie's turn to get in there and have a game of her own!  She was SO excited!  Shin guards, water bottle, uniform, soccer socks....she had it all covered and was thrilled!

She was hilarious to watch.  Ran her little heard out, and had a mean face the entire time, but always wanted to be "next" to action, not really "in" it.  If she had a break away, she was all about that, she just didn't want to bump bodies.

They lost by a lot, they are playing in a kindergarten league, as four year olds.....and I'd say about half of Maddie's team is totally un-interested in soccer.....should be a pretty funny season to watch!


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Catholic Schools Week

The kids' favorite week of school.  Every day is a new day and this year, Maddie got to participate too, so that was super exciting for her.

Monday was favorite sport day and the spelling bee . Peyton made it in the spelling bee this year and did well.  She made it three rounds before she got the time she got out over half the school was out.  She got out on the word ingredient.  She was super nervous, but she did good.  I'm glad it's over so her and her dad could quite fighting about studying the words.  They sent a big huge list home of words for them to study.  Mike thought she should learn every single one of them (some of them were pretty darn hard!!!!), and I was more like, eh....don't make a fool of yourself....make sure you know all the do-able words.  Her attitude was, "Dad, I'm not gonna win, I'm against kids all the way up to 8th grade!!"  He didn't agree, he thought since she had a list of words, she should hunker down and know them ALL!!!  UGH....glad that's over!!!  She might think twice about trying out next year.....ha!
After the spelling bee, I took them to the candy store to celebrate.

Peyton's class won the door-decorating contest....they were having a dance party in the hallway, and I just happen to be giving a tour at the time and caught it.

Peyton's Protectors

Gus is kind of Peyton's sidekick....sleeps in her room most of the time and kind of follows her around a lot.  On this given night, both dogs were following her around.  I was in my room folding laundry and she was down the hall taking a bath and I thought it was the cutest thing.....both dogs just in there keeping her company....

Jack and Gus

Such buddies!!!  Jack is one salty, sweaty boy...thus the dogs like to kiss all over him, and quite frankly, he likes it when they do!!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Peyton's Basketball Season

Peyton is LOVING basketball this year.  Her Knights team got a new coach, a female coach....and she's awesome.  I'm not sure if she's had the impact or what.....but she says it's her favorite sport and that she's ready to start quitting other sports and just play a TON of we shall see.

Her Knights team has come a LONG way with the new coach and they are really fun to watch!!!  Her CYC team up to this point is un-defeated as well, coached by her Dad.  :)

Flag Football

Jack has been SOOOOO excited for Flag Football.  We were able to find him a team this year, and he was been excited ever since!!  His first practice it was FREEZING and WINDY!!!  Once he got in the car, I asked him how it was.  He said, "GOOD!"  I said, "was it REALLY good, or were you like 'I can't wait for this to be over cause it's so cold?'"

He responded, "at first, I couldn't wait for it to be over cause it was SOOO cold.  Then, once we got going, I was thinking 'I NEVER want this to end'!"

LOVES it....he is pumped for every practice and every game.  I wish I could tell you more about his positions or other details....but football, I just don't understand well at all, so I'm no help there.  All I know is that he is not the quarter back and he loves every second of it.  I also know, we have to practice with his mouth piece.  He's never had to wear one of those and he gagged and carried we wore it in the house one night and practiced......ha!!  I also know I had to go to Dick's and get him some gloves......he really wanted gloves and everyone on his team had them.  That boy NEVER EVER asks for anything, so off to Dick's I went and that was one happy boy when he saw what I had got him while he was at school!!!

Peyton's Special Dessert

A couple Saturday nights ago, Peyton wanted to make everyone a "special dessert."  She wouldn't tell anyone what she had up her sleeve, she just told me what she needed from the grocery store.

She made chocolate pudding, with whip cream, rolos, and chocolate chips.  She didn't lack on presentation either.....she layered it nicely in a wine glass, and was very proud of herself.  She smiled even more when everyone said it was SO GOOD!

Could be a daily picture

If I wanted to, I think I could have a Monday thru Friday picture that looks similar to this one.  She catches a 10 minute car nap when we are picking the kids up from school.....and then that's typically all she needs to get it through the rest of the day......

Watch Dogs

I don't know I'd be too intimidated by the looks of these two......