Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Swimming at the farm

We went for a quit impromptu trip to the farm on Sunday.  Mike actually had to drive to Troy to sign some papers for work, so we all rode along and went to the farm afterwards to do a little swimming.  Nobody was home, so Mike, the kids, and I took it over for a couple hours and then headed on our way.

She's always good for a pose

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jelly Beans close out the season

The Jelly Beans had their last game yesterday.  The girls did a great job......I think they were more excited about getting their trophies than playing the game.  And then, what does Peyton's mom do???  She put her trophy on the kitchen counter when she got home...later I was cleaning up the kitchen and went to take it to her room and dropped it on the hard ceramic floor......well, off popped the girl's head on the trophy.  OOOPS!!!  Daddy fixed it with super glue before she could see it...shew!

Peyton was really ripping the ball the last couple weeks, she was getting great hits out of the infield.  I think she has been watching the Cardinals too much.  She now walks up to the plate, taps her bat twice on home plate and takes her practice swing before her coach pitches it.  Pretty funny!

We have had great coaches the last two years and will be sad to not be returning to Webster Athletic Association for softball next year.  I did find out tho that Coach Eric is a high school English teacher in Kirkwood, so maybe him and Peyton with cross paths (in a different light), in the future.

Now we wait for soccer to start in the fall.  Both kids will play for St. Peter's soccer program.

Big Hit

Sporting her Momma's Softball number

Nice Stop........

......and now the throw

Sportsmanship at its best

Making a bridge for the other team to run thru after the game
A big hit.....they love it!

An intense huddle after the game

Go Jellybeans!!!!!!

Coach Jenny, Coach Mike, Coach Eric

Loving her trophy, pre trophy tragedy 

Thank God for electronics and food to get Jack thru these games!

Fontbonne Playdate

On Friday we were able to spend the day with Leigh-Anne and Andrew, Cornwell, Patrick, and Theresa.  We spent the day at Cornwell's Dad's pool and all the kids had a great time!

Andrew spent most of his time in his little floaty and didn't even fuss when the big kids would splash him...what a trooper!  Peyton and Patrick spent lots of time doing dive sticks and other games, and Jack would join in on their games when he felt like it.  Jack also spent a lot of time bouncing back and forth from the hot tub.  Miss Theresa spent her time on the steps jumping to her mom.....everyone was happy!

Not to forget, there was a bunch of time spent at the table too.  Cornwell brought sandwiches, gold fish, chips, cookies, apples, and popsicles......I don't think there was ANY food left except apples!!!

Thanks Mr. Cornwell for sharing your pool with us, and thanks Corn for inviting us!

Andrew just hanging out, taking it all in

Happy boy!

Patrick and Peyton 

Corn and Theresa

Please notice the goggles at the lunch table

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mike's vacation week

Well, the title sounds nice, doesn't it?  Well it wasn't that nice.  One of these days Mike will learn how to take a "vacation."  Unless we have an actual vacation planned, Mike usual spends his vacation time completing home improvements.  On the list this vacation: new privacy fence!!!!  While the beach sounds wonderful, it is also wonderful to not have to look at the old rugged fence and our neighbors NASTY yard and awful dog!
He did say, and I will quote him, cause I'm sure it's not true.....but he did say, "this is my last 'multi day' project I'm doing."  HMMMMM......for some reason I don't think I believe him, but we shall see.
He worked on the fence Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and finished Thursday morning.  He then had to go to some training for work for a little bit Thursday late morning, and today (Friday), he is off to work as he picked up an extra shift.  This dude is a WORKER!
We did manage to fit in the pool one night, Six Flags one night, and Hurricane Harbor Thursday afternoon.
A special thanks to Travis for coming over and helping Mike dig the holes.  Took a little longer than they expected...but a couple hours and they were done....just not the 15 minutes like they were hoping!

Six Flags update:
Jack rode his first ROLLER COASTER!!  The mine train.  He wasn't actually tall enough, but Daddy found the right worker that turned the other way when Jack got on.  He liked it and rode it twice!  Mike also took him on the Tidal Wave and he LOVED that one!
Peyton also got to ride the Ninja.  Daddy did the same trick.  Peyton isn't quite tall enough for the Ninja, but Daddy is pretty tricky and found the right workers for that too!  She LOVED it, her new favorite ride!
I feel bad that I didn't get any pictures or videos of Jack's first "coaster ride," as I have some great pics and a great video of Peyton on her first "coaster ride" at Disney World last year.  Daddy might be good at sneaking, but I don't think he's sneaky enough to hide my big 9 month belly to get me on the ride to take pics and videos.

The ugly, old fence is coming DOWN!

The old chain link fence and the neighbors yard that is
rarely mowed, and an annoying dog!

Picking up a few walnuts 

Eden and Peyton enjoying the AC and couch while their
Daddy's are hard at work in the 98 degree weather!  SMART girls!

Digging the new holes

watching from their perch

Jack getting in on a little action......

didn't last long....too hot, had to play the phone in the shade..ha!

finally something to cool off, water gun fight!

the fight continues

setting posts

up go the 2x4's

getting CLOSE, so CLOSE to the end!


Peyton is thrilled!!!!

Jack's opinion to this "vacation!"  No really, I was just getting ready take a pic of him
and he threw up his finger to show me his "owie", but how appropriate to the whole

Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Sleep Over

The kids had their first "friend" sleepover.  They spend the night Friday night with our friends the Alexanders.  Mike has his end of residency dinner (whew whoooo) and both Grandmas were out of town.  UH OH!  We have never crossed this path my friend Liz offered to take them.  The kids know her VERY well, we are with her and her kids at least once a week.  She has a girl Peyton's age, a girl Jack's age, and a two year old boy.
The kids had a great time, Liz "said" they were great (she would say that even if they weren't), and I didn't get the middle of the night phone call.  The only thing that happened, which was expected, was the kids woke up at 5:55 am......very early for the Alexander kids and the Friedman kids.  
Liz sent me a couple pics that I will post below.  They played outside in the water, ate pizza, and had ice cream!!!  What a nice first sleepover!!!  I'm sure Peyton and Jack will be requesting that all the time!

Everyone enjoying ICE CREAM!

Peyton and Maggie getting ready for bed, in matching pajamas!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Visitors from Iowa

Some of our dear friends from Iowa came to spend a few days......unlike most Iowa Citians, these ones know how to cheer for a real baseball team!  Most of the folks up there are Cubs fans, but Mike and Sarah know better.  They came down and went to the game Sunday and then spent the rest of their days with us!  We had lots of good talks and laughs, and lots of fun at the City Museum and Six Flags. I think there was fun had by all (adults and kids).

Mike and Sarah were both troopers at the City Museum, trying to keep up with all the kids, being that my 9 month pregnancy body doesn't allow much agility these days.  I DID give them fair warning tho, and they said, no prob!  They might have regretted that afterwards!

And THEN came Six Flags!! Mike too that one like a champ too!  He rode the Log Flume about 15 times with Jack!!!!  The Log Flume ended up being all the kids' favorite ride that day, and all of them could ride by themselves except Jack.  Poor Mike went again, and again, and again......even with a smile on his face!!!  Thanks, Mike!!  Next summer, I'll take up my slack!

Peyton on the slide "things"

Jack and Bella not so sure about the weird slides.....they eventually did it

climbing fun

part monkey

Sarah and Bella (couldn't get the red eye to fix in some of these)

This makes me laugh.....Jack crying and pissed because Peyton won't give hime a turn to "drive"

The sucker fishes that all the kids were scared of (it was kinda creepy)

Jack checking out the big sea turtle

The airplanes

on top of six flags!

Having fun, while Mike and Peyton ride Screaming Eagle

SOAKED after Thunder River

The Log Flume adventure begins!
Bella, Peyton, and Gavin

Jack having a blast, Mike doesn't look too tortured :)