Sunday, September 20, 2015

We Meet Again Buster…….. By: peyton :)

Well, well, well look who's happy to be back!  :)

On the moms lap. ''Am I big?''

Buster is a cute and good trained dog.  Him and Annie are great friends.

Apple Picking, By: Peyton:)

Hello friendly bloggers! Today I'm starting a blog entry!!!!! YIPPEE!!!  I thought I should start with a day off school………yesterday me and my family (minus dad) went apple picking. It was a day off school so we watched our mom play tennis and we were on our way!!!  First we did the playground then we did rides.  I rode with Maddie on the plane and Jack on the Twister.  It was fun.  Next we went  to the petting zoo and then to lunch.  When we were at the petting zoo the baby goat loved I mean LOVED Jack.  We watched an apple show while we ate.  It was  actually very interesting.  It told us why the apples aren't rotten when bugs go around.  Next we did the one and only……..APPLE PICKING!!!!!!
 The driver told us all the rules to apple picking.  He told us how to pick the apples and get the stem on the top.  We grabbed a bag and we were on our way.  Me and Jack we to the golden delicious and the red delicious.  Mom and Maddie went to the Jonathan's.  I picked a HUGE apple.  Seriously  look at the pics.  After the apple picking we did the bounce pillow!!!!!!!!!   We saw my tennis friends Ariel, and Ski.  The bounce pillow was very bouncy.  As we were leaving we saw a kid faint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you like these pics.  :).

Se ya next blog post :)

Done picking and ready to go to the pillow!

Plane fun!

Dude and dudett on twister

Petting zoo with the goats

The baby goat who loved Jack :)

Say cheese!!!!!!

 Chomp! Chomp!
 The big apple!
 Lets play hide and seek.

Big and small apple!

Wow look how high jack is!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Welcoming a new FriedmanClan Blogger…….

Peyton LOVES to read this blog, which has caused me to tone down some posts, but at least she likes it, makes me feel like I'm not wasting my time.
She asked us the other day if she could start her own blog, we compromised with allowing her to be a guest blogger on thefriedmanclan……so here she goes.  Enjoy her first post.

3rd Grade Volleyball

Well, CYC volleyball starts in 3rd grade, which is this year for Peyton.  It's about as brutal as it sounds…basically about two girls can get the ball over the net and the rest of the time you just hear "I got it" and watch it drop right by the girl that said, "I got it," and then she got out of the way…..ha!

Peyton did a good job and she said she liked it.  I guess that means we will keep on trucking…….

The first few pictures were at practice and the last one was from her first game.

Here she is serving in the game.

As a little side note:  The night of her first game, I said, "Peyton, you have your first volleyball game tonight."  She said, "I do?!?!"  She then proceeds to say, "OH NO!  We are TERRRRRIBLE!!!  Most of the girls on my team are scared of the ball."
It appeared to be an accurate observation.  HA!  

Peyton trying to make some money…..

A couple weekends ago the kids were playing downstairs and then they came up.  When they came up I saw Peyton take a few toys outside, but I didn't really think anything about it.  What I did notice tho was that Jack came back inside and went downstairs and played and Peyton stayed outside.  About 15 minutes later Peyton came in for a second and I asked her why she took toys outside.  She immediately freaked out and I knew she was guilty of something.  

The short of the long is:
She was putting on a garage sale to make money for a new dog.  They made invitations downstairs and she had HAND DELIVERED them to our neighbors!  Like, knocked on the doors and handed them to them.  This is when Jack bailed.  He helped make the invitations, but once it came down to the reality of it, he was out!  HA!  So Peyton did this all on her own.  She carried the toys out, got a table out of the garage and had it set up at the end of the drive, AND hand delivered her invites.  ALL IN 15 minutes!!!!!!  So I made her go out and clean it all up and explain to her that her garage sale wouldn't do very well with a bunch of kid toys and a bunch of old people.  She was VERY unhappy with me!

Here she is SUPER mad at me for making her come out and clean it up!  Maddie is trying to console her.

Still not happy!!!  But here it is……Peyton's attempt at her first garage sale, without her parents knowing.

And she is off….the last "first day of school" for us this year…..

Maddie finally got to go to school.  The big kids were in school for a couple of weeks before she got to start.  We would pass her school every morning after we dropped the big kids off.  Every morning as we would pass, "do I get to go to school today?"  Finally, the Tuesday after Labor Day, I got to respond, "YES!"  She was super excited!!!  She is in the Butterfly room with a lot of her friends from last year.
We are now two weeks in and she is still wanting to go…..she is having fun!  The teachers have called me and said she is a good girl, good cleaner upper, and a smart little girl.  I'm sure she will show her true colors soon enough ;-)

Annie dress up, yet again

Peyton and Maggie were playing upstairs for a while the other day.  Once I got up there to see what they were doing, they were all finished.  Here was the final product…..

Sassy Maddie

Everything this child does is with SASS!!

A few days ago I got out my iPod which has not been out in forever, so she had never really seen it.  She grabbed a hold of that thing, plugged in some headphones she found and away she went.  She was dancing….singing……I couldn't hear the music but I knew exactly which songs were on because she was singing them loud with her headphones on.  It was so funny!  I finally had to hide it because once the big kids got home from school they were all constantly fighting over it.

This last picture has nothing to do with the iPod….I just thought it was hilarious when I turned around in the car and this is how she fell asleep.  It fits her perfectly….hand on her hip, and sass even when she sleeps!


Saturday, September 12, 2015

A rare sport-free weekend

Labor Day weekend, we had no sports (almost)…..the kids had tennis practice on Friday night and Peyton had her first softball practice with her new team on Sunday….otherwise we were free!  It was kind of weird.  We went to some friends for a bbq and swim, went golfing twice and some more swimming.  It was a good weekend…..good change of pace…..

I would say not the average "country cluber" smuggles in the beast to the course…..just saying.

Starting the morning with coffee, nothing to do, and watching Maddie scoot around….

One last swim of the season at the Stensbeys.

Doctor Maddie and Andrew

Maddie had Andrew over to play one day.  They asked if they could "fix" me.  They spent about 30 minutes fixing me up… was kind of nice, I was kind of tired anyway!!

Soccer has began…..

Our fall is gonna be a busy one!!!  Both kids are playing on two soccer teams, Peyton is playing volleyball, both are playing fall ball for softball and baseball, and Peyton has soccer school on Sundays as well.  We are some busy folks!
Here they are getting ready for their first games of the season!
Even Maddie is ready….she LOVES to go, she doesn't care where it is as long as she is a woman on the go!

Maddie's first "big kid" birthday party

Maddie for her first invite to a big kid birthday party!  She was super excited and super excited that she got to tell the big kids that only she got to go.  I think she's sick of dropping them off at parties that she doesn't get to go to….and now it was her turn!  They had to drop her off and THEY didn't get to go!

The party was for Martin, one of Maddie's friends from Miss Nancy's at the gym.  She had a great time!  We even got to have lunch with Leigh-Anne and Andrew before the party….Andrew was invited to Martin's party too, as Martin and Andrew go to school together.

School Time!

School time came quick!!  I was not quite ready for it.  In fact the night before school started, the kids were already sleeping, and I tip toed in their rooms to find their cleanest uniform shirts from last year.  I had not bought new ones….so I was crossing my fingers we had some that were close to stain-free and that actually fit.  We did just fine.  They woke up, got dressed, everything fit and nothing was too stained.
Peyton and Jack were both thrilled with their teachers and their classmates.  I think we are going to have a great 2nd and 3rd grade year!!!

One last zoo trip

The week before school started to tried to squeeze some last minute summer things in.  Included was one last trip to the zoo.  As always, the sea lion show and stingrays were our top favorites….besides Jack, he claims his favorite is the rhino!!