Monday, June 16, 2014

SWIM, SWIM, SWIM……..and dive

The kids have had a few swim meets now and they are both loving it.  Yep, that's right, Jack is loving it too.  We weren't too sure he was going to do swim team, but he's liking it now.  He will only swim free style in the meets, but that's okay….at least he's doing it.
His first meet he cried before getting up on the block to jump in.  He dug deep, found the courage and hasn't looked back yet.  He's no speed racer, but he's doing it!!  YEAH, Jack!!!
Peyton is loving it too.  She definitely wants a ribbon on every race.  Here are a few pictures…..well, maybe more than a few.

Jack miss the first meet for a baseball game.  Peyton swam freestyle and a relay.  She got third in freestyle, and clearly she was pretty pumped for that.

Here is the first home meet and Jack's first meet…….

a few tears…...

tears gone, getting goggles on…..
and we are OFF!!!!

A ribbon….the only motivation he needs to be ready to go for the next meet!

Good JOB, Jack!!!  I'm very proud of you…'ve never been a confident swimmer, but you've been a good swimmer since you were three.  Because of this, you have been a big frustration to your father and I.  We have always known your ability, but you've never wanted to use it, you've always been reserved when it comes to "going the distance" in the water.  I'm very happy that you overcame your fears and enjoy it now!!

Peyton swam the butterfly, backstroke, and butterfly in the really at this meet.  Each meet their races change per person, but Peyton consistently swims butterfly at each meet.

This is Peyton and her friend Kate.  They go to school together and they are both pretty athletics and competitive.  It actually works out because they push each other without knowing, but never sad when one beats the other.

Getting ready for backstroke.

 Kate got her on that one.  But Peyton is still smiling, knowing it was Kate that beat her.  A first place ribbon and a second place ribbon.

Onto butterfly……

Peyton is also participating in the "dive" team.  They had a practice meet the other night before the swim meet.  Peyton had a blast.  The more activities for this child, the better……

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sweet Sweet Summer…..

Loving summer 2014…..

We are playing hard AND sleeping hard!!

HEEEEEELLLLLOOOOO (almost) two-year old Maddie!!

Maddie must have received the memo that she is, indeed going to be two next month.  This is a very common occurrence around our house lately…..

Monday, June 2, 2014

Taylor is "going to the chapel"….

My last "sista" got married last weekend.  All of us are now officially "all grown up".  Taylor and Justin sealed the deal Saturday night.  So much fun hanging with all my college "sistas".  Fun times….and Sunday I paid for it…..definitely a sign of getting older.

Congrats to Justin and Taylor!!

Pretty bride putting on the final touches

it takes us a while to get the four of us lined up…..

there we go…clearly it was a phone camera.  It's the best we could do!

Swim Team

Peyton and Jack (maybe) are doing swim team this summer.  Peyton (my little swimmer) of course is loving it, Jack isn't sure yet.  Peyton will for sure be competing, I'm not too sure about Jack yet.  Peyton had her first swim trials this weekend and she did great.  Here her and Maggie are enjoying a popsicle after trials.

Family Zoo Day

On Memorial Day we headed to the zoo bright and early to beat the crowds.  We made our rounds and were headed out by 11.  The kids' favorite was petting the stingrays and sharks.  It took Peyton a while to get enough nerve to do it, but she finally did.

Starting the day off with the carousel.

And now, on to the stingrays and sharks!!!  I love how Maddie is right in there with the rest of them.  She was determined to pet herself one too!

Peyton got picked out of the crowd to help with an animal show.  Here she is releasing pigeons.

Jack wanted his picture taken with the toucans.

Time for the Friedman's to leave the zoo…..Maddie has stripped and refuses to get back in her shirt.  We always seem to bring the class.

School's out for SUMMA…..

Last day of school….hooray!!!  Mike had the day off work, so we headed to the park with all of their friends from school.  We played there for a couple hours and then Mike took Jack and Maddie home and Liz and I took Maggie, Ella, and Peyton to get mani's, pedi's and lunch.  Ella and Maggie came over to play for a while after that and then we hit up the COLD pool that night.
Summer has begun……

We now have a first grader and second grader!!!

Mani's and pedi's for the special girls!

Maddie is ready for the POOL!!!