Wednesday, December 31, 2014

And good-bye 2014

The kids said "kiss it" to 2014.  Our year ended tonight with one kid puking ALL OVER the kitchen floor during dinner followed by another kid pooping in the bathtub before bed.  Cheers my friends, cheers!!!

All jokes aside….we sure are blessed…..puke, poop, and all!!!

Good night, and see ya in 2015……..

Christmas 2014!!!

Well, I decided to put the camera down a little more the Christmas and enjoy the kids.  Bad news is, not many pictures to show for, good news is, I did "see" a lot more!  And, I didn't even take my camera to all the other places (grandparents houses).  We had a great time there as well…..just no pictures to show for it.
The kids had a great Christmas.  Peyton was up at 6:20, Maddie close behind at 6:30, Jack brought up the rear at 6:45.  We made them wait until 7:00 when Grandma and Grandpa Farm got here.  Maddie wins the prize for "best present opener."  She LOVED every present she opened and would just sit and play with it until we would tell her to grab another one.  She loves every.single.present and just wanted to play, play, play.  The bigger kids, you know the ones that are a little more greedy, just tore through one after another, and THEN dug in to play after everything was opened.  Typical, I'm sure.

Getting ready!

 On your marks…..

Giving her lamb a hug as soon as she opens it….

SEWING MACHINE!!!  (this is a total Grandma Jeanne job!) 

Opening her new baby bed, which she LOVED!!!  And still does!!!

A little lipstick, anyone??

A shark for Mr. Sharkman!!  Jack LOVES sharks!!!

WHOA!!  Big present!! 

 And finally, a little art work on the new easel.  

AND, clearly, if you haven't noticed pants were definitely optional this Christmas!!!!  We will do better next year on our modesty.

Grandma Jeanne came over a couple days later to help Peyton get started with her sewing machine.  Grandma Jeanne is Peyton's only hope to learn a sewing machine.  My sewing techniques stop at a button and thread and needle.

Annual Family Cookie Day

Each year my sisters, mom, and I get together to make a BUNCH of cookies.  This year might have been our record.  We all made some before we came together and then made plenty more when we were together.  There were WAY too many cookies.  We all kind of wanted to vomit when we were finished.
The kids had a good time decorating and I had a good time cleaning up after they decorated.  :)
Fun time had by all!!!

Ever baker must have a little mimosa to get started!!!


Mike is always ready and available to "sample"

Taking a break and getting "plugged in"

Time for the FUN part!!!!

What do ya think??  A dainty mess, huh?

Too much fun for Logan…..lights out!

Trying to compose ourselves for a pic….

 Still trying……

 Got it!!!!  CHEESE!!!!

Jack's favorite cookies that he decorated!  Looks good, buddy!

Maddie's Nativity Scene

Maddie brought home this cute Nativity Scene picture from school the other day.  She is happy, happy to tell you all about it.  She tells you as she points to it all, "this is the sheeps and this is the farmer, these are the wisemen, this is a star, this is Mary, Baby Jesus, and Joey."  We've gotten a big kick out of her Joey for Joseph.  Super cute!!!

Pre Cookie baking

Maddie, Peyton and I did a little pre-baking for the family cookie day.  Maddie and I seem to have a little in common when it comes to baking…..

Here comes Santa Claus…..

We took the kids to brunch with Santa a couple weekends ago.  Peyton was nervous before we went.  She said she was nervous because she thought she might be on the naughty list.  HA!  Once we got there Maddie wasn't so sure of the big guy.  Peyton had to console her, and then in true Maddie fashion, she was ready to sit up there and talk his ear off.
Peyton wanted beados, Jack wanted a vectron wave, and Maddie wanted a big teddy bear.  They must've been good cause I think they got all of that for Christmas!!

Maddie tagging WAY behind, thinking she might not want to go up there.

She needed a little assistance from dad to get up there….

 Nope, not digging the big guy at all!

Peyton to the rescue!!

 All better, SMILE!!!

Peyton doing her chatting to Santa.

Now Jack's turn……

Now Maddie's turn.  She warmed up so much and talked so much that I'm pretty sure Santa isn't even listening anymore!

Super pumped about getting a goody bag from Santa.