Friday, August 30, 2013

Peyton's first TEST

Peyton had her first real test in school today....a spelling test!!  First grade seems to be agreeing with her!  Congrats to Peyton on her first 100%!

Maddie and John have a playdate

Yesterday Maddie and I played with John for a little bit while Liz took Tommy to his pre school orientation.  Maddie was hilarious!  The two babies are only a week apart but Maddie was ruling the roost.  John cannot walk yet, and Maddie took advantage.  She would pry his binki out of his mouth, then she would put it in her mouth, and run circles around neeeee ner neeeee ner neeeee ner!!!  Little Diva!

Maddie trying to take his milk

Sharing some pancakes

Maddie Mischief Friedman

Up to no good.....we have not quite "baby proofed" the kitchen at this house.  Everyday, I'm picking up tupperware, dish soap, spices, and the straws that go to the snow cone machine.  Those are the EVERY day items, there's plenty others that get mixed in there as well......hence the photos below.....

quite proud of herself, without a doubt!


Jack retires the training wheels!

Last weekend Jack learned to ride his bike without training wheels.  Big day around here!!!  He's been ready and he's been asking for Mike to take them off.  Mike took them off about a month ago and he didn't do so well, so he put them back on.  We have a balance bike (that is MUCH smaller than his bike) and he rocks on that thing.  He keeps his balance GREAT!!!  So we decided that maybe his bike was too big and heavy.  Good call.....put him on a smaller bike and off he went!!!!  He learned 5 days ago and as of today it looks like he's been doing it for a year.  Quite proud of my little buddy!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Mommy, Maddie, Monday......

Maddie's Monday morning started off a little rocky.  We headed back to the gym (after our summer hiatus).  I knew she was NOT going to be a fan of me dropping her off.  I did exactly what they say you are NOT suppose to do.....I snuck out.  After 10 minutes I went and checked on her.  She was SCREAMING!!  I worked out for another five and went and checked again, this time she was playing. I cut my workout 35 minutes because I was feeling guilty if she was sad.  When I was approaching the door I could hear her SCREAMING again!!!!  Poor baby, this is going to be a rough transition on all three parties (Maddie, Mommy, and the poor childcare providers).  Hopefully within a week or so we can make some progress.

After her rotten start to her day I took her to the Magic House.  I kind-of forget that she is at an age that is starting to be good for these things.  We spent lots of time playing and exploring and we both had a blast!!!  It will be fun to start this stage all over again......AND to get to do it, just me and her.  We will have lots of time together while the big kids are at school.  How fun....she's gonna start feeling like she is an only chid.

Not the best quality of pictures since they were on my phone, but at least there is some sort of visual documentation.


LOVING the ball pit

a little cooking

crawling thru tunnles

learning how to walk down ramps

peek a boo, thru the bus window

already a rule-breaking....climbing UP the slide


water table fun!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jack and Maddie have a Dilly Bar

Jack and Maddie sure did enjoy their Dilly Bar from DQ tonight.  I'm not sure Maddie got much of hers in her mouth....but Miss Independent was not about to let her Momma hold her ice cream for her.

one of her many "puddles" of ice cream on the deck

Maddie's new tricks.....

Maddie has became quite the handful.  She wants to climb EVERYTHING, she's got a big ole temper (that shines thru frequently when she doesn't get what she wants or if she get told no).  When she gets told no, she puckers up her lips and then starts screaming and walks around the room kicking, and then she will usually stop and stomp one foot while spinning in a circle on the planted foot.  It's actually pretty darn funny.  Then if you try to get her to come to you she will go directly FROM you.  She wants nothing to do with the person that has told her no.  She is quite the hoot.  I'm pretty sure she is going to give Peyton more than a run for her money when it comes to parental challenges.

Let the good times roll.......

if there is something to climb, she is there!

my dishwasher helper

a little backyard fun

crazy kids!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jack's first day of KINDERGARTEN

My baby boy started kindergarten this morning.  I composed myself pretty well.  Shed a few tears on my way out, but kept it together (at least I thought might disagree).  That first day of Kindergarten is always hard!!  I'm so glad I have kids that love school and don't mind leaving their Mom.  I cannot imagine leaving them if they were crying, as some do!

Jack woke up and was ready to GO!!!  He was excited to put on his uniform and he wanted to "fix" his hair.  This means wetting it and putting gel in got it buddy!  We took some pictures at home and off we went.  We then took some more pictures at school and then up to the third floor we went.  He has the same teacher Peyton we should know the drill.  I helped him get his things out and in place (Maddie ransacked the place), took a few more pictures and out I went.  All of us moms shed a few tears and headed down the stairs.  On the second floor we were greeted by the Pre-K teacher.....then  the Moms shed even MORE tears!!!  She should NOT be allowed to be there on the first day of Kindergarten....ha!

All the Moms (and non-school aged kids) headed to Kaldi's for "Cry Coffee."  We had a good visit and were able to meet some of the new moms as well.  When I went to pick Jack up he came RUNNING out of school with a BIG smile on his face.  He says he wants to go back tomorrow.  ALRIGHT!!!

Here's to an awesome year of kindergarten for my little man!


not a nervous bone in his body!

Jack and Will
Double Trouble

"signing in"

getting busy

Proof that Jack and Will started at the same table.  I'm sure
Mrs. Skaggs will have them moved by Monday!  HA!

Mrs. Skaggs and Jack


First Day of FIRST GRADE!!

Peyton started first grade yesterday....and without hesitation, from her!  That girl has more confidence and independence than any other first grader that I know.  When she found out that I was going to walk her in to school she simply asked me not to.  HUH??  Are you kidding me?  I told her NO WAY, I was walking her in.  For the love, she didn't even know where her classroom WAS, but she didn't care.  She knew she'd find someone in the school to point her in the right direction.  When I was telling her bye, I said, "bye Bubs, have a good day."  Mike and I have always called her Bubs.....don't know how or why that started, but it has stuck.  When I said that, she looked at me and whispered, "don't call me Bubs."  UH OH.  I get it, it is kinda masculine, I guess.  So, I guess I'm going to try and refrain from the silly nickname we have always called her.  I mean, I would hate to embarrass a big FIRST GRADER in front of her friends.    

The independance and confidence didn't stop on the first day.  Today (her second day of school), was Jack's first day.  The kindergarteners start a day late.  I wanted to take their picture together in front of school  Once the picture was snapped, she said bye and RAN off.  She was determined to get thru those school doors without her embarrassing, nickname-calling mother.  She succeeded.  She was gone before I knew it.  I was still outside snapping pictures of Jack and his friends.  Later that morning, I told my friend, "Oh shoot, I guess I should have went and looked in Peyton's room to make sure she made it."  I kinda of forgot about it as I got wrapped up in Jack's first day of school.  But, it's 1:30 and I haven't heard from school yet, so I guess she found her classroom.

Peyton loves school and is excited she is back at it!  

Happy first grade to Peyton!

ready to rock the 1st grade

getting busy
right before I said, "Bye Bubs"

Actually on Jack's first Day

Jack's first day....being silly

and this is what a day of first grade followed
by soccer practice will do to ya

Friday, August 16, 2013


Happy Friday to me.....poor guy.  Our trip to Purina Farms quickly returned us home.