Thursday, September 29, 2016

Last Day of Summer....before school starts

Soaking up the last few rays of sun before school starts.....what a great summer we had!!!

This pictures say it accurately.....Maddie floating and swimming around and will play with anybody and everybody.  She knows no stranger!!  Peyton finds Addison and plays with her, and Jack spends more time in the game room playing ping pong than he does in the pool.....

An added bonus to Ladies Weekend

This year Mom, Toni, Taylor, Leigh-Anne, and I all got down there a day early.  We decided it would be a good idea to golf.  Talk about hilarious!!!!  We ran out of beer and killed two golf cart batteries before we even made it off the first hole.  We did manage to get a little better as time went on and we did actually finish 9 holes, but my goodness, funniest thing I've ever seen!!
We finished we the day on the water the next day....great weekend, as always!

Aunt Toni lost her ball 5 feet off the tee does that happen?!?!?

Maddie is NOT to be missed

The big kids were off having last minute of summer sleep overs....and Maddie wasn't happy that she, the 4 year old was NOT having a sleep over.  She quickly facetimed Andrew on her iPad and invited him over for a sleep over, and the next thing I know, Andrew is indeed coming over for a sleep over.....hilarious!!!  Four years old, makes her own phone calls and her own plans......

A night at WCC

Our lives are so busy that we rarely get to use the golfing part of our membership....but we need to find time, cause the kids love it.....especially Jack!  We played a few holes, ate dinner, and everyone was happy!

A big course with some little people on it....

The receiving of the baseball card....

Jack didn't really know why we took the baseball pictures.  So at the end of the year baseball party his coach gave them all to the kids.  You will notice by the pictures, that Jack's was a hit!!  :)

Baseball Photo Shoot

Jack's baseball coach wanted to make each player a "baseball card" for the end of the season instead of a trophy.  He requested a picture of each kid in their uniform....we certainly had fun picking the right one.....


This girl and this TUDE.....we are in for it when she actually is a teenager.....

Squeezing in last min fun

We tried to squeeze in some last minute for the couple weeks before school started.  One of the days Mike had off, so we went and used some lunch coupons the kids had gotten from the Kirkwood Public Library summer reading program and then went and used their coupons from the reading program at Bounce U.  Jack spent most of his time in with the basketball hoop doing some slam dunks, Maddie mastered the obstacle course (which I didn't think she'd stand a chance at it, but she mastered it), and Peyton ran around and did it all.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Six Flags

Last year we let our free six flags tickets from reading expire.  This year, Peyton was NOT gonna allow that to happen.  With two days to spare, we made it to Six Flags.  Chris and the boys met us there and it worked out great.  Chris, Bailey, Colin, and Peyton headed off to all the roller coasters.  This was the first year Peyton was big enough for Batman and Mr. Freeze.  Once she told me she wanted to ride Mr. Freeze, I texted Mike and asked him if I should let her.  His response, "yes."  I'm sure there was an added eye roll if I could have seen him.  HA!
Jack, Maddie, Aaron, and I headed off to the moon cars, the Log Flume, and the scrambler.  We then met up for lunch with everyone.  The second half of the day was very similar to the first half.  I took the littles and did what they wanted and Chris took the thrill-seekers.  We met up late afternoon, everyone had an ice cream (except Maddie, she had fallen asleep) and then we headed home.  Once Maddie woke up and realized she missed the good stuff, we had to bargain with her and hit the gas station by the highway to get her a treat instead.  She settled for candy.
Great day!!