Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jack says........

I think Jack is missing his friends already!!!  :-(

Maddie's first sucker...

Jack had a rough day at the doctor.  He got all his 5 year shots, which resulted in him getting two suckers, which also resulted in Maddie getting her first sucker as well.  I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it.  I'm pretty sure she deserved it too.  When Jack was getting his shots he screamed and cried louder with each shot (he got four).  When he started screaming and crying, Maddie got concerned and scared and she started screaming and crying too.  Very hard day on everyone......glad it's over.  No more shots for Jack until he is 11.  HORRAY!!!

My little Miss America

Maddie LOVES to cruise the neighborhood in her car.  And as I push her up and down the street, her little hands never stop waving.  Sometimes she's even waving with two hands.

the two hand wave

the one hand wave

and then sometimes her core (that consists of belly rolls),
just cant take it any more and she has to kick back and relax

 Our happy and pretty little Miss America!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Jack's first baseball game

Jack had his first game this week.  I don't think I would call it a stellar performance by any means....but he had fun!  He loves to be with his friends!!  Smiles and happy the entire time.

Jack's team got smoked.  It is machine pitch and our poor boys had never seen a pitch off of the machine before.  And boy did it show!  But like I said before, the boys still had fun.  In fact, Jack thinks they won!  HA!!  I looked up one time and every boy on Jack's team was playing in the dirt.  HAHA!!

Here's to a better second game next week......

just getting warmed up

taking a few grounders

ready to go

already playing in the dirt before the game even started

getting the line up ironed out

lead off batter :)

a little dirt play on the base-paths as well




after the game

Jack's youngest fan!

the fan club....Mark, Grandma, and Maddie

Friday, May 17, 2013

Jack's last day of school/ PreK graduation

Jack had his preschool graduation and last day of school yesterday.  CUTEST thing ever.....really!!!  We are holding Jack back a year, being that he has a late birthday, but I will say I'm extremely sad about this!!  This is a GREAT group of kids and Jack has some fantastic friends in the class!!!  The parents are great too.....I'm just sad we are not moving on with them!  I keep teasing them saying don't be surprised if we show up to kindergarten next year instead of preschool.  I'm sad for me, but mostly I'm sad for Jack....HE LOVES HIS BUDDIES!!
Anyway, back to the subject.  The graduation was adorable!  The kids wore their dad's dress shirt backwards for their gown.  The kids were all smiles.  When they received their "diploma" Mrs. O'Brien introduced the kids and announced what the kid "wanted to be" when they grew up.  Jack wanted to be a ninja.  HAH!  Not really sure where that came about, but ok, you go Jack!
Everyone then headed to the park for some pizza, cookies, and playtime.  I think it would be safe to say that ALL the kids had a great day!!!  Great weather, great company, great accomplishment, great food!!!

the graduates lined up for prayer

praying away....until.....

it got interrupted with a wardrobe malfunction.  Julian and Jack
got caught up

Maddie entertained herself with sunscreen and keys

checking out and loving his diploma

cute little guy

back of the "gown"

Jack and MiMi (Mrs. O'Brien)

Best Buds (Jack and Will)
These two boys really do LOVE each other


Singing Happy Birthday to Jack
Graduation landed on his birthday!

Don't know what he is doing here, but you can just tell how happy he was
on this day!  He had a great day!

No pizza for her....just some bananas.....She didn't care.
A trooper, as always!  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day

We had a great Mother's Day, other than missing Mike.  Mike worked all day but was able to join us in the evening at his mom's house.  The kids and I started out the day at the farm.  We headed out to see my mom that morning and stayed there until after Maddie's afternoon nap.  After her nap, we headed to O'Fallon to see Jeanne.
I think the kids had a great day....of course they did!  They visited their two favorite places....the farm and Grandma Jeanne's.  Grandpa was even able to sneak them a ride to the creek on the mule since Daddy wasn't there to take them.

This was a cute little project the kids did with Miss Jessica, the babysitter, on Friday.  They hid it and then Miss Jessica texted me and said she forgot something on top of my cabinet, would I look and see if it was up there.  When I looked up on the cabinet, I found this cute little painting!!!

Here are some pictures of the cute projects that came home from school....

This one is Jack's

this is a picture of me and him holding hands.  you just
can't see me cause I'm drawn in yellow. 
looks good, besides my favorite food.....and my age, but I'll
take 30, he gave me a free year.  see, i told you he was a
smart boy!
Here is a glimpse of Peyton's........

I think they were wore out from the is a picture of the backseat from the farm to Grandma Jeanne's......

I'm very blessed in the "mother" department......I've got three little blessings that call me mom, I've got the best mom ever, and Mike gave me a pretty darn good mother-in-law too!!!!  VERY, VERY lucky girl I am!!!!

Peyton's Field Day

Last week, I volunteered for Peyton's field day at school.  I always remember this day as the BEST DAY OF SCHOOL!!  I think Peyton would agree now that she has experienced it.  I was a little disappointed in that they did not allow your child to be in your group.  I thought that was a crock, being that I was paying a babysitter to be at home with my others so that I could spend the day with Peyton, but whatever.  I caught glimpses of her throughout the day, and she was happy that I was there.  They put the kids in groups (all groups have kids from kindergarten on up to sixth grade).  The seventh graders were in charge of the groups.  The parents and teachers were just there to assist and take little ones to the bathroom, if needed.  The seventh graders did and AWESOME job!  The were great leaders and the kids really listened to them.  It was a fun thing to see.

Peyton was in a group with her "seventh grade partener" from the entire school year.  She LOVES her and talks about her all.the.time.  So I'm sure Peyton was more than pleased that Miss Grace was in her group.

The kids played lots of games, ate snow cones, enjoyed some grilled hotdogs that some of the dad's cooked up.....and ended with a half day.  FUN DAY BY ALL!!  I'll try to be part of it next year too!!

Peyton and her 7th grade partner, Grace

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Got dirt???

Maddie is definitely a mouth kid.  EVERYTHING goes in her mouth!!!  Her favorites are: leaves, those spiky gumballs from the tree, sticks, and anything else that catches her attention.  Here she is with the evidence all over her face!  Just building up an immune system.... No big deal.

Justin Bieber in the house

Maddie woke up today with a little case of "bed head" and Peyton said, "wow, maddie!  You look like Justin Bieber."
Haha!!  We've got a rock star in our house!  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A day off school = trip to the zoo

Peyton had the day off yesterday (Monday), for the future kindergarten class to do their screening.  A LARGE group of kindergarten moms met for a morning at the zoo.  To say it was a tad chaotic would be an understatement.  I think the head count was somewhere around 25 kids with 6 adults (all kindergarten and under).  It was fun, but crazy!  It's like we had our own little field trip.  Kids were darting and weaving everywhere......we only lost a kid once.  Which kid????  Drum roll please........MINE!!!!
We lost Peyton for a few minutes.  We were leaving the inside part of the Children's Zoo.  We were trying to get all the kids corralled and one of the moms said they saw Peyton in group.  So we started heading to the play ground part of the Children's Zoo.  Once we got there, the mom that thought she saw Peyton had this panicked look on her face.  I asked her what was the matter.  She said, "I thought Megan was Peyton because they both have on gray pants and pink shirts."  So I left them with my other two and sprinted back to find Peyton.  She was crying and a little scared.....but was able to quickly move on.
All in all.....good day!!!  The kids had a great day and they told me this morning that they are looking forward to summer break to be able to do all the fun things again.  Me too!

a handful of kids just getting to the zoo, waiting for the others to arrive

checking out the penguins 

Maddie's first carousel ride

I think she liked it!

Jack driving his ladies around....

Now the ladies are driving Jack around...

This picture cracks me up.  This is how Maddie was looking on
our way out.  Reclined in her stroller, let kicked up, eating fries and
other snacks.  There were a handful of people that stopped and
laughed as well.  She did look pretty funny!!  Kicked back and relaxed