Monday, October 29, 2012

Maddie the comedian

Jack and Maddie having a little conversation.....evidently Maddie was saying some pretty funny things....

what's the weather like today??

Fall is here.  We had our first HEAVY frost last night, and boy was it cold this morning!  BRRRRR.......time to start getting up and extra 15 minutes early to make sure we have time to put on all the coats, hats, and gloves.......

That being said, Jack was the weather helper last week at school and he came home each day singing this song......cute!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jack's first "real" play date

Jack has his first friend from school over this week.  He wanted Will to come over and play.  Will has two older brothers, so he knows ALL ABOUT Star Wars.....Jack's kind of man!  I picked the two boys up from pre school and we headed to Jack's house.  Both boys were so excited in the car.  It was really cute, and I was happy for Jack that he finally got to have his own play date, not just play with whoever Peyton had over.

The boys played soccer outside, Star Wars figures, light sabers, and Star Wars on the Wii.  They had a great time, and unlike girls, they did't even fight one time!!!  We took will with us back up to school when we went to pick up Peyton.  His mom was there picking up Will's older brothers so we dropped him off to her.  I'd say Will will be coming over to play again soon.

First play date.....SUCCESS!!!

playing soccer....I think Will just made a diving stop!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Quite the gem was found....

Jack went with Mike on Saturday to Tony's house to get ready for the wedding.  Mike came home that night with a bag full of new toys.  Grandma Jeanne did a great job keeping all of Mike and Tony's childhood toys, as we have several of them in our home right now.  Sorry Peyton, Jack, and Maddie....your mom wont be as good.  I'm pretty sure you will have none of your childhood toys, but you will have lots of pictures of them. :)  Unless it's up to your dad.  He seems to want to pack away A TON more than me.

Anyway, I got off subject.  Mike came home with a bag full of Batman toys from when him and Tony were little.  They were quite the hit with Peyton and Jack.  I guess not much has changed in the last 25 years.......

Here are some pictures of our kids enjoying the same toys their dad did when he was little.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

a little tired and a little cranky......

We had a very busy weekend!  Tony and Kristen (Mike's brother) got married yesterday.  Both kids were in the wedding.  So they were up and at em early and to bed super late!!!  That being said, you can imagine the temperament of the children by tonight.  The kids were fighting and bickering so much that it started to get very comical.

Here is a little clip at how the evening went.  It never got any better either....only worse!!!  Oh and to set the stage.....Peyton is in the bathtub and Jack is on the toilet.  Yes, I know, we are very modest around here.  I was standing at the door just to record the dialog because if they saw me taping they would quit.

Wedding post to come.  I didn't get many pictures on my camera (I was kinda busy chasing the kids and tending to baby), so I'm waiting to steal a few more from other people).  So if you are someone that has some pictures that you think I may want, send them my way.

Family Time....

Just a couple pictures from the past week...

Pretty girls

Love this one!

One of Mike's favorite things in life......
sleeping on the couch with a baby on chest

a good sunday afternoon snooze......
mike post call+maddie sleeping on chest = Mike doesn't know the score of the sunday football game

a good game of Guess Who

A day off school...

The one thing I TOTALLY dislike about kindergarten is not be able to do what we want, when we want.  No more impromptu trips to the zoo, botanical gardens, science center, monkey joes, etc.  I really miss having no set agenda.  But I suppose this is life and life will go on.......

Friday Peyton had the day off school.  She started the day with going to a friends house, she then came home and ate lunch, then we went to Monkey Joes, the mall to shoe shop and came home.  Busy, busy day off school but those are the days I miss with all of them!

always smiling, even when laying on the floor at Monkey Joes

Friday, October 19, 2012

JACK and Maddie

Jack has been loving him some Maddie lately.  Always wants to hold her, constantly kissing her, and always right in her face talking to her.  For these reasons, Maddie has her first real cold.  Jack's had the running nose and cough for a week or so, and now Jack's best little friend has it too.  No matter how much I tell him, "don't kiss her, get out of her face, kiss only her toes," etc, he just CAN'T help himself.  So, nonetheless, Jack is helping Maddie grow an immune system.....out of pure love.  HE LOVES HER!!!!!


LOVE them!

Happy Birthday, Mike!

I had the kids sing him happy birthday that morning when they got up so that we could email it to him, 
since he was LONG GONE by the time we all got up.

Mike had his 32nd birthday this week.  The exciting birthday agenda was......wait for it.....wait for it...............
going to work for 12 hours and then a family night at the dentist office.  All four of us had dentist appointments.  Turning 32 is just another day, but thankful to have it!
The kids made him a birthday cake, but we got home too late to enjoy it all together.  SOOOO, the kids had a piece as soon as we got home and then they went to bed.  Mike and I had a piece after everyone was snoozing.
Happy birthday to's to many, many more!!!

The final product....there are no Betty Crocker's around here....but it sure did tast
good!  Notice the corner missing????  No it wasn't the kids, it was me!  HA!
Had to make sure it tasted alright for the birthday boy!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Maddie and Johnny

My friend Liz had baby John five days after I had Maddie.  As much time as Liz and I spend together, they are bound to be good buds.  Here they are sharing their morning together......

A little play time and John's house

time for a walk (all bundled up, it was COLD this morning)

didn't take long before lights were out!

Binki???? No thanks......

Well, we have TRIED and TRIED to force the binki upon this girl.  We have bought every shape, size, brand, color they make.  She doesn't want any of them.  However, look what she has found and enjoys.......exactly why we were trying to force the binki ( to avoid the thumb).

Mommy and Daddy: 0

Monday, October 8, 2012

A quick trip to Powder Valley Nature Center.  The kids explored the inside and then we were going to take a hike...but it was TOOOOO cold and Maddie needed to eat.  So we drove down to the river.  Mike and the kids thew rocks in the river and Maddie and I stayed in the car and she ate.  Life was good for all.  The kids were in heaven throwing rocks, and Maddie was living the meal at a time!  


Oh crap is right!  Maddie is in a size two diaper, but as soon as this box is gone, she has graduated herself up to a size three.....all because of the CRAP!  This girl has pooped out of her diaper everyday for the last 5 days.  I'm tired of cleaning poop out of clothes.  Here is a before and after photo from last week.

Pretty little pumpkin

poopy little pumpkin

Pretty, Pretty Princess

Peyton was playing dress up with Maddie.  How many bracelets, rings, necklaces, tiaras can you spot on this little princess????


If there is one thing that is strict at the Friedman house, it's BEDTIME!  Our kids have a set bedtime, and it is met the majority of the time.  Mommy and Daddy need that "down" time before they go to bed.
Our night routine consists of Peyton's bath, followed by Jack's bath, followed by Maddie's bath.  While Maddie gets her bath the big kids get their PJ's on and brush their teeth.  Then Mike and I take turns putting the big kids to bed VS putting Maddie to bed.  The big kids get a couple books, say a prayer, and lights out.  Maddie gets a bottle and lights out.  Everyone is usually asleep and Mike and I are planted on the couch or downstairs doing P90x by 8:15.
Not sure what was going on this night.  They must have
got side tracked while getting their jammies on.......

Mike caught these photos......not sure what was going on......

We are still here.....

I guess these last couple weeks have gotten away from me.  I've still been taking lots of pictures, but i guess I've been too occupied to sit down and put them on here.  The two big kids have caught a cold and Peyton had to miss her first day of school last week.  Nothing too major has developed yet besides the runny noses and hopefully it stays that way.  Peyton had a fever for one day and that was it.  Fingers crossed for a rather healthy fall and winter, since we have the baby in the house.

Not much of a walking partner this day

Chatting with Mom


starting to find her fist (and occasionally her thumb...still WONT
take the binki)

look at them cute thighs!!  

happy girl

listening to daddy

Add caption

Daddy clipping some nails
he has ALWAYS been the nail clipper

snip snip

sister talk

silly kids

clowning around in mom and dad's bed 
I LOVE this one....they just CANNOT get enough of their baby sister

super baby!