Saturday, April 27, 2013

Getting ready for a baseball and softball filled morning.....

Until the RAIN came and ruined it all!  Jack was so, so excited for his first game today.  Not only was it going to be his first game but he was playing his best buddy, Will.  Him and Will had already been exchanging some "trash talk" via text messaging this morning.  AKA - moms trash talking for the kids. Both boys were totally bummed when they found out it was rained out, 15 minutes before game time.  BUMMER!  They called each other on the phone and then felt better.

Peyton was suppose to have a game as well.  I drove her and Maddie to her game (Mike stayed home to take Jack to his game).  In true fashion, it starting really raining on our way.  We got there, Peyton got out and ran around with her friends while the coaches decided what to do.  Maddie crapped her pants, so I had the pleasure of changing a poop diaper in the rain as well.  They then decide to call the game, AFTER all the girls got wet and muddy.  Oh well.....the kids were bummed to not play ball today.  However, we ended the day with a swim at the gym.  Everyone was happy!

trying on Jack's hat "Kirkwood Crunchers"

getting dressed and ready in mom's room

little stud

#5, "since he's gonna be five years old"  

The rain came, so we headed to the pool.  Maddie was have a ball.  So were the other two!!!

Spring days are few and far between....

It might be a few days shy of May, but we have not seen much good weather yet.  Our heater is still on, humidifiers are still in the kids' rooms, winter clothes and coats are still out (and yes, being used).  It's getting a bit ridiculous!  I'M READY FOR SPRING!!!!  However, the few days of nice weather that we have had, we have certainly been out enjoying it!!  Here's a little bit of proof.....

A little backyard hockey....

gotta love Mike teeny, tiny stick

Jack and Ella have an afternoon playdate.......
I was 1 sec too late!  They found a "wishing flower" so they decided
to share it and each make a wish.  They blew it at the same

little airplanes
And Maddie enjoying her new ride that santa brought her.....

And last, a little naked baby taking a swing in the back yard.  These are the days I can't wait to have, consistently!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's all fun and games until.....

Everyone falls of their bikes as we are finishing off the weekend.

We had a great Sunday today.  Mike actually had an entire day off work.  We went thru a couple houses to check them out (not that we have sold ours yet), went to Wal-Mart, played outside, and went to the park to play tennis.  The kids have really made improvements in their tennis play.  They are actually pretty darn good.  Jack was turning heads and we got the "how old is he?" question more than once from others at the park.

We finished it off with some CiCi's pizza.  The kids have been begging to go there for a while now, so the chicken I was gonna grill, is now in the freezer and we have bellies full of cheap pizza.

We got home and the kids wanted to take a quick spin on their bikes before baths and bed.  So we did.  It was great until the VERY end.  I mean the VERY end.  We were at the driveway and both kids WIPED 3 seconds apart from each other.  I'm sure from all the LOUD, LOUD screaming the neighbors were concerned with what in the hell was going on over here.

The kids were crying and screaming and Mike and I were just looking at each other laughing.....I mean, really?????  Right when the good day was coming to an end.....

Peyton was not pleased with these photos being taken......

Friday, April 19, 2013

Just for the record.....

Just for the record....the Friedman kids aren't finished yet!  Maddie now has influenza b.  Yep....this is the winter that just keeps on giving!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy 9 month birthday to Maddie!

Well, here we are....another month has went by.  Maddie is learning some new tricks, as always.  Here's what she has to offer at nine months:

  • sleeps from 7:30pm-6:30am
  • takes a 1.5 hour nap in the morning and a 1.5 hour in the afternoon (this is HUGE progress in the last month!)
  • still LOVES to walk with our hands and can occasionally take a few steps in between Mike and I
  • Can shake her head "no" when you tell her to.  It's pretty darn cute!
  • Can wave bye-bye
  • pretty picky eater.  She is starting to eat what we eat, but I still give her a container of baby food to go with it because I don't think she truly enjoys "our food" so I don't know how much of it she is actually consuming.  Her favorites are: bananas and salami.  
  • takes 4, 7 oz bottles a day
  • she can pull up in her crib, from a sitting position
  • still no crawling
  • definitely going thru STRANGER DANGER!!!!  Doesn't really care for anyone but mom and dad
  • four teeth, two on top, two on bottom.  and in the process of working on more
  • we haven't been to the doctor yet, but according to our scale she is 20lbs!
  • is COMPLETELY weaned.  She nursed for the last time 10 days ago.  I'm so ready to have my body back, but kinda sad at the same time.  Maddie hasn't skipped a beat.  She doesn't care where she gets her milk from, as long as she gets it.

This little girl (even nine months later) is LOVED by her brother and sister.  They are always fighting over her and trying to get her to look at them instead of anyone else.  First thing in the morning Peyton and Jack fight over who she is going to look at and smile at first.  Nine times of out ten, Peyton wins.  I'm not sure if this is because Maddie favors her or if it's because she is much louder and much more in her face.

Maddie LOVES to be held!  She is SUPER spoiled!!!  I'm to blame for that.  I often tell her that she's confused.  She definitely thinks she's an only child instead of the 3rd child!  But I keep giving in and packing her around on my hip.

She's gonna have a big personality just like her big sister.  She already throws fits if you don't let her "walk" in the direction she wants.  She stiffens up (like REALLY stiffens up), if you try to get her to bend to sit down instead of walking.  At nine months old she can already throw a good little temper tantrum.  Here in a few years she might give Peyton a good run for her money.  Lord, help us all!!!  Especially Mike!

peek a boo!  Just hanging out while Mom cleans my room

happy girl!

Jack and Maddie playing in the crib

scrub a dub......

Not a lot of time to write....but enough time to share some photos of the kids having fun in the tub.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Peyton's generous heart....

Today is our nephew Garrett's first communion.  Peyton was making a card for him and when she was finished she was persistent about putting her own dollar in it for him.  I told her she didn't have to that we were going to put money in it anyway....she still insisted.  She headed down the hallway and got a dollar out of her wallet.
Garrett will now be a dollar richer!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Our little albino friend

We have been in our current home for over five years and the day we moved in we saw an albino squirrel.  Well, five years later he is STILL here!  It's kind of amazing to me with the amount of traffic our road gets that he has survived this long.  Well he has made his home comfortably in our big tree in the front yard.  He's almost like a pet.  The kids watch him and talk about him all the time.  So, before we sell our house and move, I wanted to catch a picture of him.

he found something to eat

Mike, I think, is ready for someone to run him over.  We discovered our damp basement was from the gutters being clogged.  Didn't really make sense because we have gutter guards.  WELL.....Mr. Albino squirrel was taking walnuts and carrying them through the hole at the end of the gutter guard and making a nice dam with the walnuts right in the middle of the gutter.  Mike had to go out in a torrential down pour the other night to take care of Mr. Albino's mess so that we didn't get a damp basement again.
He better hope we move soon.......Home for sale, included: a rare albino squirrel.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Peyton was so excited for the father/daughter dance.  One of the moms coordinated for the dads and daughters to have dinner at PJ's prior to the dance.  I suggested that we pre-order the girls' food before the night of.......I mean, seriously.  Nothing against the opposite gender, but can you see a group of 20 dads ordering food for 20 girls, plus themselves?!?!?  NO WAY....that's what they rely on their better halves for.  So we preordered the girls' food and then the men just had to take care of ordering their "adult beverages" and pizzas.  Mike said it went off without a hitch.

a shot from Mike's phone of part of the dinner table
another phone shot of the group at dinner
Peyton was so excited putting her dress on and MOSTLY excited to get her "flower" from daddy.  It was a big night!!!  The moms just sat at home dying not being there to witness it.  We were all texting each other all night, sharing the videos and pictures that the husbands were texting.  We are all SO FIRST TIME MOMS!!!!  

When your date is only 6, there are some things you must do yourself

so sweet

"why does yours have needles?"
not every man has to pick up their date to put them in the truck
getting all buckled up and ready
LOVE this!  She is so happy!!
They weren't the only ones that had fun.  Jack had a fun night too.  He got to pick everything.  He picked, McDonalds (chicken nugget happy meal, PLUS a McFlurry), and popcorn and a movie to stay up late with.  I'd say he was happy too!  

Hanging out while my mom snaps ALL THESE PICTURES of
my dad and Peyton.  What's the big deal?!?!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hoppy Easter!

Another Easter has come and gone.  Everyone had a great day!  I was a little worried, as Maddie is definitely going thru STRANGER DANGER.....big time!  But she did better than I expected....not great, but decent!
 We started the day at Grandma and Grandpa Farms for breakfast and an egg hunt.  Daddy had to work, so he missed out on the fun.  Following that we headed to Grandma Jeanne and Mark's house.  Here we enjoyed more food and yet ANOTHER egg hunt.  Grandma Jeanne is always prepared for the kids.  She had bubble guns for all the kids, and without a doubt, it was a hit!  Mike was able to join us there later.  Everyone was pretty well behaved and had a great day!  It was SUPER muddy, so no fancy clothes fun us.....just play clothes with boots!!!

Coloring eggs......

Grandma Jeanne had to take Maddie for a walk.....
she only wanted Mommy to hold her.  So she and Grandma
took a trip outside.
The Easter Bunny comes to our house!!!

Happy with her new lovie and sippy cups

decorating her new diary
On to the farm........
"uncle ron, this is a bit crazy, don't ya think??"

having some breakfast

the race is on

Maddie has some fun with the eggs too

the gang

Last, but not least.....Grandma Jeanne and Mark's.....
the other gang

bubble gun man


having fun


just a walkin'.....