Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jack's Day

On Jack's birthday he got to spend the entire day with his Dad and Grandpa.  Jack was getting tired of Peyton having "special" days with her grandmas and mom.  Peyton gets to go to the fox to see shows, American Girl Doll store, and I'm sure there's more (Jack keeps track!)…..and I don't say that I blame him either.

Sooooo…..the boys went to Troy and did a little work and then hit the fishing hole.  They fished most of the day and was going to play golf, but the weather didn't hold out for that.  They finished the day off at Burger King.  Jack had a great day!!!

Curly Heads

Here is a bunch of curly headed sleepy heads in the morning.

We kept Buster for a week after school got out while the Sembrots went on vacation.  The Friedmans were happy to keep him again.  The kids and Annie LOVE him!!!

Annie and Buster wear each other OUT!!!!!

Last Day of School

The kids had a 10:00 dismissal on the last day of school.  A lot of people were headed to the park after school and one of the dads graciously offered to grill lunch.  The kids had a great time and all seemed happy to be celebrating the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!

Who's kids are the hoosiers with NO shirts on?!?!!?  The popsicles got a bit messy!

 I wish I had a better picture of this.  Peyton and Emma were gone for a while down to the lake.  When they returned they showed us what kept them busy for so long.  They had taken some of the corn from lunch and used it as bait with their homemade fishing pole.  Peyton found a line that had broke off someones pole.  So she gathered that (which still had a hook on it) and tied it to a stick, and TADA!!!  She had a fishing pole!!!!  This should make the folks in Truxton proud of the city girl!

Jack and Will, too exhausted to smile after a full day at the park!!

Field Day

Well field day at school has come and gone….oh, about a month ago.  I'm really, really getting too busy in life and the blog is suffering from it.  This summer has been CRAZY, busy!  Here's a quick run down of all that is currently going on:
1.  working a lot on old house, trying to get it on the market by next week (painting, cleaning, new carpet, refinishing wood floors, yard work, and on and on……)
2.  gymnastics for all three kids
3. field hockey league on Mondays for Peyton
4. two baseball teams for Jack
5.  Softball for Peyton
6.  Swim lessons for Maddie
7. Swim team, tennis, and golf for Jack and Peyton (4 days a week)
8.  soccer school one day a week for Peyton

I think I covered it all….and in the midst of all that, I must find time to be a friend, daughter, wife, cook, and laundry do-er.  I'll say, I cover it all pretty well except the cooking part.  I've totally been lacking on the cooking end.  We usually finally get home from ball games and/or swim meets by about 8:30 and cooking is just not top on the priority list.  This, I'm convinced, is why America is so fat.  We are too busy to cook and eat healthy.  I'm trying to get my priorities back in this department…'s taking effort, but trying really hard.  Trying to at least prep dinner early, so that when we get home at 8:30, I can just throw it in the oven.  I think I just need a chef!!

Now, back to what this entry was REALLY about…..field day!!!  I've always volunteered at the kids' school for field day, as it was my most FAVORITE day when I was in school.  This year I was in charge of a water game.  It was true torture, as it was FREEZING outside.  I actually went home and got my winter coat.  The poor kids, field day should NEVER be cold!  They had fun tho, and there wasn't too much complaining.  The kids have "school families" that they do various activities with throughout the school year.  Each family has a couple kids from each grade level.  These are also their field day teams.  It is so sweet and neat to watch the older kids help and truly be compassionate to the younger kids…..even the older boys did this well!!  These reasons here are what make the money of a private school worth it!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jack turns 7!!

Jack had another birthday a few weeks ago.  The little guy turned 7!  The day before his birthday, he celebrated with his friends and Sky Zone.  Will O and Jack shared a birthday party with their school friends since their birthdays are close to one another.  I found out that night how good of a boy Jack is compared to his peers!!!  This does NOT mean Jack is perfect, but this DOES mean that I didn't realize how "rough" of a group this group of boys is.  I mean, throwing cupcakes off balconies, couldn't find three boys…oh that's because they are in the parking lot, another group decided to leave our party room and join another party on a trampoline.  IT. WAS. CRAZY!!!  Never in my life have I ever felt like I couldn't grab control over a group of kids, but they did it!  I actually went into school that Monday to chat with the teacher for a second.  Just wanted to make sure Jack wasn't being a nuisance during school, being that he is subjected to this kind of behavior every day.  The teacher reassured me that Jack is great, and that yes, it does indeed take some large amounts of structure to reel this group in….yikes!!!

All of that aside, Jack had a great time at his party, even though he had to listen to his mom scream at some of his peers, but he played his little heart out and was a sweaty, sweaty mess when it was all over.

On his actual birthday, the poor guy had to sit thru 4 of Peyton's soccer games….he packed is DS along and took it like a champ.  Then the next day on Sunday, Grandma Jeanne and Mark came down and had dinner and cake.

Jack turned 7 and continues to be one of the sweetest boys alive (I'm sure of this….he will have one lucky wife someday), super smart, hard worker, major sweater, falls asleep with a book wide open at least 4 times a week, loves the Wii and his DS, is super social, and loves to play outside!!!

Another soccer tournament

Peyton's soccer team won the concellation bracket at the Lou Fusz/Gallagher tournament over Memorial Weekend.  They also found out that weekend that their team and coach will stay together next year.... Great news!!!