Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This has been one hell of a week at the Friedman house.  Jack started it last Saturday, with a fever and tummy ache.  By Sunday he was puking.  It then turned into a fever with SLEEPLESS nights, and I mean SLEEPLESS nights!!!!  Wednesday night we were up from 11:30pm-6:15 am!  And then of course he went to sleep at 6:15, but guess who was up at 7:00 ready to rock and roll.....oh yeah, the healthy sister!  Needless to say, I took him to the doc Thursday morning, I couldn't take many more nights of those.  The doc said he had a mild ear infection and put him on an antibiotic.  This was our first antibiotic EVER!  I'd say we had a pretty good run!  But that wasn't the end of it.  He then got an upper respiratory thing and still fevers and still NO SLEEPING!!!  By Friday Peyton had caught the stomach bug with the puking and on and on and on....you get it, right?  So last night (Sunday) was my first real night of sleep in a week + 1 day!!!!  Shew!  But hopefully it's over!  Peyton still doesn't have her full, very gigantic appetite, but she seems perfectly fine with everything else.....so hopefully, that's it!

It was a LOOOONG week.  Didn't really go anywhere or do anything......which makes for LONG days!!

We were able to get out with the kids yesterday and ride bikes and play some baseball in the back yard.  We even grilled out.....the weather was SOOOO nice!!!  Speaking of nice weather, I opened every window in the house and tried to let those nasty germs evacuate!!!

So here's to a much healthy week this week........

Getting along for 2 minutes

Daddy trying to get Jack out at 2nd (I'm sure he was safe!)

SILLY girl!

swinging and telling each other jokes

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Talk

We had the 20 week ultra sound yesterday.  We haven't received the "official" report yet, but the tech seemed to think everything looked good....Thank you Lord!  It's always a relief to get the 20 week ultra sound out of the way.  The ultra sound tech joked about how Mike was making her job hard that morning.  Mike was in scrubs, as he was headed straight to work after the scan.  She asked us if we were going to find out the sex of the baby and we said no.  A couple minutes later she was making small talk and asked Mike what field of medicine he was in.  When he replied radiology, she admitted her job just got a little more challenging.  HA!  She did well, Mike said he didn't get a glimpse, and when he thought he was going to I caught him putting his head down.  My gut feeling is girl, and so far I'm 100% with gut feelings of the others.  So, we shall see.

When I picked Peyton up from school I showed her the ultra sound pic.  She looked at it for a while and of course had lots of questions.  Like, how did the doc take a pic of the baby in the belly, what was the gender, etc.  I told her the doctor knew the gender but we didn't because we wanted it to be a surprise.  She examined it a little more and said, "I think it's a boy because it has short hair."  Future radiologist?!?!  I guess she assumes if it's a girl it is going to come out with long locks!

The kids are constantly talking about what they want.....brother or sister......and it changes daily, so I'm assuming they will be good with either.

They are also constantly talking about what to name it.  Peyton's list consists of: Princess Peach, Crystal, and I'm having a brain fart because there are many more that I can't think of.  The only name Jack has came up with is Martian (from Marvin the Martian on TV).  When I tell them that mommy and daddy get to name the baby, Peyton has a better idea.  She says, well how about we vote.  Ha!  When I said, "nah." She responds, "ok, how about, you get to pick the first name, I get to pick the middle name, and Jack gets to pick the last name."  She's gonna be disappointed when she realizes she gets NO VOTE or the middle name.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who says nintendo isn't healthy?!?

What other kind of game can the kids get physical exercise, sing their A,B,C's, and give Mom a good laugh?!?!  Mike picked up "Just Dance" from the library for the kids to play on the Wii.  Jack was a little timid at first, he just wanted to watch Peyton, then after a song or two he was ready to join in.  By the end the kids had to kick Mike and I off so they could have a turn.

I guess the only pictures we got were of Jack and I.  But enjoy the videos below of Peyton and Jack.  Looks like Mike is the only one that escaped the dance party with no evidence on him!

 Even though it seemed like Jack was enjoying his dance routines......he would prefer Mario ANYDAY over Just Dance!  

Peyton's "Calling"

Peyton had a play date this week with one of her friends from school last year.  She doesn't get to see her much anymore as they are in different schools now.  But the other day she came over and the girls had a blast.  Take a look at Peyton's work on Anna.  Make up and nails......what do you think, does Peyton have a future in this industry or should she shoot for something else?!?!

Mike vs Jack.....Pretty vs Handsome

This video just makes me laugh.  Mike and Jack have this argument ALL. THE. TIME.  And it makes me laugh EVERY time!  So I wanted to get it on video before Jack starts realizing, he is indeed handsome, and NOT pretty!  Hopefully he will laugh at this one day too.  Enjoy!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend winter has hit!  It's freezing, and the kids have been driving me nuts.  Yesterday they ran thru the house screaming, fighting, hitting, tattle tailing, etc ALL. DAY. LONG!!!  I had NEVER been so happy for Mike to walk thru the door.  And when he did, I went straight to bed to take a nap!!  We then headed to an ice skating birthday party.  Eden, the birthday girl turned TWO!  Peyton had a great time and Jack had a good time too, although he only lasted about 10 min - I'm sure Mike's back didn't mind that he was only out there a short amount of time.  Here are a few pics from the skating party.

The Birthday Girl with her Daddy

Jack having fun, Daddy cursing his back

What Jack did the rest of the time - Eat a BIG sucker!

The pictures aren't that great, as I was taking them through the "fake" glass.

This morning the kids and I made Valentine cookies.  Always a HUGE mess, but always fun!  As we were decorating them, I told Peyton to be careful because the red icing would stain her shirt.  Her reply, "Don't worry mom, Clorox two gets out tough stains."  I think the Friedman's have been enjoying too much TV on these cold, LONG days!  OOPS!  When we were finished and I was sweeping the floor, I noticed a LONG, CULRY chunk of hair on the floor.  I looked at Peyton and asked her if she cut her hair.  She told me that she did, indeed cut her hair because that piece was in her face and wouldn't get out.  HMMM.......so the first, self haircut came at age 5 and a half.  Luckily it wasn't too bad, so hopefully she learned her lesson without a TOTAL whack job.  Here are some pictures from this messy, Sunday morning.



and MORE decorating!

Concentration, with her tongue out of course!!

MESSY, MESSY table!!

EWWW LA LA!  The finished product!

Picking out which one to eat first!


The findings at clean up....the peace of hair that wouldn't get out of her face!

And concluding with a short video......have a great week!  Stay warm!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Spring weather in February.....yes please!!!

This weather has been unbelievable!  LOVE it, but it looks as tho it is coming to an end.  We have been to the park several times, played baseball in the back yard, rode bikes and Peyton's new scooter she got for Christmas, and even had time to squeeze in the zoo.  Our yard is so confused too, it is GREEN!  A couple of my friends have even said their spring flowers are starting to come up.  Crazy!  Even if it is short lived, I'll take it.  And Mr. Groundhog has confirmed we do indeed still have some weeks of winter left...bummer!!!

Peyton must have had some in depth conversations at school about Ground Hog Day.  She wanted to get up at 6 am to watch the news.  Ummmm....absolutely NOT!  We will youtube it when we get up.  So at 7:05 she marched into my room and it was the first thing she asked for.  So we looked it up, and we were both disappointed with what Mr. Phil predicted.  It's kinda cool to see her growing up and learning things at school, even if it is about the Ground Hog.

It's also cool to see other things she is learning at school.  A dear friend of mine was diagnosed with a serious medical condition so that night when I was putting Peyton to bed I told her to pray for her because she was sick.  I told her who and she knew exactly who I was talking about.  Some nights we pray together and other nights she prays by herself.  So the next morning when she came in my room it was the first thing she asked.  She said, "Does _______ feel all better now?"  I said, "Well, I don't know, I haven't talked to her today."  I proceeded to ask her if she remembered to pray for her last night and she replied, "Yes, I said, 'Dear God, Please heal Mommy's friend ________.'"  I thought it was awesome and said a lot to what they are doing at school, because when I pray with the kids I don't use the word "heal."  I would have said something like, "Help Mommy's friend feel better."  So, I know they are teaching good things at she is picking up on them at school!

Jack on the other hand, I'm sure he is learning valuable things at school too, however, I'm REALLY starting to notice things he is learning from his SISTER!  Like serious back talking and arguing.  This all started to increase dramatically last week!!!  Bummer!  It took him longer to start it than it did Peyton.  I truly thought in my heart that he was forever going to be my sweet boy!  He is still super sweet tho!  He is the most loving child.....he loves his Mommy and loves to make Daddy "jealous" by smooching on Mommy and looking to Daddy for a reaction.  He loves that game!  At least five times a day he comes over for no reason and says, "I love you Mommy."  I could eat him up!

Baby number three seems to be growing well too, or at least appears to be by the look of my growing belly.  We have the ultra sound in two weeks.....if you know the Friedman's then you know the sex will not be revealed.  We are hoping for a happy, healthy baby!

Here are a few pics from the last week........enjoy.  And if you have a free prayer to give out, please pray for the "healing" of my dear friend.  I'm sure she would appreciate it!

And then a couple videos.......