Tuesday, January 13, 2015

St. Peter Enrollment

Got this in the mail for the school marketing.  Anyone look familiar on it?  Let's see how she does....if enrollment is up next year!  :-)

A lazy, magnet building Sunday

Sunday was FREEZING cold outside, Mike was working, and we were expecting an ice storm.  So the kids and I stayed in the house all day.  The spent LOTS of time building with magnets.  Grandma Jeanne got them these magnets two years ago for Christmas and they use them all the time.  She added to their collection this Christmas, and clearly it's a good thing she did!!  The darn near had all of them used!!

Everyone pictured by their masterpieces….

My little Diva!!

This girl is sometimes just too much!!!

This picture just makes me laugh…that's the only reason I'm putting it on here.  There's no story behind it, just Maddie being Maddie…..

This other picture:  I was laying on the floor on my phone.  She brings me her pink plastic phone and says, "Here Mommy, I'll trade you."  I sure got the good end of that stick!!!!

New Year, New Beginnings

Leigh-Anne and I got together last weekend for a "Freezer Meal Cooking Class."  She is newly pregnant, so she will probably be getting her awful morning sickness soon, and I am going to try my hardest for us to not eat out as much when our evening are SUPER hectic with 100 different sporting/school activities.  SOOOO….we each put together some healthy recipes that could be pre-cooked and in the freezer….should be great!!!  We worked three hours and each had 10 meals to put in our freezer!
It was fun too!  The guys hung out with the kids downstairs and I think they all had a great evening too!!

                                                                   Working away…...

                                                            Looks pretty yummy!!

Maddie decided to start her new year off in a new way too!  She helped us make it throw our P90x workout.  Go Maddie, Go!

Roller skating….Christmas Break

This is a little behind.  I forgot to put these pictures up before Christmas.  I took the big kids skating with some of their friends a couple days before Christmas.  It was an old school skating rink…complete with the quad skates, DJ booth in the corner, and neon lights.  I think us adults had just as much fun as the kids…..we were trying to be kids again!

Jack, just getting started.  He was little rocky at the beginning, but got the hang of it and had a blast!!

 Still staying close to the wall for comfort….eventually he made it out there, away from the wall!!

Vita and Peyton take a little break…..

Jack and I skated together most of the time.  Most of his buddies that went, never really got the "hang" of the skates, so they opted to play in the arcade.  Jack was happy to skate with his Momma instead!!

Peyton's time outs

Every time Peyton has to go upstairs to her room for a little time out, Maddie now follows her.  During the most recent time outs they've been coming down looking like this.

I think they've been playing more dress up than having a time out.  Maddie somehow smuggled her binki and lovie out of her room too!!  Might have to move forward with a new discipline strategy.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Potty training.....

A lot has happened around here over Christmas break.  One of ththe biggest things...Maddie potty training.  She pretty much potty trained herself.  I suggested the task and she took the reins and took off.  Classic Maddie, Miss Independent, doesn't want any help.  Wants to do it all herself.  From day one she has been in underwear and isn't looking back!  Go Maddie, go!
Here is a little peak of what an independent potty trainer looks like.  Climbing the walls naked because she wants to get her undies and pants on by herself!  
She went upstairs to go potty and hadn't quite got the bottoms back on yet.  

Too much Ferguson talk

Clearly, there has been a little too much Ferguson talk around here the last month or so.  Maddie was just talking about our Elf on the Shelf, Daisy.  I had to laugh out loud when she innocently said, "Daisy went back to North County with Santa."  HA!  I think what she meant to say was the North Pole.

Good start to the new year...

Peyton won her first tournament of her sports career on New Year's Day!