Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!

The holiday weekend was full of a lot of "F" words.  FUN, FAMILY, FRIENDS, FOOD...and it all went FAST!!!

Mary and Tori came in Tuesday night and stayed the night with us as they were passing thru to go to the Springfield area.  The kids played, we ordered out Mexican, and just chatted.

Wednesday the kids had a half day of school, Jamie dropped by on her way to the airport for a couple hours (was nice to see her, it's been a while!).  We just hung low the rest of the day and made some pies for Grandma Farm's house.

Thursday we got up and got after it!!  We were dressed and ready and to Grandpa Friedman's for breakfast by 9:00.  On to Grandma and Grandpa Farms after that.  Ate, played some baseball and was ready to move on to Grandma Jeanne's.  We finished at Grandma Jeanne's, headed home and Mommy headed out for a little all-night shopping with Aunt Chris.

The kids talked Grandma Jeanne into a sleepover Friday night, they've been waiting a while for this!  I'm sure they had a great time!!!  While they were gone to Grandma's Daddy and Mommy cleaned out the basement so that we had some hiding spots for all the santa gifts that were bought Thursday night.

Saturday afternoon Grandma Farm picked the kids up from Grandma Jeanne's and brought them home.  Mary and Tori came back and stayed the night again.  This time we ordered out Dewey's.

Sunday we finished the weekend with putting the Christmas tree up and finishing off all the left overs!  I'm sure we gained some major "lb's" this weekend.  Back to the gym and healthy cooking tomorrow.  It's gonna be rough!!!  That being said, I think I will roll myself down the hall and into bed.

a little play time before school

Kids getting ready for school, Humphreys getting ready to hit the road

Acea gets a chance at her once the big kids are off to school

As good as we could get
Catch a glimpse of the bow quick, Daddy doesn't allow it often or for long

hanging out at Grandpa Friedman's

a little baseball with Uncle Tony

big throw

pretty little girl

Jack driving us to the FARM

a grandma, a grandpa, and a baby

center of attention

one of the kid's tables

enjoying some time with just mommy and daddy, while
big brother and sister are at Grandma Jeanne's

look a them pork chops!!!

Acea getting one more turn while big kids are sleeping
He said she was, "mine"

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mommy takes on Kindergarten field trip

That's right.  I got back in to "teacher mode" and assisted with the Kindergarten field trip to the Museum of Transportation.  It was actually pretty cool.  I don't know if the kindergartners learned anything, but I sure did!  Here are a few pictures that I snapped on my phone, hence lack of quality.

our "group" on the tram (Katie P, Peyton, Maggie A., George, and Aiden

On the dining cart of a train from the 1940's...Pretty cool

The entire gang in front of a snow blower
This was pretty cool too!

Happy FOUR months, Maddie!

Maddie just turned four months old!  Wow, I know it's cliche, but seriously.....TIME FLIES!  She still continues to be SUCH. A. GOOD. BABY!  Goes with the flow with whatever we do.  Loves to people watch.  The more the commotion, the better.  Works out good in our house.

She has learned to like her binki....YEAH!!!  Being persistent paid off!  She still catnaps, but is starting to take more of her catnaps in her bed.  Still a rockstar at night.....THANK YOU, Maddie!

At her 4 month appointment, the doctor said she looked happy, healthy, and social.  In which is true.
Still hanging in the 95 percentile for weight, 90th for height.  BIG GIRL!  Daddy told her she underachieved...ha!  We thought for sure she would be off the charts.
Maddie and John holding hands at swim lessons.
Promise, this wasn't staged, but when we saw it I had
to grab the camera (actually phone).

Starting to get big enough for the bigger, better things!

Starting to play with her toys using her hands

Happy girl!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Daisy pinning ceremony....I think

Peyton has decided to be a Daisy.  To my understanding, this is the first part of Girl Scouts.  I was never a Girl Scout so I have NO idea what all this stuff is.  But we are along for the ride.  Every Kindergarten girl is participating so they have two groups.  Last Sunday, after the raining soccer game they had the "pinning ceremony."  I think this is like an initiation.  Again, I know nothing about this, so I'm learning as we go.  It seems they have nice leaders and Peyton seems to have a lot of friends in her group.  Here are some photo's from the big event.  Peyton is MORE than excited about this adventure!  She is ready to earn some badges.....

Learning and saying their Girl Scout Pledge (I think)....
I have A LOT to learn!

Getting her "smock" (it might have a different name)
Maybe I should be writing this post with Peyton beside me,
she might know more than me!


One of the leaders describing the representations of the petals
to the girls

Peyton checking out her daisy on her smock

Making FRIENDSHIP bracelets to earn the first petal

Sharing friendship bracelets

Happy to learn that Katie W. and Maggie are in her group

Group Celebrations after the divided up into the two groups

I think they called this a Friendship Circle

Two things on my "Mommy Agenda".........
1.  Learn more things about Star Wars
2.  Learn more things about Daisy Scouts

Peyton last soccer game

Last weekend Peyton had her last soccer game. kinda wasn't even a game.  It was super windy and then the RAIN came!  Grandma Jeanne and Grandpa Friedman made the effort to be at the last game and Daddy busted tail from work to get there.....but everyone's efforts were outdone by the rain. They only played about 10 minutes before it started pouring!  They called the game, we went to the pavilion.  The coaches handed out trophies, the girls got special cookies, and we called it a season.

Peyton had a great time,  we had three great coaches (Brian, Julie, and Brandon), and all in all the weather was great besides the last game.  I'd say she will be ready to play again next fall.

getting ready for the kick off.....

first a pep talk from coach Brandon.....

and we are off!!!

playing hard....

big foot

taking a little break (if you look hard enough you can
see a nice sized strawberry on her leg).  we informed her
that those are A OK!  

trophy ceremony 

coach Brian handing out the goods

checking them out!


Grandma Jeanne trying to keep Maddie out of the rain

good as gold, even in the ugly weather

having a anyone surprised?!?!

Team Photo (not the best quality, it's a picture of a picture)

too lazy to scan, so here is another "picture of a picture"

Great season Blue Blast Girls!  Now on to basketball.....stay tuned.......