Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Thanks for the heads up....

We were getting ready to leave for the lake last weekend and I went to check the mail before we left.  When I got to the mailbox I found this.....I'm sure the mailman would've got a kick out of that if I wouldn't have got to it first.....

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jack lost his first tooth!!!

Jack his hit another milestone….his first lost tooth.  Sunday, July 20, 2014……..he's got another coming out any day now.  His two big teeth have been in and pushing these little guys out for a few weeks now.  It was wiggly enough that I pulled it and he was talking to Mike and never realized it came out.  Once I stopped him from talking and showed him his tooth, his reaction was hilarious.  "My tooth!!!  My tooth came out!!!"  He seriously had no idea until I showed it to him in my fingers.

The tooth fairy brought him four, 1 dollar bills.  He was impressed!

Jumping Jack….

Jack is quite the little jump roper!  He's REALLY good….like really.  He can do all the criss cross tricks and stuff that Peyton nor I can do.  His P.E. teacher at school this year told me how good of a jump roper he was and their kindergarten class in general.  She said she was able to do so much more with her jump roping unit with this kindergarten class than ever before.  Here's some pics of my little jumper…..

Jack's big J.O.B.

Jack declared at the dinner table last week that he wished he lived at the Orlando's house (this is his best bud, Will).  When we asked him why, his response was, "So he could live with their lizard."  The next night we were playing Will's team in baseball and I was telling Natalie about our dinner table conversation….she said, "Perfect!!!  We are leaving town next week and our normal lizard sitter is out of town!"
Jack is on lizard duty this week.  He's been holding him, feeding him crickets, going up stairs several times a day to look at him…..he's enjoying his babysitting duties!
How long will it take for him to ask for one of his own?!?!

Monkey see, monkey do…..

Stuff like this might only happen at the Friedman house.  Taylor was over tonight and we were sitting in the kitchen jabbing our jaws when I looked out on the deck and saw Jack peeing over the side.  I opened the door and said, "Not so much buddy."  Clearly, the new two-year-old in the house pays attention to EVERYTHING!!!!!  Five minutes later we look out and see this……

We were laughing hysterically.  There 's just so much about this that's funny….to name a few:

1.  She's not even potty trained, but clearly thinks she can pee off the deck
2.  She thinks she pees like a boy????  Standing up, pushing her pelvis out, all while lifting her shirt
3.  She picked the EXACT spot her brother did!!!

If you are reading this and cannot find yourself laughing out loud…..you are taking life too serious!!!  Friends, this is FUNNY!!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Maddie and Big Girl Bed

Maddie takes on Big Girl Bed, take two!  We tried this a few months ago and she damn near beat me out of the room ever night.  Hence, the crib went right back up.  We just got Peyton some new bedroom furniture and her old stuff will go to Maddie.  So rather than Mike carry it down to the basement and back up eventually, we decided to try it again.  We did not take the crib down, just pushed it in the corner, just in case!  So far, so good…..but we are only two days in.  If tomorrow goes well, I think we will disassemble the crib.  *tear*

She cries a little when we leave her, but overall she's doing well……we shall see…

Fourth of July

We headed back to the lake on the 4th to celebrate the holiday with Grandma, Grandpa, and the Meyer boys.  All the kids had a GREAT time!!  A very fun-filled weekend.  I didn't take ANY pictures at all.  But we did enjoy lots of skiing and mat time….along with a great fire work production at Pontiac.  The only picture I have came from Dad's phone.  I made him snap a pic quick of Maddie getting ready for her first tube ride…..

A flash back to my childhood…..

Peyton read about these in a book and then wanted to make them…..anyone remember them?  My kids are having fun with them.  I remember playing with these ALL the time!!!!

Miss Nancy...

Miss Nancy is a good, good friend to Maddie.  Miss Nancy is the teacher in the tot room at the gym.  Maddie LOVES her and LOVES to go there…..which I LOVE!!  Means, Momma gets a break and a workout and the baby is happy…..perfect!!!  Here are a couple pictures I took from the window and Maddie having fun with Miss Nancy and her friends.

Lake time!

We haven't' been to the lake in almost two years….since Maddie was born.  The big kids were READY!  I was worried that Jack and Maddie would be my pains, however, PEYTON was my pain.  She was scared to death of the lake.  She thought the fish were going to nibble her.  She drove us crazy the entire weekend.  Jack won't do anything without his goggles, so he had them at the lake with him.  She was constantly asking him to look under water and see if there were any fish.  HA!!!

Maddie loved the water and got pretty good at it by the end of the weekend.  She loved jumping off the boat to her daddy.  We also brought here a little "water table" as she calls it, to play with on the boat.  Jack loved the water too.  We convinced him to try to ski.   He agreed, but only if he could wear his goggles.  Can't say that I've ever seen someone behind the boat with goggles, but hey…..whatever works.  He didn't get up all the way, but he gave it a good shot.

A slight look into our fun weekend……

First on the agenda…..getting settled on the boat and getting Jack out there to ski…..

Next…..pushing (literally) Peyton out of the boat to ski.  She wouldn't go out there without Mike, for fear of being nibbled on by the fish.

Water Mat fun by all…….

Everything tastes better on the water……

Maddie loved riding in "pawpaw's big red truck" to and from the dock…..

Other fun pictures from the weekend…

We just got back from our second weekend at lake.  We went with the Meyer boys…..and thank GOD,  Peyton is no longer scared of the lake!!!  Shew…...