Friday, May 6, 2016

Dirty Jack

I can't remember what all activities Jack had this day, but by mid-day his face was so filthy that I just had to take a picture.  This boy plays HARD!!

Ninja Warrior Party

The second grade boys poster party was a Ninja Warrior party.  The boys had a blast and worked their tails off.  When we left Jack asked me if I'd sign him up for a summer camp.

His favorite was the rings.  He had that mastered by the time we left.  By the end of it he was able to skip two rings in-between.

Recess Duty

I always love to do recess duty (as long as the weather is not too cold).   I love to see the kids play with their friends and to see what they actually "do" at recess.
This particular day made me laugh.  A lot of the boys and girls from Peyton's class were playing knock out.  Once they got out, the started a "hair braiding line."  It was hysterical when I looked over and they boys had joined in on the hair braiding line.....

Jack's First Communion

Jack's First Communion was a couple weekends ago and he had a great day!  He did great, was super excited and had a great party afterwards.  On our way home from church he asked me, "Mom, when was your happiest moment?"  I switched it back on him and asked him his happiest moment of his life and his reply was, "Today, at First Communion."  My heart was full!
We then went home and he ate, played with his cousins, and opened gifts, and ate cookie cake.  Once everyone left and things calmed down, I asked him if he had a good day.  His reply was, "A REALLY good day!"  A special day for Jack!!

Before leaving for church, lots of pictures on the deck.....

 Annie wanted in on the action too.....

Jack's good buddy, back from pre-school

Jack's first friend in life, Ella

Boys will be boys.....

Time to PARTAY!!

Shew......tuckered out....zzzzz

And then, the best part of First Communion, is getting Monday off school to eat pancakes at the park and play all morning with friends!!!  Mike was actually off that Monday so he took the balls and bats and they had a mean game of baseball going on.