Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Farewell 2013…..

Our New Years Eve has not been too much of a party.  Peyton had a migraine and went to bed in pain at 6:30.  Maddie went to bed at 7:30, and Jack brought up there rear with 8:20 (him and Mike played a little Wii while the girls were sleeping).  Mike and I are still up and eating our frozen pizza….but I'm sure it won't be long and we will be hitting the bed too.
A wild and crazy group we are….huh?!?!

Cheers to a great 2013 and bring on 2014!!!!

Christmas Day

The Friedman's had a great Christmas day!!  It was filled with lots of family, presents, food, drinks, and FUN!  It started with santa.  Santa did indeed visit our house.  The kids opened all their gifts and then we had brunch with Grandma Jeanne, Mark, Grandma and Grandpa Farm, and Gigi.  The kids played with their toys for a while, Maddie took a nap, Mike took a nap (he was post call and going on no sleep), and I attempted to start getting the house back in order.

Maddie LOVED and still LOVES her babies and baby stroller, and play house.  Peyton claims her favorite thing was her "rave skip it."  And Jack, well he LOVED everything, but I think the best for him was the Wii.

We had one slight catastrophe Christmas morning.  Daisy (our elf), had left a mess Christmas morning…..a toilet paper, tee peeing mess.  Then Jack decided to attack the toilet paper with his new numb chucks, well this made Daisy come flying to the ground.  Peyton and Jack start yelling and freaking out, and Grandpa Farm thinks he will save the situation by going over and picking her up.  Once he did, Peyton LOST it.  She ran upstairs crying…..grandpa Farm didn't now that the elf would lose her magic if someone touch her.  HA!!!  We had to make a quick call to the North Pole.  Santa said she would be fine that he'd be by that night to "fix" her.  Pretty funny stuff!

We made it to Grandma Jeanne and Marks.  Had MORE food, and then the kids got to play "rob your neighbor."  They love this and look forward to it every year.  The big kids were then happy to be the last ones left and invited themselves for a sleep over.  We left at 8:00 and they were lounged on the couch watching a movie with some popcorn.  I'm sure they slept well for Grandma that night.

Getting ready to get started

Daisy's toilet paper job (pre catastrophe) 

her baby stroller…I think it was the only gift SHE actually unwrapped

passing out gifts….Peyton will enjoy this shot when she is older (she has her dad to thank)

buckling Elmo in (she hadn't opened her baby yet)

so happy!!

Peyton picking out "Secret Santa" gifts.  Proud of the things she picked out.

One grandma got a pen

Another grandma got….hmmm, I can't remember

Now we are cruising….finally opened her baby

big hugs for GiGi and $20!!!

Putting ALL kinds of necklaces on her baby

now taking them back for herself

milk for baby…….

milk for me

her favorite gift

getting ready for the BIG gift

she loves her play house

some VERY COOL magnets Grandma gave

rockstar….we will have even MORE concerts around here

2 thumbs up for "rob your neighbor"



Maddie would just prefer to stand in the train table and have it all
to herself while everyone else is busy

happy with her treasures

looks like he hit the jackpot

look at miss cookie face.  She ate cookies ALL.NIGHT.LONG!  Every time I saw or heard her little
voice she was asking someone new for a cookie.  Everyone was giving in too!!

Party is over.  Check out Maddie….I think she is wiped out.  

smiling even with a spilled bucket.  We brought this "hot mess"
home with us.  The other two stayed the night….

Great, Great Christmas!!!!…….VERY BLESSED!

Making up with the neighbor….

Remember the MEAN DOG next door???  The one that attacked Jack and kept coming back in our yard???  Yeah, that one.  The one I had to eventually call the police on because it coming in our yard and came after me twice.  Well the police took care of the situation and they gave the dog back to the shelter (so we heard).
So now our yard is safe again……..
Today I look out the window, as Jack, Peyton, and their two friends were playing in the backyard.  This is what I saw…(poor quality, as my camera is in the shop, so this is from my phone).

The next door neighbor, with her OTHER dog (in our yard) chatting with the kids.  AND she has a new puppy.  MY OH MY!  Not to mention, I can only imagine what Peyton is telling her about what her mom says about the DOGS!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A little art time

I am sitting here doing this blog, trying to get caught up before all the new pictures flood in tomorrow, Christmas morning.  Also busy doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc…trying to get ready for tomorrows festivities.  I guess Maddie finally realized she was going to have to rely on Peyton for entertainment this morning.  I look over and this is what I found.  Peyton got them all set up and away they went.  It lasted only 10 min, but hey, I'll take ten minutes!

I guess Peyton thought they did a good job, cause the next time I turned around I saw it hanging on the fridge.

Christmas…..ROUND 1!

This past weekend (the weekend before Christmas), we celebrated with the Wondel's on Saturday and with the Friedman's on Sunday.  I think everyone had a great time…..but especially JACK!  Mike said, "this is Jack's year."  I think he is right….he LOVES everything he opens up and is very happy with every gift.  He is having a blast!!!

angle 1, getting ready

angle 2….and I missed angle 3 (behind me)

open presents, or push buttons???  push buttons!

Grandma and Grandpa open their "home made gifts"  ha!

showing Peyton his ninja turtles

showing Daddy some of his things


a horse for Gabby (the American Girl doll)

"I'm gonna destroy this tree while nobody is watching"

Showing Uncle Ron the doll wheelchair

Maddie takes a break with Uncle Scott

The next morning….playing with Grandma

building things with the new magnets, this was a tic-tac-to board…we then had to play

Then we move on to Papa Friedman's.

first we start with some whip cream

didn't take Maddie long to learn what to do

she said, "cake"  

show each other what they got

I think this is the only present she opened all weekend.  She was
more interested in destroying other things while we weren't watching. 

a joint gift: walkie talkies