Monday, July 30, 2012

Peyton turns SIX!!!

Peyton turned six three days after Maddie was born.  How has it gone so fast?!?!  I cannot believe she is six and I cannot believe she is going to Kindergarten in three weeks!!!  HOLY COW!  We tried to not let her birthday just "pass" with the new baby only 3 days old.  So, the night after we got home from the hospital we celebrated her birthday on her birthday with a quick, impromptu party at home.  We just had dinner and Grandma Farm had been down visiting us that day so she went to the store and bought a cookie cake.  Grandma and Grandpa Farm, Grandma Jeanne, and Taylor joined in on the celebration.
We ate, sang happy birthday, ate cookie cake, and opened presents.  I would say she had a good day.  And she knew her "friend" party was still coming up.  We had her friend party Friday night at Vetta with the jump houses.  All the kids seemed to have fun, nobody got hurt, and Peyton loved her gifts.....SUCCESS!  The best part, we left the mess there!!!
Here are a few pictures from her two birthday festivities.

Peyton LETTING Jack help blow out the candles,
I can't believe it!

A new tennis racket!

Super Hero!


Jack taking a break from jumping, he was waiting for
the water to arrive.  He was THIRSTY!

They were ALL thirsty!


Crazy kid!

Maggie, Peyton, Ella, Anna
Quite the pose Peyton is striking!

The whole gang

Cake time!

Jack and Aaron caught making fart noises

*oh, excuse us, did you want a picture?!?!*

Moving on to the cake





Maddie was at the party too.  She slept in her carseat the entire time!  I did take a picture of her in "action" at the party, but I must have lost it in the download process.  OOPS!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jack finally talks about Madison

Yesterday Jack (the big brother that hasn't noticed his little sister much yet) and I had a quick conversation that went something like this:

Jack: Is Madison a girl?
Me:  Yes, Madison is a girl.
Jack:  Oh, I thought she was a boy
Me:  You thought she was a boy??
Jack:  Yeah, she looks like a boy.

I guess Jack thinks she needs some long locks and a pony tail to be a girl!  ha!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy One Week Birthday!

Baby Maddie turned 1 week old yesterday!!!  We are so in love with her!  Peyton can't get enough of goodness she is wearing me out!  Jack, I'm not sure if Jack even knows what she looks like.  He pays her no attention.  Mike and I think he likes her and knows she is part of our family, but she just hasn't interrupted his life too much yet.  Fine. By. Me.

Maddie had two ROUGH nights after we got home.  I mean ROUGH!!!  I would try starting to put her to bed at 11 and wouldn't get her to sleep until 4 or 5!  The last two nights she has done MUCH better! The last two nights she has been going to bed about 8 with the big kids, I feed her before I go to bed at 10 and then she wakes about every three hours....I can handle that!

She is SUCH a good baby.  She takes good naps.  If I just wrap her up and lay her in her bed she will gradually close her eyes and go to sleep.  She doesn't cry much at far she's my easiest baby.  Hopefully that will stay that way, since I have two others wanting my attention too.  I do, however, hope she starts taking to her binki more than she does now.  Peyton has been a big help as well.  She runs and gets me anything I need....she's being a great big sister!

Today was our first outing with just me and the kids.  I took the big kids to swim lessons and everyone did great!  In a couple hours we have to leave again and go the doctor.  Maddie has a check up and Peyton has her 6 year check up.

Here are some pics from our first week home with our little bundle!!!

Daddy and Peyton loving on Maddie

Peyton wore this onsie in 2006 and they
won the series, we can hope for the
same luck this year!

Eating was hard work!

Getting all wrapped up.


Peyton's first time holder her....Jack would rather hold Mario

Unwrapping baby and trying to get her to wake up

Aunt Chris, Austin, and Colin make a visit

Ready to go to the store

This is what Petyon does all day...touch, kiss, touch, kiss

All day, I hear, "Can I hold her now?"

Mommy and her girls

Jack is more into his new Star War guys

Being silly

Thursday, July 19, 2012

First day/night home....

We got home early afternoon.  Mike came and picked us up and dropped us off at home.  Madison slept in her carseat for the first three hours at home and Grandma Jeanne took the big kids to the pool.  I was able to unpack the hospital bags and all the CRAP they send home with you.

The night went well.  I put the big kids to bed and they wanted to know why they had to go to bed but not the baby.  ha!  I put Maddie in bed about 10 and she slept until 12:30.  We were up from 12:30-2:00 feeding and changing diapers and then back to bed.  She did great after that.  She slept from 2-6....I COULD have gotten 4 solid hours of sleep.  HOWEVER, those new babies make me so nervous the first few weeks.  I kept getting up and going in and checking on her.  She was snug as a bug!

Peyton and Jack were not quite sure about the whole nursing thing.  They thought babies drank from bottles!  And Peyton wanted to know if she was biting me!  Jack couldn't get enough of his Mommy today.  He was all over me.  Wanting to kiss me, hug me, sit on my lap and read books.  I'm not sure if it was a jealous thing or if he just missed me from me being at the hospital.  I guess time will tell.

Night two is about to get started.....hopefully it is not too brutal......

Peyton can't get enough!  She LOVES her baby sister!

Jack would rather play UNO

Trying out her "toy"  Her bouncy seat

A random hospital pic that I liked and forgot to put
on last post

snug as a bug and ready for her first sleep in her crib
night #1 

Happy Birthday Baby Madison!

SHE is here!!!!  Another girl...everyone is healthy and happy.  Well, maybe not everyone.  Jack and Peyton are a little under the weather.  They both have colds, which is a total bummer because Peyton wants to love on her so much and I can't let her!  I just hope little Madison can hold her own and not catch what her big brother and big sister have.

The labor wasn't too bad, just long.  We got checked in at 8:00 am at MoBap to have her.  They started the PIT right away and would come in and up it about every hour.  I would start to have good contraction for an hour and then they would back off.  Things were not progressing very quickly.  Then sometime in the late afternoon they really kicked it up and then the REAL contractions started happening.  The epidural got put in and they broke my water.  After that things progressed quickly.  About three hours later they checked and we were ready to go.  They called Dr. Durer and he came right over.  Everyone got gowned up and it was time to have a baby.  Grandma Wondel, Daddy, Dr. Durer, and lots of nurses were present for the birth.  Three contractions and she was out!  That's a miracle for me!  They vacuumed her out, which ended up not being a big deal.  Doc said he knew she was coming on the next push and her heart rate was decelerating with contractions so he said it would be no big deal.  And it wasn't.  She came out and is perfect!

She has been a great baby so far.  We came home from the hospital yesterday and she had a pretty good night last night.  I hope I have a good sleeper on my hands.  Today Grandma Wondel is here hanging out with us and Grandma Jeanne and Grandpa Wondel will be down later to celebrate Peyton's big Birthday.  Today she is SIX!

Speaking of birthdays, Madison and Grandpa Wondel now share a birthday.....July 16!  The worst part....I forgot to get a picture of them on their birthday!

Overall everyting was great.  The labor wasn't terrible, the delivery was good, Mike didn't pass out, baby and mom are healthy, AND baby now has a name!!!  It took us until the very last night to name here.  We couldn't decide on a girl name.  We were all set for a boy.  She was going to be Drew Alexander if she was a boy.  But she wasn't, and we were struggling.  We were throwing around Madison, Ella, Isabella, Alison, and more,....but nothing that we could settle on until the night before we came home.  Madison Grace it is...and I think it fits her perfect!!!

Big thanks for Grandma Jeanne for taking care of the other two while we were in the hospital!

Last picture of the big ole belly

texting and trying to keep everyone in the loop

I think I have this pic of Mike with all three!  

8 lb, 1 oz (big girl)
9:09 pm
20 in long

snug as a bug

Dr. Durer

Happy to be finished and have a healthy baby!

Everyone is tired!  

The next day snuggling with Daddy

Mommy and Baby

Petong meets Madison....she LOVES her!

Taking it all in

Jack....well the iPhone might interest him more
than a little sister!

Leigh-Anne and Madison

Taylor and Madison

Grandma Farm and Madison

Grandma Jeanne and Mark

SOOOOO tired!

Pretty girl!!

We had more special people come to see us, but I missed the photos.....I wasn't quite on my A game!