Monday, May 19, 2014

Spring Concert

Last week was the Spring Concert at school.  Both kids were super pumped to perform their songs!  Grandma Farm came down and away we went.  They both sang their little hearts out, and I mean it.  I got several texts from people claiming the Friedman kids sure did give 110%….LOL.  Jack had a maraca part in one of the songs and he sure was shaking it with pride!

Maddie stood in the isle and in the seats and danced her little heart out.

Peyton with her friends waiting for the show to begin

look at the toe tapping….love it!


My isle dancer

 I guess I didn't get any pictures (just video of my maraca shaker!).

Jack's Birthday!!!

Jack (and his siblings) woke up to sprinkle donuts on his birthday.  Maddie, Peyton, and I sang him happy birthday and then he dove right into his donut…..then it was off to school!!

On Saturday we celebrated his birthday for the final time with his grandparents.  Jack had a great, great day and is now SIX!!!!

On his birthday morning he came into my bed and I told him happy birthday.  He then told me, "I feel big."  HA!


taking pride in reading his cards

ready for the fishin' derby in three weeks!

ping pong

hmmm….must've been stumped with a  word
His favorite toy from Grandma Jeanne and Mark.  A cool scooter!!!

Mom needed to take it for a spin too!  It IS kinda fun!  I clearly need practice, as I almost took a spill.

Peyton had a hard time learning to turn it without running in to the grass.  This PISSED, and I mean PISSED her off to no end.  She couldn't stand that Jack could do it and she couldn't.

off in the grass she goes

throwing it down, pissed!

grandma tried to give the pep talk

dad aggravates
She did finally master it, and of course is better than Jack now, but it didn't come easy!  It's good for her!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

First grade takes on Grants Farm…..

Peyton's class went to Grants Farm for their field trip on Friday.  Here are a few pictures that were sent to me from Peyton's group.  Looks like they had a good day.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kiewiets come to STL

The Kiewiets came to St. Louis a couple weekends ago….as always, what a great time we had!  We miss them, and love our visits very much.  They got here around 8:30 Friday night and all the kids went downstairs instantly to play.  It's funny how we only see them a couple times a year but the kids can pick up right where they left off.  Around 9:30 we went to put everyone to bed.  We had intended Peyton, Grace, and Evalyn to all sleep in Peyton's room on the bunk beds and trundle.  However, once we got upstairs, Jack and Evalyn were already in his bed all tucked in.  Cutest thing ever.  They were the best of friends all weekend.  So they were bunk mates too.
The next time Mike and Nate played golf and had a 7:30am TEE TIME!!  YIKES!!  Maggie and I took the 7 kids to Grants Farm.  We had a good morning there, ate lunch and came home.  The guys were just getting home too.  The Dads and kids played soccer and baseball most of the afternoon and Maggie and I hung on the deck with the littler ones.  We grilled that night and just hung out.  We had a great visit!!!
Looking forward to our next time……
Maddie's first time at Grants Farm: She LOVED the goats

Breakfast before Grants Farm

Hard to believe we have created this in the last 8 years…..

Late night selfies (well maybe not late night, 9:00 ha!)

9:30pm (I think their early tee time hurt them a little bit)


Whelp, Easter was about a month ago so I guess I better work on an Easter post.  We ha a great day, the kids were very excited for the Easter Bunny and to see all their cousins at Grandma and Grandpa Farms and at Grandma Jeanne's and Mark's.
Everyone had a good day, and even Maddie got into the egg hunt.  She understood it and was ready to fill up her basket (or bag in our case).

Just getting started and figuring it all out


go, peyton, go

getting ready to check it out and dig in

the whole clan

no assistance needed by the time we get to round two: grandma Jeanne's