Friday, June 28, 2013

Mike's vacation week

Well vacation week wasn't so much of a "vacation."  We closed on our new house on Monday and worked there almost every day.  We did get a lot accomplished, but it wasn't really a "relaxing" vacation.  Not complaining tho.....I'm certainly happy to have a new house with MORE SPACE!

We did manage to squeeze a few fun things in there too!  Here are some pictures from the week we had with Mike.

Jack and Peyton LOVED feeding the fish
everyday at the new house

Maddie enjoying having breakfast with her Dad!  He's never here
for breakfast unless he's on vacation


Taking a break from unpacking for some tree climbing

Go Cart Riding at Incredible Pizza

She stands when she drives....ha!

Even Maddie likes Incredible Pizza

Yeeee Haw!  Being a good big brother

Some backyard fun

Mommy and Daddy get a babysitter and go to Six Flags with
Alison and Travis.  Roller Coaster aren't nearly as fun as "adults"

Maddie TRULY learns to walk and crawl!!!  All at the same time,
as I expected!

The coloring is bad, but PawPaw Friedman and Ilene give
Peyton some nice hair dye

Peyton crying the backseat because she was missing Grandma Jeanne
The kids spent a lot of time there while Mike and I unpacked.  Peyton
was having Grandma withdraw before we even got to the highway.

And for the last hurrah of the week.....a little backyard swimming at the farm.  

Jack's big "thumbs up" got right in the middle
of his face

trying to give Maddie a little shade


a noodle for a Noodle

always being silly

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

my oh my

Well the painter at our new house is either:

a.  getting cheap entertainment
b.  wondering what in the hell is wrong with kids these days

Today we were at the new house unpacking a few boxes while the painter was there.  She was at the top of the stairs painting away and minding her own business, but I'm SURE she heard all the ruckus down stairs between all the kids.  The one that made me  stop, laugh and shake my head was when Peyton told Jack, "time out, I have to go poop."  She then proceeded to ask Jack if he could come to the bathroom door and do "funny stuff" and make her laugh while she poops.  I guess since all her "pooping toys" are at the old house, she's now looking for Jack to entertain her while she poops.


Hopefully the painter comes back tomorrow!!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Who says there's no wildlife in the city???  The kids and I got a good look at a bunch of deer by our new house the other night.  Excuse all the raindrops on the window.


Jeanne had the kids last weekend so that we could attend Mike's end of the year dinner.  She sent this picture the next morning, and I just LOVE it!!!  They all look so happy!  Think they like being at Grandma's???

Maddie is 11 months!

Cliche, cliche, cliche....I know, but seriously!!!!  How in the world is my baby almost 1?!?!?  This month was a big one for Miss Maddie.  She is completely off of baby food, she's talking more and actually saying things. AND she's crawling and walking!!!!

She started crawling and walking on the same day!!!  It's kind of crazy and funny!  But the child is now mobile and I'm looking forward to a hopefully, happy Maddie.  I think she's going to be much more pleasant now that she can get where she wants, when she wants.

Her sleep schedule has changed a bit since she learned all her new tricks.  She now wakes up about a half hour to an hour earlier in the mornings, as she can't wait to pull up and greet me.  Now when I go in to get her......she is standing (very proud of herself) waiting for me.

I could just eat this pudgy little girl up......

Do Little Fishing Derby

It's that time of year again.  Aunt Toni and Uncle Gary put on quite the fishing derby for the kids!  The kids always have SO MUCH fun!  Aunt Toni does a great job putting together great games for the kids as well!
When we woke up Saturday morning Peyton asked if it was the fishy derby day.  I told her it was and her response was, "this is one of the best days of the year!"  And I think she meant it!!!
Grandma Jeanne and Mark kept Maddie, as she was feeling a little under the weather.  They said she was great and it was nice to be able to be able to focus on Peyton and Jack AND to have a little adult conversation as well.  Mike was on call so we had to come home, but Peyton was really upset she didn't get to camp with Desi and Josie.  So next year.....we camp!

Peyton and Jack both got a trophy:
Peyton: most fish (six fish)
Jack: smallest fish (4 inches)

Thank the Lord Peyton came home with a trophy this year.  I'm not sure she could have handled no trophy for the third year.....ha!!!  Her and Grandpa were on a mission.  They took a seat on the other side of the pond by themselves....they had an agenda.  The get Peyton a trophy this year!  Mission accomplished.

getting ready to get started

a very serious, and concentrating, Jack

first fish!

grandpa and Peyton waiting for that first fish

waiting some more

Sophie checking out Jack's fish

the official measure of the "smallest fish"

he LOVED throwing them back's almost as good as throwing rocks

one happy boy

very proud of his catch

and another sling

josh trying to save Josy's BIG CATCH

FAIL!!!  in he goes

Mike and Jack getting Mike's line and fish unstuck from the pole


looks at them two grown men making that little girl carry a tackle box
that's bigger than her!  ha!  They wouldn't have had her do it if she couldn't handle it!
AND loved every second of it!  Look at that stringer!!


one happy girl!

moving on to some games

very intense!

homemade, life size kurplunk

sack races!

worked up an appetite!  

the trophy winners!

As always.....looking forward to next year!!!