Monday, August 14, 2017

Buster is back in town

Annie and Gus had their friend, Buster, stay with us for 10 days!  They were all good.....walking three dogs is a little bit more of a task than walking 2.....but they are all wonderful together!!!

Sluggers win the Hustle City

The Chaos host the Hustle City every year.....the championship game this year was between the Sluggers and the Black Widows.  The Sluggers came up on top.....

It's definitely weird seeing Peyton play on the same fields, against some of the same clubs and in the same tournaments that I played in....oh so many years ago......

Memorial Day at the Farm

Nobody made it to the lake this Memorial Day, so we all headed to the farm to at least celebrate together for one day.  The kids (and dogs) had fun and played and swam their little hearts out.  Gus thinks he could make a good farm dog.....but that curly hair of his might not be good for the farm.....

Jack's 9th Birthday Party - SKY ZONE

Jack picked a handful of his friends to join him at Skyzone for his birthday party.  We did it after field day, as they get out of school at 11:30 on field day.  So, after a full morning of field day fun and an afternoon of Skyzone fun, these boys should've been TIRED!!!!

They had a ton of fun, never quit bouncing until they had been told it was time to come out (like 5 times!).  :)
They were wild and crazy, but they had so much fun and Jack had a smile on his face the entire time. They are all good boys......with LOTS of energy!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Field Day 2017

Field day was a hit, as always.....for Mom and kids!  I held down the frisbee and football toss with Mr. Kuhlman.  I got to see all the kids and it seems as though they were all having FUN!!!  Of course, they Friedmans come thru with their game faces on.....high intensity, even if it is just field day.

When the four year old learns to write......

When the four year old learns to write, she leaves sweet messages on my night stand!!  :-)

Two pictures that make me smile

Just two pictures that I found on my phone that make me smile.....