Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Girls Take on Boat House

Mike and Jack went camping for boyscouts so the girls headed to the Boat House for dinner and paddle boating.
We had a great time.  Staci and Victoria joined us and Peyton brought her friend, Maddie.  It was HOT!!  By the time we were finishing paddling around the lake, I was drenched!!  We finished the night with snow cones and ice cream.
I wish I had some photos from the campout to post of the boys.....but Mike didn't pull thru.  They made memories, but not pictures for proof.

Peyton and Jack's First Tennis Match

Peyton and Jack started playing of Westborough's Tennis Team this year.  In order to play on the tennis team they have to be able to rally from the baseline and be able to serve 8 out of 10.  Their first match was against Greenbriar at Greenbriar.  They did REALLY good, I think they both won all their matches.  They loved it and have been playing matches every Friday since then.  It's been fun to watch them at this sport.....a sport I knew nothing about a year ago, but I have been finding it quite fun to play also in the last year.

Diving Accomplishments By: Peyton

Hey Guys

Have not posted in a looooooonnnnngggggg time.  So you guys may have heard I dove off the high dive.  So my friend Maddie wanted to do a dive off the high dive but was scared.  So I said if you go off I will go off so she did.  Then I was like oh my gosh! I didn't think she would've done it.  So I had to keep my word.  When I hit the water I was so glad it was over.  Now I could dive off the high dive.

Now Jack is a different story....

So we got a new swim coach, Coach Shawn.  So we had a new rule no goggles off the diving board.  Jack can't do it without his goggles.  So he didn't go off for about a couple of weeks until Dad made him do it.  Now he isn't scared anymore which is very good. Now he's a jumping away off it.

Maddie LOVES the diving board she is a pro at it.  I taught her how to do a cannonball and a cannon opener.  The rest she taught herself.

Have a good day,

 First Time

 Go MooMoo Go