Friday, September 28, 2012

Maddie's new toy

Maddie got a new bouncy seat from the resale shop yesterday. Just got it washed up for her and she seems to like it!! Hooray!!

The camera may be out a bit too much....

If you didn't think know before will now after you watch this video.  I have my camera out way too much.  My kids see it....and they pose!!

Peyton and Jack were both laying in the floor talking to Maddie and Maddie was babbling back to them.  It was too cute to not take a video of it.  SOOOO, I got out the camera to take a video.  Well, I didn't get a video of it because as soon as the kids saw the camera, they stopped dead in their tracks and posed for a picture....totally forgetting that they were having a conversation with their baby sister.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our fun this week....

Our week of pictures.  Just some good play time at home.  We actually spent A LOT of time outside this week and weekend as well, as it was SOOOO nice.  I think fall is finally here.  But, I never got my camera out when we were outside.  So, here are some photos of our good, family fun in the indoors!

pretty, happy girls

Daddy makes a great jungle gym, even at an early age!

just hanging out

pretty little face

ready for a day at the park and creation station with
Leigh-Anne and Andrew

reading her homework books to Maddie

she seems to be listening
I promise this isn't staged, it is sweet tho

a little family game time

Time out.....SMILE

game on....


All, three, all smiling!  Love them!

Friday, September 21, 2012

An update thru pictures

Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks.  Some pictures of a day at the park with Maddie and Jack after we dropped Peyton off at school.  I really love having that time with Jack.  He's always had Peyton by his side and it is kind of nice seeing him and playing with him by himself...something neither of us have experienced much of before this year.  I think he misses Peyton but he enjoys his time without her as well.  It's a good combination, with him in school some days.

And then just some pictures of my sweet, smiley girl.  Becoming more and more smiley each day!!

The last couple pictures are from the Green Tree Parade in Kirkwood.  The kids and I walked there and joined another family that Peyton goes to school with.  Always a good parade, and what kid doesn't like to catch a bag of candy!!!??!??

Feeding the ducks and throwing rocks

Just a swingin....


Taking a little break to show Maddie some love

Kisses for Maddie.....He really does love her!



(maybe I'm bias)  

snoozing away at the start of the parade

waiting for that first piece of candy

Roslin, Jack, Peyton, and Micah

and still snoozin......she did wake up in time to poop, so that
 I would have to change her before we walked home ;)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Daddy Drives an Audi.

The conversation on the way home from school yesterday.  To set the stage:  Peyton and her two friends from kindergarten in the back seat.

Friend #1:  What kind of car is this?  A mini van?
Me:  Yes, it's a mini van.
Friend #1:  My dad drives an Audi.
Friend #2:  My dad drives an Audi TOO!!!
Friend #1:  My dads is black.
Friend #2:  My dads is black TOO!!!
Peyton:  My dad has TWO cars!  And the blue one's lid pops off.

SOOOOOO funny!!  For those of you that don't know, Mike still drives our cars from high school!!!!  But them girls aint got nothin on Peyton's daddy.....He has TWO cars!!!

And there sits the ole beauties......

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy 2 months to Miss Maddie Grace

Today was Maddie's 2 month birthday.  My how time is flying.  She is still a wonderful baby!!!!  I don't think much has changed from last month....besides her size!  She is a BIG GIRL!!!  I really need to start putting her 0-3 month clothing away and get our her 3-6 month clothing.

Fun facts about Maddie:

  • upgraded to a size two diaper
  • still no interest in the binki (damn!), but don't worry, we are still trying!  We have every shape, color, and size they make....still trying to find one she likes.
  • sleeps from 8pm-6:30am
  • is starting to babble and "talk"
  • smiles pretty regularly 
  • not.a.napper!  I try every day to put her in her crib for a nap, but she absolutely does not go for it.  They only way she naps is in her swing or in her carseat.  And even then, she is a cat napper.  I have high hopes that this is gonna change!  
  • Loves her bath every night
Happy two month birthday, Maddie girl.....this Momma LOVES you!!!

LOVE waking up to this sweet face every morning!

She loves looking out her window next to her changing table

Sweet Baby Girl

Guess who's hand she is holding ;)

She's getting to be quite a lap full

Jack LOVES his little sister

Just chatting away

After attempting for  30 minutes to get her to nap in
her crib,  I gave up and put her in the swing....
and OUT she goes!  


There is NOTHING better to watch, than a sleeping baby.   So peaceful, so precious!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

2 Proud Mommy Moments

We take the good with the bad.  Last Friday, we got the bad note sent home about the dispute on the playground.  This week, however, was much better.

Today when I was picking Peyton up from school I was standing next to Jack's teacher, as she was waiting for her older kids too.  She looked at me, looked at Jack and said, "could you possibly fit any more love into this child?!?!?"  I agreed with her that he is a very sweet boy, and he IS!  He is a sweet, sweet boy with a soft heart.  She said, "He is so loving.  Yesterday he reached up and grabbed my hand and gave my hand a kiss."  That's Jack for ya.  He can make your heart melt.  She went on to tell me he was a great kid and such a delight in her classroom.  Yeah, Jack!!!!  Good job, buddy!

Peyton came home with her everyday folder and as I went thru everything in it (mostly school work), I saw an envelope addressed to "The Parents of Peyton Friedman.".........GRRRRREAT, was my initial thought.  Crap, what has she done now?!?!  But, when I opened it it was a letter from the reading teacher asking for permission to include Peyton in the reading enrichment program.  She tested all the kindergartners over the last two weeks and Peyton was one of the five from the 50 kindergartners to get chosen.  So....another proud Mommy moment.  Way to go Peyton!    

Homework.....Friedman style

I've got to say, for a Kindergartner, Peyton gets quite a bit of homework.  So far, it seems everything comes pretty easy except handwriting......she gets that from her DADDY!!  Not that I have the best, but his is chicken scratch!  I think handwriting bores her, she has NO interest!

Everyday as soon as she gets home from school, she gets a snack and we sit down and do her homework.  On big homework days, usually twice a week, I have Jack sit down with us and do some "homework" too.  And usually Maddie gets to join in on the action too.  We don't want to leave her to entertain herself in the living room!  

Jack's attention span is coming around.  He use to HATE doing any kind of work, but he slowing getting better.  Mike thinks he is gonna be our trouble chid in school.  We shall see.....I think he's a smart little guy and is going to be A-OKAY!

The homework scene
Notice Peyton sticking her tongue out, not enjoying her homework

work, jack, work

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Peyton's first soccer game

This was SOOOO fun!  It was actually more fun than watching softball games....never thought I'd say that!  I'm sure in the long run I will much rather watch a softball game, but in this stage, soccer is great! They play two, mini games at one time.  Both fields play 4 on 4, so that the kids get more ball touches.

Peyton scored lots of goals....and had fun, but was TIRED!!!  The coach left her in after the first round of substitution, and Peyton wasn't too sure she liked that.  She was POOOOOPED!  She looked at me and said, "I'm tired."  She will eventually learn that she cannot run the ENTIRE field.  She is all over the place!

Her coach said, "wow, you've got a competitive one."  Yep, I sure do!  None of the girls knew the score of the game, nor did they care.......however, Peyton knew the score and knew they were said, she was not impressed.  HAHA!!

Peyton and Ella striking a pose before the game

The start of heard ball

her first goal!!!!

a celebratory hug from Ella after the first goal

go, Peyton, go!

got the famous tongue stuck out even while playing soccer