Thursday, February 28, 2013

non-veggie eaters

It is NO secret.....THE FRIEDMAN KIDS DO NOT ENJOY THEIR VEGGIES!!!  None of them.  Remember Maddie's video from a month ago of her trying her peas and almost puking?!?!?  Well here is a matching video, but this time from her big sister, Peyton.
At this point, we can only get the big kids to eat a few raw carrots (with lots of ranch dip), and steamed broccoli (with lots of ranch dip as well).

In this department, we as parents.....FAIL!!

Friday, February 22, 2013


We had two snow days this week...coming off of a four day weekend.  We had CABIN FEVER!!!  The kids did nothing but fight, fight, fight.  By the end of the first snow day, I was wondering why parents get so excited for them?!?!  I was ready to ship mine back to school.

I saw a quote on facebook that was perfect.  It went something like this:
snow day: (noun)  1.  God's way of saying, "I still love you, teachers."  2.  Parents way of learning, teachers are under paid.

Couldn't agree more!!!

Yesterday (the first snow day), we got out early before it all hit and went to Target.  We got some food, a new board game (in hopes of it entertaining the big kids for a while), some formula, and I think that's it.  In hind sight, I wish I would have bought a couple bottles of wine too - to go with all the WHINE that was in the house!  Then we came home and here it came.  Snow, sleet, freezing rain, and THUNDER!  The kids played their new game for a while until they started fighting because one was winning and one was losing (yep, that's right!).  Then we bundled them up to go outside and play.  How long did that take???  Well long enough for Maddie to wake up from her nap and scream long enough to fall back to sleep.  I gave specific direction, "No snowballs in the face, or whoever did it, comes inside!"  Well that took all of 5 seconds!!  Peyton hit Jack in the face.  So the new rule was, "NO SNOWBALLS AT ALL!!!"  This worked better and they actually lasted about 40 min.  Not bad.

Then they came inside and fought until it was bedtime.

Today (snow day #2), I decided we were getting out of here!!!  I was even able to recruit a few friends to go with us.  We hit up Monkey Joes.  The kids had a GREAT time and I had a good therapy sessions with other ADULTS.  Just what I needed.  Now I like my kids again, they like me again......and we are moving on!!!!

Here's to no more snow days following a four day weekend!

getting started with the game

all bundled up and ready to go

happy to finally be out in the snow!


Jack hit that rope EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!  He never learned
to get a new path. 
This is why......


new camera!!

Jack's snow angel (legs only, he wasn't about to lay down)
Peyton's snow angel (she ain't scared)

all little cheeks

all done.....

the aftermath.....this here is exactly why my next house is going to have
a kick ass mudroom.  Nothing like all that nasty-wetness right in the
middle of my kitchen.  NICE!

Moving on to getting cozy under the blankets and playing some wii

Don't get me wrong from my post.  I know I was on a rampage, but I DO enjoy staying home, I DO enjoy my children, I DO know I'm lucky to be able to stay home with them, I DO know I'm lucky to have a husband that feels it's just as important, I DO know I am lucky to have such great kids. I was just having a's been one of those weeks.

Annual Eversmeyer get together....

It was our yearly "family reunion" with the Eversmeyer group.  We went to a new hall this year.  The new venue was at the VFW hall.  MUCH better.  Lots of room for the kids to run around and a playground right across the street.  It was plenty cold outside (only in the 30's), didn't stop the kids from playing outside, they just had to keep coming in for warm up breaks.

The adult entertainment this year was free from Josh Eversmeyer.  He was loving his 7 and 7's and we were loving his mouth.  He was FULL OF HIMSELF!  Jess might of enjoyed it a tad less than rumor has it, he made a mess on himself and in her car on the way home.  WHOOPSIE!!  Next time they might need to grab him a bag or a bucket on their way out.

Until next February.....

"That's how we eat wings, dad?"
Ah, where's the rib bones?!?!

Finally letting someone other than mommy or daddy hold her

meeting a new family member....Mr. Grayson

Jack and Aaron ready to hit the park

a friendly card game (Peyton, Sophie, Josie, and Desi)

Jack, Aaron and Colin at the park

too cute not to post

moving on the barbies

getting some laps in

trying a real peach (this stuff is WAY better than that liquid crap!)

getting sleepy

the babies gave it up

this is a CLASSIC
can you guess what's happening?!?!

Josh tried and tried to hold Maddie, she finally gave in at then end

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thank you note, from Peyton

Here is a Thank You note that came home in Peyton's book bag.  Kinda cute....

The Crowns Continue...

The crafts still continue by Peyton......the crowns are still her favorite masterpiece.  Here is the latest one she has made for Maddie.  An Easter themed crown, "since Easter is the next holiday."

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day

What a FUN day!!!  Maddie and I witnessed some great school parties, had some good food, and ended the day being pampered.

A couple days before February 14th the kids sat down to address their treats to their friends.  Peyton gave her friends conversation hearts and Jack gave his friends Star Wars.....sounds about accurate, right??

Next on the agenda....wake up to some special Valentines from Mommy and Daddy:

Happy with their treats.  Peyton got some "Hello Kitty" stuff,
and Jack....STAR WARS!

Playing with his new light saber suckers

very proud of her loot
The pre school party.  This was absolutely adorable!!  The kids decorated boxes to pull their favorite stuffed animal in a parade.  Since the pre school is attached to the regular school, the preschoolers paraded their animals down the hallway and the big kids got to come watch and cheer them on.  It was the cutest thing ever!!  I think there were 15 moms there to "help" the 18 kids with the party!  haha!

having a read-a-loud while all the moms get things set up

having an ice cream snack

Jack and Will having their animals fight - boys will be boys

getting all dressed up for the parade

lookin good

and here we go......


the gang
Kindergarten Party.  Maddie and I were able to pop up to Peyton's room as well.  They had a typical party.  A craft, a snack, and some games.  I was in charge of the of course those were good.  :)  She came home HAPPY, so I'd say they had a fun-filled day!!

making a craft with Mrs. Moore

Peyton's table: Peyton, Ellie, and Alex
Come home and go thru ALL the treats and cards.  No picture taken.  Oops!

Take some pictures of Maddie, since she was in the baby bjorn ALL day!!  She did so good at school all day and then we had lunch out with some of Jack's class and she was a trooper there too!  Here she is once we got home and she was able to get down and play!

Have some heart-shaped Papa Johns for dinner!
what's not to love???
The girls go get mani and pedis once daddy gets home to hold down the fort.

What a great day!  So blessed to have LOTS to love in my life!  Happy Valentine's Day!!