Saturday, October 29, 2016


Last night at Peyton's volleyball game I thought I better snap some quick pictures, as I"m not sure we will be playing volleyball anymore.  One, we are incredibly too busy and something has to go.  And two, Peyton doesn't really love it.  She says, "my team is horrible."  HA!  Well, it is 4th grade volleyball after all!  A lot of girls are still a little too afraid to put their bodies behind the flying ball.  

At this age, the server is only allowed to score 5 points and then they give the ball to the other team.  Peyton usually gets her five points and then waits for a ball or two to be hit to her and that about sums it up.  She's actually pretty good, but I think it's just too slow for her.  Last night she had a spike, that was pretty fun and you don't ever see that at this age.  She's also been serving over hand and getting all of those in she's doing good and she could be good at this some day......maybe we will revisit it once she gets older and the pace of the game gets a little more up beat.  Until then, he she was......

St. Peter Halloween Parites

Yesterday Maddie and I went up to school and helped with the 3rd and 4th grade Halloween parties.  Well, actually, I was signed up to photograph the 3rd grade party and then I popped in and out of the 4th grade party to see Peyton and her friends.
There were lots of games, treats, and crafts going on in the classrooms and hallways.  I had to pull Jack aside a couple times to remind him that "we weren't winning trophies here."  He just cannot reel in his competitiveness.....he was getting upset when he wasn't winning the bottle flip game.  GEEZE!
Maddie sat the entire time at the snack table and "helped" the snack mom.  She was good as gold!  She seriously does think she is a big kid!!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Maddie's School Halloween Party

Maddie had her school halloween party today.  She had so much fun.....putting on costumes, parading thru the office, pre k, 1st grade, and 2nd grade rooms.  They then had their snacks which consisted of clementines that were peeled but still whole with a piece of celery in the top to make them look like pumpkins, they were so cute!  And then topped of by a pretzel from Pretzel Boys made in the shape of a pumpkin.  The kids actually took so long just hanging out and chatting while eating their snacks that they didn't have time for their craft or the teachers promised them to get to that next week.  It was a VERY mellow party for 3 and 4 year olds....I was quite impressed!  Maddie had a great time, the smile on her face made me know she was in her glory!

Maddie Field Trip

Maddie's class took a walking field trip to the Farmer's Market last Wednesday.  It seemed to be a nice day at first, but then the skies decided to open.  It starts down pouring.  By this time we had already been there for about 45 minutes and the kids had played outside all of that time.  We then headed under the rood and the kids ate their snacks, had cider, and played in the corn bins and pedal tractors.  We then looked up the radar and realized the rain wasn't going to stop anytime soon.

A couple moms walked back to school to get their cars and they were going to come back and start loading up kids to drive back.  While they were gone, the rain kind of stopped and it was just a light sprinkle.  Two moms and I decided we'd head back quick while there was a little let the two other moms, myself, and 4 kids started walking back.  We only got about a 3rd of the way back and it started POURING, and I mean POURING!!!  John Jackson reality saw us and invited us in to his business.  Super nice man, that has 7 kids of his own, so he didn't mind our chaos.  We hung out in there about 20 minutes and the rain was still coming strong, so he let us pile the kids in his jeep and drive them back to school.  So nice!!!  It was actually pretty we piled 3 adults and 4 kids into the jeep and headed back to school.

Once back at school they kids got to "pick" their pumpkin from the school floor instead of the Farmer's Market.  Once it started pouring, a dad that was on the trip just grabbed a bunch of pumpkins and then let the kids pick theirs out once they were back at school.

It was a very eventful field trip and very fun too!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

World Food Day

Jack's class's (3rd grade) population focus for Faith In Action this year is the hungry.  Two Fridays ago the 3rd graders went to John Borroughs and helped package food to send to the hungry in Tanzania.  The kids' jobs were to grab a bag, put a vitamin pack in it, put a scoop of beans, rice, and vegetables in the bag and then pass the bag to the weigher.  One kid put it on the scale and weighed it and made adjustments if need be.  Once the weight was correct the sent it to the next two kids and they sealed the bags and put them in boxes.  It is a really cool service project and so awesome that our kids get to help and witness that first hand.
They even got to see and interact with Louie and Fred Bird!!!