Friday, May 22, 2015


I'm not going to spend a ton of time on this post, as I will dedicate an entire shutterfly book to this, but I'll do a quick briefing of our Disney trip.

A few weeks ago we surprised the kids with a  trip to Disney.  We had a BLAST and it was SO fun waking them up in the morning and giving them such a fun surprise.  We woke them up bright and early and told them to get dressed, that they weren't going to school, and then come down stairs that we had a surprise.  We hid the letters "D" "I" "S" "N" "E" "Y" front he scrabble letters.  We then gave them quick clues, they each found two letters.  They then put all the letters on the kitchen table and had to figure out what the word was.  It took them a minute but they finally got it and they were SOOOO excited!!!

Once we got to the airport, they had another surprise!!  Some friends of ours from St. Peter were going too, and they were at the airpot.  So the kids played with them in the airport for a while, and then the final surprise showed up…..the KIEWIETS.  The Kiewiets were coming with us and we had planned our entire trip together.  The kids had!!!!  We played at the parks, swam, bbq'ed, did the parade and fire works, Hollywood Studies, Magic Kingdom…….Maddie rode her first roller coaster, Jack rode all the big rides… was just a blast!!!

And then all things must come to an end and we had to come home……..and the kids had a TON of homework to catch up on from missing a week of school.  Especially Jack, his teacher showed no mercy!!  Sent it ALL home!!!!  But he did it, and with pretty minimal complaining.  Totally worth it tho, and I think he would agree.

Since our trip Maddie tells me randomly, about every other day, "Thanks for taking me to Disney World."

Princess Annie

Poor Annie, but such a good sport!!!  The kids "allowed" her to play dress up with them the other day. Such a good puppy we have….fits our family well!!!

The picture was taken on a different day, but just too cute/funny to not share.  Maddie and Annie just sharing a moment in the kennel.  

1st Grade Mother's Day Mass

One of the best days of the school year, "First Grade, Mother's Day Mass."  They do such a good job putting this on.  The kids and the moms both LOVE it!!  They are very proud, and everything they do that day is super sweet!
We get to come to school with them and walk over to church with them.  We then get to sit with them, and the mass is prepared by the first graders.  Father then has them do a blessing to the moms at the end of mass.  We then head over to the cafeteria and they sing some cute songs, we eat donuts, and then the moms leave and the kids go back to class.  SUPER CUTE!!!  LOVE IT!

Jack is the cute blondie in the front right…..

Soccer tourney WIN!

Peyton and her Gallagher team won their soccer tournament last weekend.  The girls all played good….they've come a long way in this one year that they've played together.  Peyton had a couple goals in this tournament, which she was exceptionally proud of as she doesn't get many of those being a defender.
They've got another tournament this weekend, hoping for another good outcome!  Peyton loves this team and has a lot of fun playing with them.  She still claims that soccer is her favorite sport, so we shall see……

Happy Mother's Day to ME!

Maddie came thru big on Mother's Day.  Maddie gave herself a haircut and shattered my phone on Mother's Day…..she really knows how to spoil me.  She DID feel bad about the phone.  For the next full week, out of the blue, she would say, "I'm sorry I scraped your phone."  HA!

We had a good day, really.  Mike worked for the beginning part of the day and the kids and I went out to my grandmas to see everyone.  We then headed to Jeanne's and Mike joined us there.  Mark made some mighty fine food and then we headed home with some very full and content bellies!!!

The pile of hair she stated, "looked like noodles."  I suppose it kind of does!


A couple weeks ago Leigh-Anne, Andrew, and Luke were over having lunch.  We were sitting out on the deck (it was a super nice day) and I had the electric canopy out to give us shade while we ate our lunch.  I look up and see something, and keep telling myself, "nah….." but then, yes, I convinced myself I was seeing what I thought.  There was a HUGE black snake hanging in one of the arms of the canopy.  Leigh-Anne DOES NOT enjoy critters of any kind, this I know……so, I calmly told her, "don't freak out, but just pick up your plate and lets move over to this other table."  She looked at me with big eyes and said, "ok."
Once we got moved over to the other table I told her, "ok, now look up."  BIG OL SNAKE!

She took the kids inside and I sat outside and babysat that sucker until a pest control company could get here to capture my unwanted friend.  I couldn't seem to find anyone that did shake removal.  I called my mom and asked her who to call.  She tried to talk me into taking care of it myself, but there was NO WAY!  This guy was big and this guy was over my head.  She still tried to talk me into it, with no LUCK.  She then just laughed (and I'm sure shook her head) and we got off the phone.  I finally found someone and they got him and hauled him off in a container.  I could really do without those kind of lunch time visitors in the future.

When mom called my dad and told her the story, he laughed at first and then told my mom, "I don't know if this is funny or if I'm ashamed."  I just couldn't do it.  I HATE SNAKES!!!

Hard to see, but here's the photographs that were captured…..

There's the spectators, safe and sound on the inside…..

Sunday, May 3, 2015

First Communion - Peyton

Peyton received her first communion last week.  She was so excited for that day and you could certainly tell, she loved having the attention that day.  She loved her dress, her head peace and vail, her party.
It rained on her day….what a bummer.  She didn't seem to mind tho.  I was bummed as I was hoping for nice weather for her party.  We managed to all fit in the house just fine tho.
She received lots of money (which she loves, she's reached the age where money is key), a necklace, picture frame, and the rosary that I made her.  She was a happy camper.
Congratulations, Peyton!!

Lots of pictures at home before we leave for the church…...

 Getting sick of the pictures, getting ready to get silly…..

Just arriving.  All the girls gather around and check each others shoes and dresses out…..

 Some of her friends

 Dr. Frietag (the principal) decides to try and orchestrate the picture….good luck!!

After mass, all smiles!!

Cake and present time!

In need of a snow??

Looked out the window the other day (actually more like a month or so ago) to make sure the girls were doing okay and I found this.  I think they must be wishing for a snow day soon.  Me, I'm wishing for SUMMER!!!  Bring it on!!!