Friday, March 25, 2016

A Wash U kind of night...

We had a rare occurrence a couple weeks ago......A Friday night with NOTHING on the calendar.  So we were trying to think of something to do and we looked up Wash-U's basketball schedule to see if they were playing at home.  It ended up being the first round of the National Tournament, so it was perfect timing.
We started the night using Wash-U meal tickets for dinner at the hospital.....ha!  The kids loved it tho.  They (and I) wanted to see Mike's office and see where he works, but he hadn't brought his keys.  Next time....he took us up and at least showed us where his office was and we peeked through the windows.
We then headed to the game.  We parked, and walked passed the Phi Delt house and showed the kids Dad's old sleeping quarters.  We then headed into the gym and watched the games.  The big kids LOVED it and was zoned in the entire time.  Maddie had a different kind of fun....she danced her little heart out at overtime out and half time.  Wash U won....and we headed home.  Maddie didn't make it 5 minutes before she was passed out!!!  She partied too hard!!  I don't have any pictures of her dancing, I guess I just took videos.....

Getting down at the hospital cafeteria ....ha!  ..... only the Friedmans.....

Visiting the Phi Delt House.....only from the outside :)

The dancing queen called it a night.....

Boy Scout Mass

The boyscouts were recognized at mass a couple weeks ago for earning their religion badge.  The boys had to complete a workbook and activities with their family and then have a short meeting with the priest.  Jack thought it was pretty cool that he got to meet with the priest by himself.

Mother-Son Dance

Jack and I had so much fun at the cosmic mixer.  This boy dances hit little heart out without a care in the world.  We stayed late to help clean up so then he played basketball with his friends until 10:00, when the place was finally clean.
When the dads showed up to help clean up, they were less than impressed with our situation.  The boys played a game where they dressed one mom up form their table using toilet paper.  They were suppose to make her look like a princess, but we mostly looked like mummies.  However, once that was finished, you can imagine what BOYS did with all that toilet paper.  They went to town!!!!  There was toilet paper EVERYWHERE and they tore it up, made it in piled and jumped name it, they did it.  The place was destroyed.....the dads were annoyed, and the moms thought we threw a good party!!  :)


A morning of Dad and Kids

The mother-son dance was a few weeks ago and I was on the committee so I had to spend a few hours up there that morning decorating and getting ready.  Mike was on duty with everyone else.  They had a couple soccer games and they managed to fit in home depot too!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Myseum on a day off school

We've had lots of days off school lately.  On this particular day the kids decided on Myseum.  They had a blast and I finally had to pull them out...I felt sorry for Annie because she had been home all day!  They haven't been there in a couple years and they had a ball!!!

Trying out our veterinarian skills.....

Moving on to searching for dinosaur fossils....

Cannot wait to see what kind of teenager the little one turns in to!


So we woke up a few weeks ago to a snow day and NO ELECTRIC.  It was fine for a while, and then I realized I couldn't make coffee with no electric.  We waited and waited.  The kids did pretty well playing with each electronics, and I wouldn't let them play outside cause I didn't want them get wet and cold, hence no electric.  We kept checking every so often Ameren's website for updates on when they thought it would be back on.
The neighbors texted and said they were going to brave the roads, they have a four wheel drive, and they kindly asked for my coffee order.  Boy, I've never been so happy to have a coffee.
Finally about 12:30, the plows had been through so I felt like we could make it.  We left and went to ChickFaLe for lunch.....we returned to a beautiful sight.....we were greeted by a SHINING porch light.....HOORAY!!!!

Woke to the sight of this.......

And then this.....

Good neighbors are SAINTS!!!  Coffee for mom, and cupcakes for the littles.

Peyton and Jack got bored enough that they put Jack's short, buzzed hair in ponytails.  Who even knew that was possible?!?!

Best thing EVER!!!

All of that fun with no lights wore this little one lights on, Maddie's lights out!

Maddie hosts ANOTHER play date

Ever since Maddie hosted her first play date, she is ALL ABOUT IT!!!  She is constantly asking to have friends over.  My little social butterfly.  She decided to have Rosie over a few Fridays ago.  We picked her up around lunch time, after swim lessons and then took Rosie home on our way to pick up the big kids.  They had SO MUCH FUN!!!  They mostly played with the little princesses.

Skipping nap to host a friend is HARD work!!!  Lights OUT!

Half Day of School

The big kids had a half day a few weeks back.  We were trying to think of something to do, and then we decided on Lumiere Sculpture Park, that was Annie could join in on the fun.  We went and walked around, froze our butts off, and decided we didn't care for the sculpture park that much.  Mike called us when we were on our way and he had gotten off work early, so he met us too.

It might have been cold and boring, but at least we got some cute pictures......

Maddie starts soccer

Maddie cashed in gymnastics for soccer.  She had her first practice about a month ago.  She was in her glory and loved every second of it.  The best part: the big kids were off school that day so they had to come too.  About time they have to sit on the sidelines for HER, Lord knows she spends more than her fair share of time on the sidelines.
After her soccer practice, they blow up the inflatables and let the kids jump on those for 45 minutes.  A lot of siblings were off school that day, so the coach allowed the siblings to play on the jump houses too.  So, Peyton and Jack didn't mind being there after all.