Thursday, October 24, 2013

Post game 1, World Series

It has been proven that not only women indulge in chocolate when feeling down in the dumbs.  After the terrible performance by our beloved Cardinals last night, this is what I found on Mike's night stand this morning.........

For the record, the bag was empty when I found it.

The BAD, white dog next door

If you recall we have a neighbor dog that we despise.  The dog that attacked Jack the week we moved in to our new house.  We are ALL on high alert for when this stupid dog comes in our yard.  The other day it was in our back yard and I went out to yell at it.  Two minutes later all three kids were on the back deck yelling at it.....including Maddie.  She was yelling too, giving her opinion (always!).

The cursed 3:30-5:30 time frame

My least favorite time of Monday thru Friday is 3:30-5:30.  During this time it is mass chaos.  Here are the things that must be taken care of:

unpacking book bags and lunch boxes
repacking lunch boxes for the next day
completing homework
cooking dinner

All the while Maddie wants to be IN EVERYTHING because she isn't receiving much attention.

Here are just a few pictures of these things.

working hard


raiding the food cabinet since nobody will pay me any attention

No judging the mom due to the fact that the baby is still in pajamas at 3:30.  She was sick this day, so it was allowed!

Leaf pile fun

The two big kids took the rakes out last week and formed themselves a little leaf pile to play in.  They played for a while then came inside and asked me to get the camera.  Guess they figured it was a kodak moment, and it was!

Nice ballerina form from Peyton

Maddie's lemon face

When Maddie gets told no or anything she doesn't want to hear she gives this UGLY face.  Mike calls it her lemon face - looks as if she has just ate something sour.  It's pretty funny.

Here is a glimpse of her lemon face.  This particular time, she is getting in trouble for removing the baby proofing from the fire of her favorite things to do.

starting the sequence very proud oh herself for removing it

uh-oh, busted

not so happy to hear, "N-O"

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Daddy and Maddie take on the park

Mike took Maddie to the park one day while the big kids and I were somewhere else.  She said she had a blast and is becoming a good climber.  Then, I found this cute little picture from their date to the park on his phone.

Down on the farm....

The kids had a great weekend last weekend.  Friday night they got to have a sleep over with Grandma Jeanne and Mark....and LOVED every minute of it, no doubt!  Then Saturday night we headed out to the farm for another Grandparent sleepover, this time it included mommy and daddy.

The next morning the kids and Grandma Farm got to decorate some Halloween cookies that she had bought.  Bonus for me: check that one of the list AND the mess wasn't even in my kitchen!

Jack participated too, but he's attention span didn't last the length of time it took me to get out a camera.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mike's vacation week

Once again, Mike's vacation week was spent doing LOTS of work.  He did manage to squeeze in a Rams game and a Cards game!  We also got to spend a long weekend in KC seeing some old, dear friends.  The rest of the week included Mike and I painting all new baseboards for the main level of the house.  Mike then spent three full days cutting, placing, nailing the new baseboards in the house.  He also completed a lot of other "little" projects around the house.
On Thursday night we headed off to KC.  We stayed at the farm Thursday night, to be an hour closer on Friday.  We got to the Kiewiets around 1:00 on Friday.  We didn't do much of anything besides hang out.....which was SO nice, and well over due!  The kids had a great time playing together, everything slept great....Great weekend!   We did manage to get out on Saturday and hit up their pumpkin patch.  All kids, all ages had fun!!
We didn't take many pictures, in fact I forgot my camera at home.  But here are a few we did manage to snap on the phone (actually most of them were snapped by the kids that I found on my phone on the way home - oh well, at least someone is taking pictures).

Mike sent this picture on Saturday morning to Maggie and I.  I had left ALL our toiletries at the Farm, so Maggie and I ran to the store to buy toothbrushes and deodorant.  Mike texted this picture and said "They're in deep discussion right now.  I can't understand it, but they seem to."  HA!!  Please notice the breakfast of champions on the table!  

A little play time (a kid-taken picture that I found later)

visiting the baby ducks at the pumpkin patch

Maddie and Mommy sliding off the pirate ship

Playing in the big bus that was a sand box

Watch out: Jack and Evie chauffeur the school bus

The next Friedman/Kiewiet visit will hopefully be better documented by pictures!

Game 5 - NLDS

Mike got to go to game five of the NLDS last week on his vacation week.  What a game he saw!  Wainwright pitched a complete game and the Cards clinched by beating the Pirates 6-1.  These pictures game to our photo stream as I'm sure they were on Mike's phone.  I'm sure he took the pictures to send to his Cub-loving friends!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Jack's Field Trip

I went along as a chaperone to Jack's field trip on Friday.  We went to Eckert's (Mildstat) to pick apples.  This is something I've actually never done with my kids before.  Of all the things we get around to doing, we've actually never been apple picking.  It was a lot of fun!  I only had three boys in my group.  I think she thought my group was going to be pretty rambunctious, as everyone else had at least four.  Ha....them 3 boys didn't intimidate me.  We survived just fine!!

The boys LOVED picking and eating apples in the field.  In fact, I kept asking them if they were ready to head back so we could ride the rides and play for a little bit before lunch.  They kept saying no. Once I finally convinced them to head back, they had a blast doing everything else too.  It was a FUN FUN place!!  I think the Friedman family will be heading back!

We then played, rode rides, ate lunch, and then it was time for the kids to load back up on the bus and head back to school.  For the moms, we headed back and went out to lunch!

Jack said, "Best day of school, EVER!!!!"

our group: Will M, Jack, and Colin D

Heading thru the farm

Proud of his find

Time to chow

Silly boys

bike riding.....



more rides.....

these swings actually went pretty darn fast


One last ride.....

Two silly monkeys handing out the window, ready to go back to school

What a group!

Maddie enjoying a bite of Jack's hard work